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  1. FarmallMMark

    Chain saw collectors ?

    That it definitely is. It's an early to mid 1970s model. Plenty of power and very reliable. Currently I have it as my backup saw
  2. I know Caterpillar builds a lot of there own axles. Besides the on-highway trucks, I'm curious as to the use of Dana/Spicer axles on their equipment and machinery. I know they use other products by Dana. Anyone know?
  3. FarmallMMark

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    It's a full truck hydraulic 10ft MC. The truck has no lack of pushing power
  4. FarmallMMark

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    the truck I run when I'm not fixing others
  5. FarmallMMark

    Another good oldie came on today

    I always have Prime Country or Willie's Roadhouse on in my truck or garage. It's the music I was raised with. Old country to the 80s/90s. Some early 2000s is good depending on the singer
  6. FarmallMMark

    Durango with hemi

    I've owned my fair share of Dodges and still own a few. I'm not a fan unless they are mid-1990s or older. I'm not going to stick up for the diesels either just because they had a Cummins. If I wanted a Cummins I'd do an engine swap. I've rebuilt a few Dodge engines just within the past few months
  7. FarmallMMark

    Durango with hemi

    Not horribly expensive if the owner is a do it yourself kinda person. Older Durangos aren't much better though. Currently rebuilding a engine for an 04
  8. FarmallMMark

    Durango with hemi

    Where I work, we run 2 Durangos as public safety vehicles. One is a 2014 with the 3.6 and the other a 2016/17 interceptor package with the 5.7. The 3.6 engine has many issues from manufacturer. The 5.7 engine overall isn't bad, but the Durango body is kind of cheap and flimsy. I'm always trying to patch plastic parts or replace ones that randomly fall off. The heat systems randomly acquire problems and just blow cold air. And the whole vehicle is not easy to work on
  9. FarmallMMark

    Durango with hemi

    MDS=Multi-Displacement System. In my experience, not a good system. To access the solenoids that actuate that function, the whole intake must come off as they are in the cylinder heads. also, how new of a Durango? In my personal experience, 14 and newer aren't so great
  10. FarmallMMark

    New IH paint on the new combines plus some bonus pics

    That's a sharp looking combine
  11. FarmallMMark

    I like these retro paint look

    It seems like a lot of people don't like the idea of the aluminum bodies. personally, I like them just as much as steel. I've had the experience of working with all trucks, including the aluminum body trucks. They are a good truck. Like any tool though, if any truck is taken care of it will last. No pickup truck is designed to be a mining haul truck. Aluminum is nothing new to the truck industry. Also, as an example of aluminum strength, aluminum dump body are quite common
  12. FarmallMMark

    Duramax issue

    Not trying to high jack. Just showing. Less than 800 miles since last oil change. Current oil level as of this morning
  13. FarmallMMark

    Duramax issue

    I'm not. If I wait until their next scheduled oil change to top them off, there probably wouldn't be any left. All of our new ones do it
  14. FarmallMMark

    Duramax issue

    X2. They are all made of Urea and deionized water. Urea being the lower percentage used of the two