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  1. TomH

    1/29 Birthdays

    Happy Birthday guys and gals and all those in between....
  2. Its the shaft that drives the belly hydraulic pump.
  3. My 1940 H has only 2 bolts holes to fasten the seat assembly. My 48 H has 4.
  4. I would check the plumbing.... It looks you have a choice of beer or recycled beer.....…. Do you reach equilibrium that way? One in one out?
  5. 6.0 From mid 2003 to 2007. we have a couple 15 passenger vans at work. They get sporadic use and an F450 that gets used quite a bit . I think these are all “detuned” and as far as I know have not been much trouble.
  6. Is this a double sided sex tape? Bisexual tape?? Lorenzo...?
  7. TomH


    Fifi suffered engine problems back probably 10 or more years ago. The CAF had to build new engines from parts sourced from later versions of the Wright R3350.
  8. Happy Birthday fishin and shootin man!
  9. I have never understood the underwear that's worn these days. It covers virtually nothing and some of the thong type just puts something in a place women are always trying to pull it out of....
  10. Hopefully he won’t be getting any scratch marks for a few years!
  11. TomH

    Oh Runner

    Probably the.... one that got away.🦈🐋
  12. You’re is wrong. Disisions ?? No commas needed. Four today??? Ezilly korrekted.....
  13. My beagles killed one once, wasn't pretty. A lot of blood from both hounds and fisher.
  14. I used to never go to TSC for all the above reasons after they became "The stuff you need out here" store. Before that you could actually get tractor parts. Well now they opened up a store 5 minutes from me so I go periodically. The other week I went for a 10mm deep socket, they didn't have one.....
  15. We have these here at work, ballast bypass and they light up fully bright when cold! You can try local electrical supply houses and see if they have the equivalent. https://www.1000bulbs.com/product/208599/LEDT-10072.html?cc=300&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInYnZs-iZ5wIVVoNaBR2uNQ2iEAQYASABEgLCFPD_BwE
  16. Hey at least he will discover a way to get to Mars quickly instead of the 150 days or so a conventional rocket takes. Guessing he would be there by Morning if that load blows!
  17. You guys are bragging, we have had at least 5 or 6” so far this year.......🤭😎
  18. TomH

    Ouch! What hit me?

    She said 5 ft and 100lbs! If you get hurt would your insurance cover ? Or would a falling iguana be considered and act of nature?
  19. I always liked them. Being able to open the front doors and enjoy a fire and the side door to stuff her full for all night burn. Brother in Maine has one just like it except its in red enamel. Has had it since the eighties. Burns it all winter every year.
  20. We have them too! And Dewalts as well. It really is amazing how far cordless tools have come in the last 10 years or so.
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