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    My grandpaps 1953 Farmall Super C
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  1. So guys, another brand I stumbled upon is Federal Power Products out of Oregon. They claim to make their kits in house. Any word on them?
  2. I noticed HyCapacity sells a brand called “Absolute” for their engine rebuild kits, Does anyone know the quality of them or are they just rebranded Reliance? I’m looking for a kit for a d360 and was told Reliance was the only one making kits and would prefer not to use them if possible.
  3. Ah yes that's the word i was looking for. So will the pedestal off a 4 or 560 fit? They seem to be the most plentiful in my area.
  4. Hey guys, I just picked up a 666 with a wide front and was looking at eventually swapping it to a narrow front end. My question is what all narrow front bolsters would be compatible with that tractor?
  5. Just thought I should add that we have Farmall M serial #7240XIE. It's the first one built in 1940. It resides right here in Ruffsdale, PA.
  6. This is my 1955 farmall 400 that I restored, I bought it for $2000 and put $1200 into it and spent 6 months restoring it. I will try to get a slideshow posted to youtube soon. before after
  7. The company took a turn for the worst when Archie Mccardell took over as the CEO of the company after Brooks McCormick. I know the times were getting hard for IH but a UAW strike under mccardell's authority and failure to sell equipment led to the IH demise. I feel that if Brooks would have stayed their or if they would have hired a good CEO IH would have made it through the hard times of the late 1970's and would still be around today, but that's what you get for hiring a Xerox executive to run a struggling agricultural equipment company.
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