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  1. We had a farmall c that did the same thing. It was the magneto. When it would warm up a little it would quit. We switched it over to battery ignition and it worked good. Probably battery ignition on your 200 anyways. Just some food for thought.
  2. Have ground down the insides of wore out 34 and welded thick washers on each 35 to get many more years out of them. Probably not as tough as the threads but not much bull work for 3pt nowadays around here.
  3. I wouldn't be scared to run 16.9 on a 656 farmall
  4. Have you ever had to replace rotor hub on that machine yet? A hub going bad can cause a great deal of vibration. Otherwise i think failing universal joint crosses on shaft going to front gearbox possibly.
  5. Just out of curiosity it seems to look similar to 400/450 pto which would make sense since smta was predecessor to 400. I wonder if they were actually the same and interchangeable?
  6. They been good to us. We use menomonie and osseo. They both about the same distance for us. Menomonie more often because ASAP in Downing and REDRUNRITE are bout equal distance just beyond menomonie. Plus there is a dealer franchise in menomonie that dabbles in Gehl parts or what's left of Gehl parts.
  7. I have had good luck with just replacing the #2's and #3's for leakage like you seem to be explaining.
  8. That I believe is the safety relay from the low and high pressure limit switches. Your refrigerant pressure light should also be triggered by this relay.
  9. Some of parts are the same. Yes you can change width on the go if you have a hyd ram on the width settings adjustment. Most 735 i seen required 3 remotes and I seen guys install a turnbuckle in place of the width ram if they were running two remote tractors.
  10. Get some nice coax and good base antenna and hook it up. Be better if you have a sideband capable cb. Have a good swr meter inline too. Wind took down my tower 12 years ago. I acquired all the damaged pieces just haven't put it up yet. Hopefully this summer. Like to be operational before snow flies.
  11. Isn't there something on market like that right now called snow dog? The old bolens was probably US produced back in the day. The snow dog probably produced overseas.
  12. I've drilled and tapped a 3/8 bolt through frame rail into cast back plate with success. Done on 544 also
  13. You got wedgelocks on it which is a plus in my opinion. Is that 38" rubber?
  14. Highly doubt that the right starter. Sure not looking right. There has to be a starter/alternator shop near you someplace. Get the original rebuilt.
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