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  1. Happy Birthday Chris!
  2. If we moved, and we won't..... I think I would put all her stuff in one truck and haul my stuff myself. Then...... if....and only if.... the same kind of thing happened.....we would have tons of room in the new place!🤭 That really sucks, I hope some stuff was salvageable and maybe some kind of insurance?
  3. EV's sure work well if you work as I do where the charging is free. Well... its free right now anyways....😉🙄 A friend has a 60 mile round trip commute, so 300 miles a week. She bought a Chevy Bolt back in October and is rejoicing over not having bought any gas since then! I have nearly the same commute, if I could be assured that free charging would always be available I would have to definitely think about an EV if I needed a car right now. I imagine though they will start charging a fee at some point.
  4. You should run it off a older tractor like an F20 with a front mounted buzz saw!🤔🤣
  5. Our old well is hand dug to 30 feet and at a later date was drilled another 60 feet. We don’t use it anymore and the pump doesn’t seem to work. We drilled a new well about 15 years ago. When we had heavy rain the water would get muddy colored and we had to flush the filter screen several times a day to keep the water reasonably clear. Not a very good picture but it looks just like the photo posted at the start of the thread.
  6. TomH


    I like a small amount of caviar and cream cheese on a cracker. But then, ..... I like a pizza with black olives, onions and anchovies, usually don't have to share! True that high cost does not necessarily mean good.
  7. Could be newborn rabbits.
  8. You would need to control the hitch, with a two way valve with a float detent and stop collars on the cylinder(s) to keep the hitch from going too far down. Probably work for a little garden plowing for fun on fairly level ground. I am assuming like most 3 point set ups that it attaches to the axle housings with the draw bar supports. The existing swinging draw bar attaches underneath the transmission housing and is the designed pull point. The three point will put the pull on the axle housings, which seem pretty strong but I wouldn't see how hard I could pull on them.
  9. TomH

    Fuel prices

    On my way in to work this morning; diesel ranged from 5.99 to 6.79(!) Never have seen such a difference between stations. Bought my off road back in early February, thought that was bad, little did I know!
  10. Couple thoughts. Check fuel pressure, plenty of you tube vids to watch. Remember the injectors are electronic and the there is a wiring harness that is also the valve cover gasket. No smoke when cranking indicates that the injector(s) are not firing. The gasket is a fairly common problem in older PSD trucks, so you need to make sure all the circuitry is working and you have fuel pressure. If all is good and you still have poor running then possible there is an issue with the High pressure oil pump. (HPOP) Some good info here: HEUI - How High-Pressure Oil Injection Systems Work (motortrend.com)
  11. X2 and plenty of it.
  12. Yes! I see these trucks once in a while. Buy Bulk Wood Pellets | Wood Pellet Delivery in PA | Energex
  13. TomH

    5088 FWD

    Least if you fall and kill yourself you can blame it on John Deere......🤣🤐
  14. Welcome to the good life Eeyore!
  15. Propane is going to have to get really expensive for this to even out. My boiler is in an attached former garage right through a door from our big family room. My house is strung out with a 2500sq ft not well insulated 200 year old center area that the boiler heats, the family room and laundry area and old summer kitchen are in a attached wing. This 1500sq ft area is augmented with a large Alaska coal stove. My back up is oil, if I ran only oil I would use 150 gallons a month which right now at like 5 bucks a gallon........ It sounds like it might be better to see if you can augment your propane heat with a wood stove, even if you have to install a prefab chimney you won't spend anywhere near what a OWB with installation will cost. Another thing to remember : Gasifiers require properly seasoned split wood just like for a wood stove. They don't burn efficiently with large or poorly seasoned logs. Reading Yellowrose farm's post below I should add that; The indoor type boilers are pressurized systems connected directly in series with the existing hot water loops with PEX. The main circulator pump from the wood boiler circulates through the in/out of the oil boiler and runs via aqua stat when the water is above 140*. When the oil boiler is turned on the circulator will run continuously to prevent any freezing if we were to go away for an extended time.
  16. Decide on: How much space you are heating and how much wood do you can and have time to cut each year. I work full time and hour away and my help is me, myself and I. Gasifiers will do a good job of burning softwood but you will not get as long a burn or as much heat. You are in Pa, oak and hickory reign supreme. First example: Me, I have a HS TARM indoor wood gasification boiler. Its in the garage and I loader bucket wood right up to it. Really like not going outside to fill it in crappy weather. Is there anyway that works for you? I heat over 2500sq ft and used about 8 cords this year. Fellow up the road I know: He has a Central Boiler gasification. He burns 8 to 10 cords to heat 2000 sq ft of new modular home. My old boss had an old Mahoning boiler, heated his old and not very big farmhouse on 15 to 20 cords a year including summer for hot water. It is a big initial investment.The higher the efficiency the more long term benefit. I know 2 family's in upstate NY that have Econoburns, they are very pleased. Available in indoor and outdoor configurations. https://econoburn.com
  17. I believe the F150 EV's battery weighs 1800Lbs. Is about 98 KWH and goes around 200 miles for the standard version (not the extended range version) that they don't really mention in ads. 1 gallon of gas converts to 33 KWH of battery power, so electric is much more efficient. It takes 8 hours to "fill the tank" which is not efficient. Seems for every advantage there is a disadvantage.
  18. Been there, the one and only time I left a bunch of beagles in the truck with it running. Fortunately with 6 or 7 of them it didn't take too long for one to hit the button. I was pretty peeved for about 10 minutes though.
  19. Daimler sold Chrysler in 2007. These days Fiat Chrysler has merged with the PSA group (Peugeot) and is called Stellantis ( must take some brains to come up with these names) Each brand will concentrate on the best sellers and best in its market share. Ram: trucks, Chrysler: minivan, the Pacifica only. Dodge: muscle cars and Jeep will be um Jeeps.... Higher end brands will be imported, Alfa and Maserati. The Many Auto Brands Of Stellantis (msn.com) Brands
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