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  1. Hard starting 706 diesel

    Ok, I'll bite, how does it heat the oil? I know there are adhesive pads and magnetic oil pan heaters, but I don't know how it would heat the oil at all until the engine is pushing it around in the block.
  2. Not the usual oil discussion

    That's the truth, but it's still funny to watch the diehards fight it out. The thing people don't think about is additive technology changes, and on these newer engines the tolerances are tighter. So now you can take a diesel engine, make everything fit tighter (Not 100% what the advantage is) and still get a thinner base oil to protect like before. With the release of the teir 4B engines I believe it was CNH started carrying a 0W-40 synthetic that is suppose to be used in the engines. So I figure if you want to continue using straight 30 go for it, you want to piss in the fill line for your engine go for. I'm going to stick with my 15w-40 in the 706 and 1256 and attempt to kill them.
  3. Tire shop safety

    Guy I went to high school with lost his father senior year. He was welding on a car hauler and one of the hydraulic lines got hot and exploded in his face, was not a good deal. His facial hair was not of any assistance in the incident. On the whole propane debate, I understand LP will break down the tire faster just like gasoline in the wrong fuel lines. Using crazy thought, there are several rubber lines in equipment A/C systems, could premature breakdown of the lines be a problem with LP?
  4. Unmarked parts store delivery vehicles

    I have thought about getting one to catch the "How the H#LL did you do that" things myself. Just like the one you can find on YouTube where a van got cut off and driver gets out to holler at bus, then Mickey and crew get out of the bus and beat the crap out of the driver!! I was working at a JD dealer and guy came in to get $300 dollars worth of lawn mower parts and demanded a discount! We all laughed at him and I let the customer behind him know his $5,000+ worth of parts were in. Needless to say unknown lawnmower guy learned real quick his order was not much to us. While at the same dealer we got a call one day about an "employee" who was speeding down the highway. They gave us the plates numbers and that person should be fired before they kill someone, blah, blah, blah. It was hard to keep from laughing on the phone, it was the owner doing the daily parts transfer!!!!!!!!
  5. I am the new owner of a drug house!

    Not sure about your area, but Mi and here in Ontario when the property changes hands any previous agreement becomes null and void. You can tell her you want $20,000/month rent, first and last due by the end of the month and the only option they have is to give it to you and sign a new lease, or vacat. If you meet with anybody about eviction be sure they know you just purchased the property as in some places that really changes what options you have to get them out.
  6. Good batteries

    Bet that supplier was happy for a couple years!!!!!!!!! Every place I have done parts at they always recommend replacement of batteries as sets, one goes down out of two, the other is working twice a hard to cover for it and the life is shortened. As much as the guy paying the bill hates to hear that. The other thing is there is no such thing as to big of cables! 706 and 1256 both run 6volt in series with 2/0 cable and I don't have a lot of the troubles I hear about on here. Last dealership I worked at only stocked 2/0. Your lawn mower needs a cable, guess what it got
  7. Truck driving question

    The local police liked to sit at the elevator and watch the big numbers they put outside so farmers could see what the weight was when they rolled across. Then the next time you came rolling down the road they would know if you tended to be a little heavy or not and pull you over before you hit the scale!!!! As soon as the guy running the scale realized it he would shut off the display every time they rolled into the yard. Two can play at that game!!!!
  8. Voting

    I had a Brit here in Canada tell me he was enjoying watching this election, it was the US version of Rob Ford. Told him the problem is it's Rob Ford running against Rob Ford!!!! But I somehow doubt the entertainment will end after the election, this will be a "hanging chad" ordeal I'm betting.
  9. Ran Across These Yesterday On A Delivery

    I got my TD9 from a place like this. It was the son selling it and he said knowing his dad it didn't run when parked. He gave me a tour, not really anything neat like these, but sure fun to see the old beat up stuff too. Thanks for the pics.
  10. A couple theories I have read about the whole job situation boil down to this, the standard ebb and flow of business is a new one is started, it grows, collapses, and a new entrapenuer comes in to pick up the slack. Here lately with all these "to big to fail" companies" being built the government has stopped the downfall. Then in an effort to prevent it from happening again new regulations have been enacted creating a ever larger barrier to entry. So yes we did not loose the 100,000 jobs, but without the short term pain what potential gain in the long term have we then cut off? Then you couple that with all the "free trade" and all of a sudden you have how many different economies attempting to prop up their economy while sacrificing everybody else's? Then on top of that what has the increase in worker productivity been, negative!!! You go back to the 50's-80's there are huge economies of scale being gained, computers being utilized, task automation, Internet utilization, etc.. What new and ground breaking widespread adopted thing has come along in the last 20 years? Ergonomics, environmental regulation, workplace safey, etc. which have all added more jobs and more work, AKA more overhead, but very little if anything to the worker productivity. I have heard some rumblings that 3D printing (Not the cheap plastic crap you can do at home, but serious stuff) will be the next big thing as it rill reduce production run cost for low volume parts and be faster to setup that current methods (Think Kinze sets up and builds grain carts for X months, then goes through and retools the whole plant and builds planters they rest of the year). Then you have all these folks wasting time getting a degree in something like sociology, or art and complaining that they cannot find a job in their field, while welders will make way more money directly out of school and from what I have heard there is a shortage of them. It all added up to a perfect sh!t storm of trouble that nobody wants to admit to.
  11. Planters- Cyclos vs Plates Pro's & Cons

