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  1. farmerAl68

    special tools for 800 cyclo

    ill look it up in the morning
  2. farmerAl68

    special tools for 800 cyclo

    i'm sure i have one of those gauge tools in my shop . i'll try to get a pic of it if that would help
  3. farmerAl68

    Rolling nursery

    I hope the mama can keep up
  4. farmerAl68

    Finally turning dirt in central Iowa!

    Same here in Illinois. Let the fun begin
  5. farmerAl68

    1066 registry

    i dont think they were sold, at St Anne, Ill. I'll try to call and get details in the next few days. One was restored ,the other 2 needed alot of work. www
  6. farmerAl68

    1066 registry

    found 3 1066's at a consignment sale today
  7. farmerAl68

    1066 registry

  8. farmerAl68

    1066 registry

  9. farmerAl68

    1066 registry

  10. farmerAl68

    prayers desperately needed

    prayers from northern Ill We are thinking of you and your family
  11. farmerAl68

    parking brake on 986?

    thanks for the reply , Pete, i totally agree not a good idea to leave in gear.. i was told the cab had to come off, i"m glad to know it can be repaired with the cab on. I"ll pass the word on. Alan
  12. farmerAl68

    parking brake on 986?

    my neighbor bought a 986 that needed a lot of TLC. got it going but the parking brake will not engage..I think to correct the problem the cab will have to come off. the linkage is bent down by the side of the case. my question is will the tractor roll if it is left in gear and shut off or will it hold. He running out of time to tear into it before he needs to use it , wants to make the repair a summer project.
  13. farmerAl68

    Looking for

  14. farmerAl68

    Looking for

    I have #8295 here at home in northern Ill . been in our family since new. Still going strong
  15. farmerAl68

    1066 registry

    Blaine, I ,bought the 1066 from my neighbor ,#19167. needs some love,wanted it for a new project.