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    FYI & a bit off topic, but Dukes of Hazzard can be seen on Amazon Prime. The world isn't completely insane (yet).
  2. Figured it out and Yes, that was the problem. I plugged the BYD port and used the rear outlet and it worked as it should. Apparently I was just recirculating hyd fluid with other setup. Also, if anyone cares, the pressure is on the lower port of the 706 side mounted remotes when lever is pulled back. Thanks
  3. Working with hose lengths I have for now. For that other BS, I will just say Merry Christmas.
  4. Yes, joystick Morse MK2. 2 remotes on the 706
  5. Yes, I'm using one remote to power the 2 spool valve. I thought it might be the Cross valve set to be closed center but it seems to match open center configuration (as best I can tell). It is a Cross model 1Z0202, the return line is plumbed into the BYD side of the valve and it is plugged on the other outlet port. I'm getting flow through inlet and outlet hoses with the tractor remote lever tied back, just no power with the spool valve engaged. I double checked hose configuration and the lift and bucket cylinders are not mixed up according to the Cross diagram. Any input is appreciated.
  6. Yes, I was wondering which port was pressure with the lever back..
  7. I'm sure this has been asked but I couldn't find it. I've used the side (console) ports on my 706 to run an older loader. I'm putting a different loader on and cant seem to get it to work. Which port is the pressure port (top or bottom) with the lever tied back? It may be the Cross spool valve but it seems to match the hose layout of my older valve. Thanks
  8. 9.5Lx15 holds up well with my 706, even with the loader on.
  9. Gentlemen, I've apparently let my 4210 set too long and the clutch will not disengage. I removed the inspection cover and there was approximately a soda can full of water that drained out. The water was clearish and not antifreeze. I'm guessing it was years worth of condensation. Anyway, I've tried several things while running it. Stomping the brakes, steep inclines, pulling something on an incline (all with clutch in). Is there any kind of fluid that wouldn't ruin the clutch fibers that might break the bond? This has happened before but I've managed to break it loose.
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