    Think about this when they mention "Picket Fence Stands":Francis Child's was well north of 300 Bu/Ac with a 8 row cyclo and a 1566. None of the special sensors, hydraulic down pressure, electric drives, etc they have now. Personally a lot of people put faith in those things to cover for lack of management.
  12. Off Topic- Links for # 72-1/2 detachable chain

    The dealership here in Ontario I worked at had a lot of that flat China on the shelf. (Also had a lot of Mennenites running old equipment). Sold it by the link, your dealer can still get it in rolls from CNH, we also had a local supplier that built bale elevators they we would get it from in a pinch. On a side note, I HATE that stuff!!!!!!!!
  13. 1482 QUESTIONS

    Around here those pull type machines are becoming more common all the time. The Menenites pick them up dirt cheap, convert direct cut heads and row crop heads to fit them, and thro them on the back of their 5000 series maxxums.
  14. New owner of an 806

    Welcome to the comunity! I did the fuel system on my 1256 last fall and man did it make a differance. They said I got my money out of the pump, but the injectors were really good for the age. Let me know if you have trouble with your hoses, I found a way to reuse the old steel ends if they are still good, you just have to find somebody crazy enough to do it!
  15. Triple-6 makes me wonder...

    Doesna't look to bad, just missing a few pieces, and the turbo! Grandpa bought one new, hydro, with ROPs and a canopy. In some ways wish it was still around, used it for spraying and baling. When dad sold it the hydro was so weal it coldn't even handle the baler on a hill, andwas leaking engine oil into the coolant. Come to find out from the guy who bought it, simple fix but dad was to mad when a new oil cooler didn't fix it to mess with it anymore.
  16. Homebuilt pto "dyno" for loading engines?

    I thought the electric ones were suppose to be all the rage now, but that was the first thing I thought of. One place I worked at has a newer A&W that uses a little hydraulic pump chain driven off the pto that generates pressure that can then be applied to the clutch packs in the drum (Imagine multiple packs like on a PTO or in a power shift transmission). Just hoping to spk an idea if you don't like any of the options that have been listed here.
  17. Axle weight vs. loaded tires

    I believe CNH had a company video comparing the use of liquid and dry ballast. Two of the same tractor ballasted the same way pulling the same equipment in same field. It is amazing how much the liquid effects the flex of the tires and decreases the fuel efficiency. But th dry are more expensive per pound. There have also been studies done where it is more efficient to have a wide single compred to triples (Number of sidewalls to flex) and MFWD vs duals with the same surface area (MFWD running inthe same track does not have to compact more ground to gain traction). All interesting, but it is also hard to put $$$$$ out when you do not see a direct return to the bottom line.
  18. Adding a smaller combine....

    By my dad one big guy camei in a started buying and renting up everything he could. Then any small fields he couldn't get into with his 30+ foot heads he would rent out to somebody with smaller equipment or hire that stuff done. Have not been by there in a while so I don't know if he is still doing that or gone another route, like trying to move streams.
  19. Loading a TD9 that won't roll

    Just put it in neutral and the transmission will freewheel from the engine, turns will be a little tough with the clutches, but nowhere near impossible. Mine was sunk about to the track frames when I got it. 1256 with duals barely pulled it out, but the track would roll so I went with it. I went one time to get it pulled out and into position, then a second time with a neighbor and a truck to retrieve it. All was good until we went to move the truck, the ground was a little "sticky" but the old screamin' Jimmie made it.
  20. Making one good 863 corn head from two

    Stripper plates are a guessing game, wider in front than back. Knives I set as close as possible without them touching. If you are reusing the old ones make sure to rotate them so the end with less wear is forward.
  21. 1466 with pipe an manifold cherry red in this pic

    Dad had a 1466 that we could do that to blowing high moisture corn with a Vac-u vator. Only thing was it had a muffler on it. We would let that cool down at the end of the night before shutting it down.
  22. GPS technical advice

    The first thing, and I'm not familiar with Novatel, is you will have to unlock your reciever to RTK. Usually about 4-5,000. Next you need a radio to recieve and it will be 400 (license required to transmit) or 900 MhZ. The biggest thing is most of the CORS stations are a network of stations so the information is fed into a program via the internet at a remote location and celular correction is the only option. Aside from purchasing the modem and getting things set up the reliability is good with that way (Unless the base station is customer owned and people start doing things themselves). Around here guys are getting data plans that are about $5/month and maybe in the spring they might get up to $10 for the data if they use it alot. As far as cost for the correction the last I knew Michigan allowed use of their CORS network for free. If you have any other question I can dig deeper to try to help you out.
  23. 706 sidedressing pics

    I love using the old open stations every chance I get also. Dad had about 5 acres to drill and beans would be done, jumped at the chance to hitch the 1256 up and do it.
  24. 1206 Injection Line

    I asked when I had the 1256 injection pump rebuilt and they could bend new ones, but the price was going to be on par with from my local dealer. I have a few rub spots because the guy who put them on when the pump was replaced under warranty routed them wrong and they have been rubbing ever since. Needless to say the originals are some dang thick tube, wouldn't even think of trying brake line in their place. I just brazed them to build the tube back up, it's ugly, and put them back on the correct routing.
  25. Won't See This Take On Wind Energy Ever 'Reported'

    Personallly they are relaxing to watch and they do stir the upper and lower air currents helping to moderate the air around them. On the flip side the amount of energy used to build the things is way more than they will ever produce. So are they as truly clean as marketed, or a feel good story?