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  1. farmerAl68

    farm auction in clinton,Ill.

    Anyone attend the auction today, wondering what things went for ?
  2. I have a 1990 1680 combine that we use as a second bean combine . i need to rebuild the concaves and grates . Is it reasonable to do or should i just replace them? Is there anyone in the midwest that does that kind of work. Had some done many yrs ago but that guy is out of business,any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. farmerAl68

    Did you ever think.....

    I want one too. I’m just a kid at heart
  4. farmerAl68

    problem with air ride seat in 305 mag

    well got the seat fixed, replaced the compressor still wouldn't work but the new compresor put out more air so my other problem showed up . the switch in the arm rest was leaking so replaced it and now it works as it should. $277 for compressor kit. $56 for armrest switch all for a smooth ride!!!! Little Red was right .thanks for your help ,
  5. farmerAl68

    problem with air ride seat in 305 mag

    talked to another dealer service manager , told him my story and he thought it was the compressor. He said it is rare but it happens. I have a rebuild kit coming for mine . I'll let you know how it goes Alan
  6. farmerAl68

    problem with air ride seat in 305 mag

    i'm going to check my 275 mx to see if i can tell any difference tomorrow Its too hot today
  7. farmerAl68

    problem with air ride seat in 305 mag

    took the line off the compressor and held my finger over the fitting. i can choke it off when it is running Im thinking it should be stronger than that .
  8. Is there a way to test the air pump on a 305 mx . The pump runs and you can feel the air bag trying to pump up but never fills up can't find any leaks. the dealer just wants to change parts till they find the problem. any thoughts would be welcome. thanks
  9. farmerAl68

    Would this be a good tractor to buy? 766

    I think from the pics it has no 3 pt. im i seeing right?
  10. farmerAl68

    special tools for 800 cyclo

    ill look it up in the morning
  11. farmerAl68

    special tools for 800 cyclo

    i'm sure i have one of those gauge tools in my shop . i'll try to get a pic of it if that would help
  12. farmerAl68

    Rolling nursery

    I hope the mama can keep up
  13. farmerAl68

    Finally turning dirt in central Iowa!

    Same here in Illinois. Let the fun begin
  14. farmerAl68

    1066 registry

    i dont think they were sold, at St Anne, Ill. I'll try to call and get details in the next few days. One was restored ,the other 2 needed alot of work. www