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  1. I'm north of there a little ways, would be glad to help if you need it
  2. we are with in 40 miles of the old hinsdale research farm, back in the day when the 800 flex frame was first developed ,i seen a 16/18" pulled bya 4568 lots of engineers playing with it. this was on a neighboring farm . cann;t remenber what yr
  3. i dont think they were sold, at St Anne, Ill. I'll try to call and get details in the next few days. One was restored ,the other 2 needed alot of work. www stanneconsignmentauction.net
  4. found 3 1066's at a consignment sale today
  5. I have #8295 here at home in northern Ill . been in our family since new. Still going strong
  6. Blaine, I ,bought the 1066 from my neighbor ,#19167. needs some love,wanted it for a new project.
  7. Blaine, my neighbor has a 1066 he bought locally . Its run every week doing chores for his livestock . Has a year a round cab,18.4x38 rears . In its working clothes, serial #19167 making it 1972 model. will try for some pics soon. At home in Will co manhattan, Ill. Alan
  8. red reaper, It is south of Chicago about 40 miles, Manteno, Ill. the guy has a 2nd 1206 also but haven"t been close to it to get number . Know him well, will try to get additional info for you
  9. 1206 #7608 is near me still running but has had a tuff life in northern Ill.
  10. farmall 1066 , i'm looking for my dads 1066 . he bought it 9-22-71 from dealer in joliet,Ill. It was our big tractor for many years. we sold it private some years later , but we can't remember who. I was hoping it was on your list. serial # 7429 thanks for your time FarmerAl
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