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  1. I've always liked the look of the old 4x4 trucks. I've had a few old ones myself. I still have my 71 IH 1310 one ton 4x4. I had a 51 Ford 2wd that I bought an original 4x4 drivetrain for but never installed. And a bunch of others I'm probably forgetting. Still have a few early 80s 4x4s as well.
  2. Running an oil stabilizer such as the Lucas brand doesn't hurt either. I run it in all Diesel engines, especially ones that consume the oil
  3. $1800 is a bit on the high side, but that being said, I would probably pay that for it. I'm not one to try to bring a price down if it's within reach of fair. Especially if you understand and believe the story behind the Who/what/where/why. I personally go by what the value of it is to myself. What something is worth to myself will probably be way different than what it's worth to another. If you feel the price is reasonable to yourself and your comfortable with it, go for it if you want it
  4. It appears that it would be an 06/56 series International (non-Farmall) or a Wheatland with a cab. They came standard with wide rear tires
  5. Basically 966M and up are joystick steering. I find the joystick steering as naturally easy to use as a steering wheel.
  6. Almost all Caterpillar wheel loaders still have steering wheels. Joystick steering is optional on a few models and standard on models like the 966M/972M.
  7. I always wanted to create a diesel scented aftershave/deodorant but my fiancé wouldn't really like that much
  8. It's a negative. She says it smells like Vicks to her.
  9. I use Old Spice ande I ain't that old. My fiancé always makes comments about it
  10. A 931 is basically the track loader version of the D3
  11. I own a lot of other trucks and machinery/equipment, as well as have a few friends that do, so hauling won't be an issue. In its current configuration, it weighs about 13,000lbs give or take
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