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  1. Lovejoy style been used on the Case/Ingersoll garden tractors for many years between engine and pump. Got four Weaverline feed carts that run Lovejoy between motor and hydro also. They seem like pretty good coupling. Got an owatonna 260 swather with chain style couplers which do act up from time to time.
  2. Dealer put a CNH reman in 3788 in January 2020. It has dt466 part number stamped on CNH tag but still has original dt414 stamped on block. Get teased by neighbors and relatives that see that. Been holding up good so far but now warranty is done. Hope it continues giving good service. I imagine the Springfield outfit remanufactured it.
  3. Must be a different kind of conversion if you have to lose a remote because of it.
  4. Thanks You. I suppose less resistance and heat generated than going back through the remote.
  5. Only one remote lever in cab? Ours has two and two cast remote blocks on the back. It does have a single outlet on left side all by itself i don't know exactly what its purpose is. Ours too was converted to gear pump before we purchased it. Kinda too bad but it works for what we use it for this way too.
  6. Got a lock n lube over 10 years ago but never installed it. Got two of the m18 Milwaukee grease guns. They awesome outfit but high range will wear out after a extreme amount of use.
  7. It probably has 1066 clutch and flywheel installed. Our 966 is terrible since we went that route. No more clutch trouble though. Hydraulic boost would be nice though.
  8. Nope, think it was a A&I set with gaskets and orings. I imagine I be getting the new tubes through caseIH and new orings there also. It also one of them new oil coolers not a reman. Maybe should've got a reman cooler. They look like original. That new style one has a adapter looking thing on it maybe tossing alignment off a hair.
  9. Replaced engine oil cooler in may with new oil gaskets and o rings in short coolant connection tubes. Started weeping coolant in November around one tube in in the front casting. Took apart and cleaned and installed new o rings again. I see it leaking again. I have mind set on trying to get two new short tubes if they available and new orings again. Everything looks nice clean and smooth in the front casting. Am I overlooking something or anybody familiar with any tips for leak avoidance? Thank you
  10. Just did one on a 686. I used a adjustable crescent wrench. It wasn't extremely tight.
  11. You got wedgelocks on it which is a plus in my opinion. Is that 38" rubber?
  12. 029/ms290 were terrible for fuel line cracking and leaning out and scoring piston. For a spell i couldn't get fuel lines from stihl to last. Last bunch I got have been holding up.
  13. Had some installed around thanksgiving. 85 cents a foot for 4", $2.25 for 6", $3.10 for 8". Keep in mind this is installed price. I do not know what just the material alone costs. I just hope it works. Never been around it before.
  14. They a sweet tractor. We have a farmall diesel gear drive wide front version. Gets a 2250 tossed on it from time to time. Tackled many chores throughout the years and still does. She'll step up for many tasks. They do run a hair smaller brake disk and actuator than the bigger brothers 656/666/686 do but most other parts are the same. Does anybody have input on about what year they started switching from metal emblems to decals on hoods of 544? Ours is decals but I seen several with metal emblems?
  15. Highly doubt that the right starter. Sure not looking right. There has to be a starter/alternator shop near you someplace. Get the original rebuilt.
  16. Install three to four every late fall around here. One on 656 as it main manure spreader tractor. One on 544 as it spreader backup tractor and loader tractor sometimes. One on a 686 and 966 for roundbale and feeder wagon duty. They all Femco brand. Used to have some Regal which were shorter life..
  17. Been noticing a lot of meds we use on cattle are getting unavailable or extremely hard to get in our area. I wonder if others are finding same issue?
  18. I do intend to remove the unit before trying to replace that rotor seal.
  19. Leaks hytran out bottom cap until it warms up. Gather they can be fussy. Any tips or tricks when replacing that rotor seal? Thank you
  20. Look at the shoup/sloan/kooima type books for available knives and cutterbars. They probably only carry the popular pull type forage harvester parts. Base your decision on that.
  21. I have seen #21 get a crack in corner of square pin hole. Just some food for thought.
  22. 16.9-38 rubber nice on that type of tractor. Our first two 686 came with 16.9. The third came with 18.4-38. That was a little overkill. It got new rims and 16.9s. The latest 686 has 15.5 and they kinda a thorn in our side even though tad bit easier climbing on and off. 656 and 544 also came with 15.5 and they got switched to 16.9. Way nicer rigs after that. In my opinion 16.9 way to go on that frame size tractor whether fluid or no fluid.
  23. Run a later 1680 and there is a double v belt running from hydro drive pump to a small pump under the hyd reservoir. It looking rough kinda like it saying change me. Do all axial flow run this setup? Looks like that hydro pump has to be dropped to change belt. Somebody said there a coupling in there also that should be replaced. Anything else to watch for or any tips, ideas, or shortcuts would be much appreciated.
  24. I think All States Ag Parts carries them for just shy of 50. If I remember right I think you have to use the screw, knob, and nut over they not included with new one.
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