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  1. I think they leave the factory as a closed system. Bought a 36 on an auction 14 years ago and it was converted to open center. I wish it was original closed center system. That conversion works but is kinda a squirrely mess. 

  2. I feel the valves on engine should be both working and both shut off during warmer months. Why have coolant pressure on them long runs of heater hose all summer while it not needed. Truck outfits usually carry them valves alot cheaper than implement dealer. 

  3. That tube goes to Ac temp dial switch. No need to pump down, vacuum, and recharge if that the culprit. If wire not in place it should still blow cold air till probably ice up.  If it busted i don't think it would blow cold air. If you feel you think it broke you could jump that switch and see if you get cold air.

  4. 22 hours ago, pt756 said:

    speaking of the amish or mennonite steel places, there is a outfit near stanley wis called Hixwood, they just keep getting bigger and bigger, probably 10 years ago watched them roll metal interesting, at tHAT TIME A WHO;E BUNCH OF TRAILERS SITTING IN LINE FOR JOBS AS i DONT THINK THIS GROUP DROVE

    Hixwood sold out to a English outfit about a year ago. All them trailers belonged to trucking outfit out of Thorp. I think new owners are doing their own trucking. 

  5. Got a couple German 686 here with stanley ovals on them one is ok, one is a rattle trap. The other two German 686 have original ih Canada oval mufflers which I think are best but one of those are getting pretty rough. I think 756/826 diesel ones work just fine and will probably try a round one when that one finally deteriorates.  Not at all familiar with this keba product you mention but it wouldn't take much to impress me over stanley.

  6. 22 hours ago, Dan Robinson said:

    If you want to use the tie rod end style, you will need to change the steering cylinder to an 86series cylinder. Otherwise you will turn all the way one way and part way the other. 

    If you want to keep the cylinder that's in it, you can use the new style tapered pin, but still have to use a new square block. 

    You can still use the old style block cylinder and new style tie rod end if you are willing to grind new notches in your tie rods. 

  7. Check fluids first and make sure it runs before he invest in fresh fluids and filters. Probably be wise to crack oil plug a little before attempting to crank it over to check for coolant in oil. Then the owner know more about what he has. That's pretty much how I'd start. If everything seems good I'd change engine oil when warm. 

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  8. 6 hours ago, mike656 said:

    Is the rear end on a 686 farmall heavier duty than a 656 farmall?

    I 99% sure it isn't any heavier. Own one 656 and four 686 and they seem the same. Also own 544 and rear seems the same except for the brakes are smaller.

  9. 20 hours ago, Lazy WP said:

    I bought a 56 a few years ago for $300? The dogs in the hub had failed and they made it a solid drive axle. Seems to work ok. I raked maybe 3 acres with it since I got it and it picked up ok. Mine is only a 4 bar, but has the ability to be a 5 bar, the holes are there. If I was dealing with much fine grass, I’d make sure to get a 5 bar rake 

    I have heard that 4 bar NH56  rakes exist but have never seen one. Could somebody that owns one post a picture. 

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