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    Restoring IH Tractors! Have many of the 06 series, along with the 66 series. 1 or 2 new but still like to use the older tractors I can work on and restore.

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  1. Buckeye Farm Boy

    Big Birthday Day Today

    Thank you yes it was great day
  2. Buckeye Farm Boy

    Life in Alaska

    That was not Bill next to me it was Paul. He will answer to anything though. lol
  3. Buckeye Farm Boy

    Life in Alaska

    That is me on the far left, our neighbor is next to me and he is a IH collector also. AK Welder is next and the rest are friends that do not collect IH tractors so they will remain nameless. lol AK it was great to meet you and had a wonderful time learning about Fairbanks. We learned more from you than our tour guide, glad we had the opportunity to get together. If you are ever in Ohio call us and we can show you around and give you the hospitality you showed us. We can show you a few farms with many IH tractor collections. Thanks Again!! Buckeye Farm Boy
  4. Buckeye Farm Boy

    Life in Alaska

    AK Got our packet from AAA will send a PM