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  1. I not familiar with what engine in crawler but on 1066 they fairly easy to time. If crawler has same style engine and pump they probably pretty easy too as long as you can get to it and see timing marks. If you have inline pumps in not sure on them. 

  2. I honestly don't know. I imagine cost for pump replacement. Bought a 3688 that was converted. Wish it wasn't. I would rather had the pph still in it. You can get new aftermarket gear pumps pretty reasonable and gonna pay alot for a reman pph pump and they want good core back with the pph. Had to replace the pph pump in 3788 once and it wasn't a big job. 

  3. 14 hours ago, DT Fan said:

    Found some at the local farm store yesterday! Carpenter bee's beware. I was down to about 15 rounds and guarding them closely for chipmunks. With 100 new ones available, going to try my hand at shooting those blasted bees out of the air.

    Birdshot has been unobtainum for at least a couple of years now, maybe longer.

    Were they plastic capsule type or good old crimped brass? 

  4. You can change the hydraulic filter without dropping the oil. You will lose probably a quart at most  if it isn't plugged and maybe a gallon at most if it is plugged. I guess if you can't try pto you can try raising 3 point hitch up and down or plug a hose into a remote and hit lever to try to pump oil into a bucket. That  should tell you if you splines are sheared and you looking at a split. I'd hate to do a fresh oil change than have to split it right away. 

  5. Our 735 was recessed too. Did nice job plowing but had alot of trouble with that plow. Parked it after main beam snapped the 3rd time. Running a 7500 onland now. They have some improvements on the main beam which look like they should help. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Qc.Can.IH man said:

    First of all Mike you don’t have any clutch packs, the 3688 is basically the same as a 986, the clutch is at the fly wheel.

    I have my 3688 split right now getting a new clutch, I just got the clutch back from the rebuilder and then I’m waiting on a few other parts before I put it back together.

     The only difference is the TA is integrated into the gearshift.

    So when your speed transmission is in odd gears (1,3,5,7) The TA is engaged. The TA has an electric solenoid on the valve body and a switch at the gearshift to activate the TA or DD (direct drive)

    If I were you I would pull the floor plate and possibly the seat and the support under it and check your linkage first, check to see if you have a tenant under there making a home.

     If all that checks out then chances are you have internal problems with the shifter in the speed transmission.


    Do you stick with original size clutch or you run bigger in your 3688?

  7. Just now, ole 815 said:

    Interesting,  so he has been trying to sell it since buying it in 2016 for 35000.

    So in 2019 it brought 28000, but it must not have actually sold. 

    And it was on a sale last year that Machinery Pete mentions Gary Perkins selling it with bunch of other 2+2's, but it must not have sold then either.


    Be nice if he, Gary Perkins, would have more photos of tractor, interior etc

    I found a link with more photos from a previous auction but I can't get it to transfer out right here.  I might just download them and put them here. It is a confusing machine. I kinda want to say prototype. 

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