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  1. Yes it looks like the pump tag.
  2. It was here in Pa. a week or so ago. Not quite that thick but close, amazing how far it had travelled.
  3. Yes .... you should have told her about the new electric fence..... wave after wave.......?
  4. I saw them in 1979, Portland Me. Opened with "Tush" then straight to "LaGrange". In this Texas town- Gotta lotta nice girls out here.
  5. New name? Image: ccspecialties.org Farm-Oyl® General Information Farm-Oyl® Low Ash engine oil is a proven engine lubricant designed for older diesel and gasoline engines calling for a lower ash straight grade oils. Farm-Oyl Low Ash engine oil is proven to protect against sludge, varnish, engine wear, acid accumulation, TBN loss, and oil consumption. Low Ash (Low Ash Oil for Natural Gas Engine - Farm Oyl www.farmoyl.com/products/oil/low-ash
  6. I got a text recently telling me that my social security username and password were going to be used to withdraw money from my savings. (?) Please contact us and for 2000 Bitcoin we will guarantee your safety.?? For phone calls, don't answer and then block the call.
  7. When I had my 450, I had it overhauled it in 2000. After they got into it they discovered that the crank was cracked in 3 places.
  8. My Brother live's about 5 miles from LL Bean in Freeport Maine. As far as the population density in the summer, I don't think you can count that high!
  9. TomH

    656 Hydro

    The 666 hydro introduced in 1972, in 73 renamed the Hydro 70. Not too many 666 hydros around and I would think that most were probably diesels. 1972 gas, hydro, the cast wheels and 2 point make it a fairly rare tractor.
  10. I would like to have a: F20, a SH, a gas start diesel preferably a 450. A narrow front 656 hydro, a 1256, that is more than 3 so I will stop now since I'll keep on going.
  11. Looks great Chris!
  12. My Dad had a good friend who was a general surgeon/ER doctor. He had a nice old sailboat named "Off Call". We have a 22' open outboard boat named "Haymaker" In remembrance of My dad who remembered many a summer day baling hay. He also referred to something that was working really well as "She is really making hay now".
  13. Happy Birthday everyone!
  14. I've said it before and I'll say it again...? If I can't load up 4 x 8 sheets of plywood, drywall or whatever and shut the tailgate...... I've always had a 4 door long bed , its just what I'm used to!
  15. Biggest thing as no one got hurt! Hopefully you will find the parts you need. Wengers is close to you and it looks like they have some parts. Front Axle - 656 - Tractor Parts|Wengers.com
  16. Magneto should be set so it trips at 5* past TDC. That would be the second of the two close together marks on the pulley if its the original pulley. Magneto's do like copper plug wires, they don't make a good spark with modern wires. This was the case of my 48 H when I bought it; fella said no matter what he couldn't get it to run well. After a few minutes it would run roughly with an intermittent miss. A set of good copper wires and she runs great!
  17. Happy Birthday Mr. Sledge!
  18. Might have to change the website........ CREATED, DESIGNED, FORGED AND ASSEMBLED RIGHT HERE Many American tool companies stretch the meaning of ‘Made in America.’ Not SK Professional Tools. With forging facilities in Colorado Springs, CO and a brand new manufacturing and distribution center in Sycamore, IL, all SK Professional Tools are crafted with American steel right here in the U.S.A. for quality and precision you can trust. SK Professional Tools is proud to be part of IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC., a family-owned, blue-collar American company that believes in serving the hardest working technicians in the world.
  19. That's what I did, only it was my wife's thermometer. Which is now my thermometer...? Anyway with water or 50/50 mix when I had the needle reading right between cold and run and that would be about 130*. At the R it would be about 140/145*. That was the gauge that was on my 450 and it appeared to be the original gauge. The R in run was as warm as it ever got working on a hot day.
  20. Boy do I wish I could send you rain! Yesterday a pop up thunderstorm gave 1.5 inches in half an hour. Been getting 3 or 4 storms a week.
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