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  1. The tread on the customers shoe also pretty modern. Is a nice pic though.
  2. I run a later 1680 with long sieve. It has standard rotor. The front concave is small wire with every other wire removed. The middle and rear are large wire with every other removed. Run cover plates on front and half of the middle concave. Install slotted grates on account of baling straw. It does a nice job with that setup. Always picked up swaths, never did any direct so that might be different ballgame. Also you know how farming goes, what works for one guy might not work for the next. Forgot to mention did spring wheat for few years with same setup also and that was good too.
  3. I watched that and it looks kinda like the main boom hyd rams fold up as tree starts falling
  4. Can that clevis be made new cheaper than what CNH is asking nowadays? We run six of that style tractor on farm and our stock of brake clevises are getting a little low. Is any aftermarket jobbers putting them out? Maybe welding them like fellas in video hold up also. Personally never tried but might have to start. Share your knowledge and opinions. Thanks
  5. Different areas have different soil and weather conditions. I feel like frost not much issue where you at. Where I am it is wise to remove black dirt down to hardpan then put fill down usually a dense fill with sand on top. Always build high otherwise future landscaping or driveway maintenance has water running towards building. I feel bad for you to have restrictions like height restrictions and such in your area.
  6. Are you gonna bring in some fill? Keep in mind the hoist height when planning building. Some are awfully tall.
  7. There will be a little difference in the brakes compared to 656/666/686. Discs and actuators are smaller for some reason
  8. Katolight makes a nice pto unit with good surge rating in my opinion. Had a agri power before. They were weak on surge.
  9. They are very scarce in my area and the few there are are extremely overworked. Now the FDA is making more meds prescription only to make things worse. I just curious if large animal/livestock vets are scarce all over or just a regional thing?
  10. Just out of curiosity do you know what agency oversees the certified organic farmers for them to maintain their certified status?
  11. Yep. I hate seeing that happen to people. Usually the trusses are bare minimum heft and spacing is maxed out also. I don't know how snow works in original posters area. Just want them to keep it in mind when planning a build. Probably get away with it but all it takes is the one freak snow situation to come and bring it down.
  12. Is snow loading an issue in your area? It is something we have to consider in our area when planning pole buildings. Not very often but every few years some of the weaker ones collapse.
  13. We on third engine in 247B and that has slight tick to it nowadays. Last two were remans from Cat. I don't think they even Perkins. I want to say shibaura badged Perkins/Cat.
  14. I think any these plugs in a row on German diesel blocks can give you oil pressure reading. Just depends if you can get to them. A lot of applications might have something in way.
  15. Yes it is. I think it had to do with the last six to rows of the field which were kinda deep with snow. Probably been cheaper to leave to wildlife.
  16. Has anyone been down this road?
  17. I believe it looks like 666 has the larger platform the fenders mount to to keep them from shaking. I know 686s do for sure. Eventually the platform can crack and fenders will start to wobble.
  18. I not sure on 4186 but 706 on up drive hydraulics off them splines also. I imagine the steering taxes them splines on 4186 some. I could be wrong though.
  19. I grew up hearing older generations talk about delco plants and carbide/acetylene gas plants for lighting. I have seen alot of delco plants or evidence of them in old farmsteads. I just curious if anybody seen or are familiar with the carbide plants?
  20. There has to be somebody that has machined out a whole complete deeper cover for the thicker filter. They probably only did one. Sure be neat to see though.
  21. Probably only puts 100 amp load max on battery. Not enough for cars, trucks, or tractors. If you have alot of rigs with batteries in them try to think about finding a 500 amp or bigger. I know harbor freight had a 500 which saved me alot of grief after I got fed up with the 100 style. Now gotta 1000 off fleabay also for 6,12, and 24 volt. In my opinion you need to draw more than 100 amps unless you testing motorcycle, atv, snowmobile,or garden tractor batteries.
  22. Just out of curiosity what type of load tester do you use for testing your batteries?
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