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  1. I think any these plugs in a row on German diesel blocks can give you oil pressure reading. Just depends if you can get to them. A lot of applications might have something in way.
  2. Yes it is. I think it had to do with the last six to rows of the field which were kinda deep with snow. Probably been cheaper to leave to wildlife.
  3. Has anyone been down this road?
  4. I believe it looks like 666 has the larger platform the fenders mount to to keep them from shaking. I know 686s do for sure. Eventually the platform can crack and fenders will start to wobble.
  5. I not sure on 4186 but 706 on up drive hydraulics off them splines also. I imagine the steering taxes them splines on 4186 some. I could be wrong though.
  6. I grew up hearing older generations talk about delco plants and carbide/acetylene gas plants for lighting. I have seen alot of delco plants or evidence of them in old farmsteads. I just curious if anybody seen or are familiar with the carbide plants?
  7. There has to be somebody that has machined out a whole complete deeper cover for the thicker filter. They probably only did one. Sure be neat to see though.
  8. Probably only puts 100 amp load max on battery. Not enough for cars, trucks, or tractors. If you have alot of rigs with batteries in them try to think about finding a 500 amp or bigger. I know harbor freight had a 500 which saved me alot of grief after I got fed up with the 100 style. Now gotta 1000 off fleabay also for 6,12, and 24 volt. In my opinion you need to draw more than 100 amps unless you testing motorcycle, atv, snowmobile,or garden tractor batteries.
  9. Just out of curiosity what type of load tester do you use for testing your batteries?
  10. How is end of steering cylinder attached to wishbone? Block and pin or ball joint?
  11. Now I not 100% familiar with 1256 but I feel they were originally equipped with an alternator with external regulator. That throws in more places to troubleshoot. Unless the tractor has been converted to the built regulator alternator style.
  12. They recently scooped up the value implement chain. I believe osseo, menomonie, arcadia, and I think Baldwin. There was a post couple months back brushing on the subject.
  13. I been having decent luck with napa 1469 in there. But then again they probably not very good filter. I am happy with them. Just my opinion.
  14. Neat. Thank you for sharing.
  15. Be careful there some shoddy aftermarket rubber torsion springs out there. Flip them over and lay a straight edge across them. Make sure the distance from straight edge to pipe where brass bushing goes in is the same. If distance is shorter than original it will not go together. We have seven of them style seat suspensions we keep going. Just did one week ago. Had 4 rubbers on shelf and they not right. Had to grind it down to fit. Other two going back to where they came from. Save your old one just for measuring purposes.
  16. Is there any decent seat options out there that bolt to existing hydraulic suspension? I see some listed. Wondering if anybody had experience with any.
  17. If I were to move anything I think the planter be easiest. Just make sure your markers are adjusted right and you really gotta be on the ball while planting.
  18. We gonna need to know what hitch pump you're running. Has it been converted?
  19. Make sure your battery cables are adequate for 6 volts. See a many 6 volt systems fighting with too light of battery cables.
  20. They good heavy pullers. Not quite the gear selection range. The brakes are the downfall when it time to replace them. They a little harder to get to than other 86 models
  21. Hytran level up where it belongs? Maybe try running it a little overfull.
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