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  1. Did it used to work recently ?   Look through the inspection plate and see if the pump shaft/countershaft coupler is in place and the shaft  turns. If all appears ok, try disconnecting the hose from the cylinder and aim it into a bucket and pull the lever and see if it pumps oil.

  2. Years ago I worked for a electrician, one summer we had this nerdy high school kid as a helper. He was really into electronic stuff but really knew little about the electrical trade or electricity in general but thought he did.

    We used to tell him to go to the truck and get a "wire stretcher" or a "conduit straightener" . Used to tell him that extension cords always had to be completely stretched out because the electricity would not get through if it was still all coiled up. He always believed that and would stretch out a 100' cord to go 10 feet.

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  3. This is the hitch operation from the 84 series owners book. Fair amount of reading but I think it clarifies how the draft and raise/lower response works.

    For whatever reason my phone posted in reverse order…. Read from the bottom up 🆙 🧐😊







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  4. I did similar to above on my 684, emptied the tank and removed the sender cap and fill cap. Removed the fuel lines and plugged the openings. Put some "Gunk" degreaser cleaner in a small sprayer and stuck the nozzle down in the tank and swooshed all around. Drained and repeated 3 times, rinsed most of the crud out. Haven't had any issues since. Tanks on the Doncaster tractors are a pain to remove and still you don't have very good access to the inside.

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  5. On the carburetor there is a slot that this tang that sticks out  fits into.  You really just need to wiggle it in, you will know when its in the groove as all will line up and bolt back together easily. And it should run right too!😎


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  6. From Messicks, if it helps.


    5 BEARING- BALL BEARING 65mm ID x 120mm OD x 23mm W ST218A $121.14 3-7 business days 2 BULL PINION AND BRAKE SHAFT BALL BEARING;L-265 MODEL
      5 BEARING- BALL BEARING 60mm ID x 110mm OD x 22mm W ST227B $91.23 3-7 business days 2 BULL PINION AND BRAKE SHAFT BALL BEARING;L-260 MODEL
        6 357032R11 357032R11 Call Call 0 BULL PINION SHAFT BEA
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  7. Looks like someone got tired of the glow plug system. I would get that checked into just to make sure that the glow plugs are indeed not functional. Why is it "too much tractor"? It looks nice and straight and comes with a pussy cat! 

  8. 6 hours ago, Dwayne H said:

    Will a D239 work in place of the D188

    Not in a utility as they don't have frame rails. Possibly in a Farmall 504 which does. I think and maybe someone else knows for sure that the clutch housing is the same for a  Farmall 544 and 504.

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