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  1. Be careful there some shoddy aftermarket rubber torsion springs out there. Flip them over and lay a straight edge across them. Make sure the distance from straight edge to pipe where brass bushing goes in is the same. If distance is shorter than original it will not go together. We have seven of them style seat suspensions we keep going. Just did one week ago. Had 4 rubbers on shelf and they not right. Had to grind it down to fit. Other two going back to where they came from. Save your old one just for measuring purposes.

  2. 16 hours ago, IH Forever said:

    I'm not familiar with Wacker Impl. in Glencoe MN.  But I sure remember that Owatanna hydrostatic decal, brings back memories of the Owatanna 260 that we did thousands of acres with when I was a kid.

    IMAG0889.thumb.jpg.390eefdc2290d19e92e3e3937ea241be.jpgHere is the only digital pic of 260 I can find at moment. It only swaths about 40 to 80 acres barley per year. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Owen Aaland said:

    I worked at Nord Implement from May of 75 to when they sold out in November of 84. It was then a IH majority owned dealership until it closed after the merger. Larson Implement out of Northfield ran a satellite store there for a few years after that.

    Thank you for the interesting info. The latest Farmall 686 we acquired has them decals on it. One thinks back we have lost alot of dealers of all colors over the years. 

  4. Glad it worked. Barley being pulled by 966. Very short haul. I swear I attempted to put up pictures before with no luck. Did the forum change something to make it easier on the not to technologically savvy?

  5. I did same thing on a 3688. Was a head scratcher at first till I counted the old ones. Put in what was originally in there. Put extra on shelf. I wonder what models actually use all the discs and plates from them kits.

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