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  1. FarmallMMark

    Skid steer backhoe attachment

    Always wanted to get a cheap skid steer backhoe and attached it to the back of one of my tractors. Keep the QDs and have the attachment pin on
  2. FarmallMMark

    Anyone know IH and Perkins history?

    Thank you. I really appreciate the info
  3. FarmallMMark

    Anyone know IH and Perkins history?

    Hey all, I've be looking for the history of International's use of Perkins engines. In all my books, I can't seem to find much. Other than a few tractors and trucks that used Perkins diesels. What was the relationship between the two companies? Did any U.S IH trucks or equipment see the use of Perkins power? Any info would be appreciated
  4. FarmallMMark

    Either injection?

    X2. I've never had an engine go bad due to eiher. It's only to be used as a starting aid, not a fuel to run the engine on. Engines with glow plugs or heater grids should NEVER use ether, as that can damage some of the components. Ether should be used in small shots only. A few engine manufacturers I've dealt with, actually recommended brake cleaner over ether. I've used either on a few IH engines that had factory ether starting aid and never had a problem or failure. There are usually required procedures for ether listed in operation manuals
  5. FarmallMMark

    Introduction and questions about IH trucks

    Depending on if your looking for a project or right away usability. Parts for old International trucks can be very scarce or no longer available. With some work and $$$ an older truck can always be fitted or upgraded with more modern and better parts, but it takes time. For right away use, I recommend something newer than a KB. Loadstars are good trucks, but some parts are scarce for them as well. Although they definitely aren't as stylish, I personally suggest a S-series or newer if your looking at Internationals
  6. FarmallMMark

    No fuel at this fitting

    X2. I had to do the same to a 8.3 Cummins power unit. Was a reman engine from cummins and came that way off the shelf. Must have been sitting for a while. I had to drive each plunger out with a brass punch
  7. FarmallMMark

    C-7 cat engine

    You are correct. I'm not sure where my head was yesterday, because I happen to have a box full of new 7.3 idi parts, including nozzles
  8. FarmallMMark

    C-7 cat engine

    HEUI=Hydraulically actuated Electronically controlled Until Injector MEUI=Mechanically actuated Electronically controlled Unit Injector MUI= Mechanically actuated and controlled Unit Injector all 7.3/6.0 Powerstroke diesels are HEUI 6.9/7.3 idi are MUI
  9. FarmallMMark

    C-7 cat engine

    During snow plow season, I run a Ford with the C7. It never fails to start and run in the coldest weather. It runs great with plenty of power. I can pull a hill in 4th, plow down and a full load of material and it just keeps picking up speed the more you press the pedal. I just wish it had the turbo exhaust brake. I've been around many of them and have worked on just as many. I've always liked them a lot. Most of the issues I've had to fix was due to owner negligence
  10. FarmallMMark

    C-7 cat engine

    Yes, it was a joint venture between Caterpillar and Navistar International. They've had a joint venture in a few things until recently. That being said, I've never had any issues with the C7s or the predecessors. If treated correctly, they'll last almost forever, but then again I'm also the guy that likes the 3208s
  11. FarmallMMark

    Over the road trucking at 21

    When I got my physical for otr, they also checked my hearing and eye sight. According to the federal form I had to use, they both had to fall within certain parameters to be able to pass for me to get my cert card.
  12. FarmallMMark

    Farmall A?

    And the steering gear tells me it's a B
  13. FarmallMMark

    Over the road trucking at 21

    If you can pass the CDL physical, you should be good
  14. FarmallMMark

    Farmall A?

    It has "A" sheet metal I see
  15. FarmallMMark

    1300b Question

    What type of info you looking for?