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  1. 76-140

    Farmall M 264 Idler Gear

    While reassembling a 264 in a Farmall M, the timing idler gear looks to be too close to the front plate to me. The pin is aligned and in the hole, is there some type of spacer or something that I do not see in the parts diagram that will move this gear away from the front plate?
  2. 76-140

    1952 Farmall M

    This tractor belonged to my uncle who passed away a couple of years ago. The plan is to fix the engine, as it has spun a rod bearing and apply a fresh coat of paint. Its funny some of the things that IH did around transition years. My father has an early Super M with belly pump and battery under the gas tank. Basically the same tractor as this one.
  3. 76-140

    1952 Farmall M

    One of the last M's. The block does not have 264 cast into it but it does have the big journal crank with a 4" bore. Disc brakes, but still has the belly pump for hydraulics.
  4. Here some pictures of my new 1952 Farmall M. Hopefully yall can keep me going in the right direction and give help as needed with this project.