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  1. Last summer I built up and turned down 3 of the 4 upper idlers on my TD9-92. Boy what a bunch of welding. Spinning one of those hunks of metal and trimming off weld was a bit more than my 13" Southbend lathe wanted to do. I was holding one end in a 4-jaw and indicating the bore but if I did it over I think I would make a mandrel and use the tailstock to help support the weight.
  2. I dunno, chunks of solid 6.5" round bar would be pretty pricey I think. And then you would leave most of it in the lathe chip pan
  3. Normally you rough drill something like that with are really large drill bit in the tailstock before using the boring bar to bring to final dimension. Once you had a pilot hole stepping up to a 2" or 2.5" drill bit would go pretty fast. I have also use bi-metal holesaws to cut holes in plate, actually goes pretty fast. Have not used one in a lathe... but then I normally don't bore that size hole in plate in a lathe either I am curious, what lathe are you using? If you mean making them one-piece out of round stock that would be pretty labor intensive to, probably one of the reasons they use cast steel to mass produce parts like these. Get a rough piece, do a quick bit of machining and it's done.