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  1. Soapstone stoves are great, it is amazing how much heat they are producing after the fire is nearly out! I have used Vermont Castings, Harmon and Jotul, good stoves. Don't go cheap, the extra money for a high quality cast iron stove is well worth it.
  2. That brings back memories! At my Moms family's house in Maine they had a "Home Clarion" kitchen stove. It wasn't used much in my memory but when it was it must have been fired hot since the kitchen was 9000 degrees when it was going. It had coal grates in it but wood was used mostly. I remember several wooden soda crate boxes next to it, one with split birch to get it going and the others all had split hard maple. I doubt it was ever meant to be very tight, if it wasn't burning at near incandescence it wasn't hot enough to cook. It was removed in 1971 when the chimney was found to be badly deteriorated. ( I wonder why....)
  3. I know many folks that have them and most are happy. Good choice if you do not have free or close to free wood, no land or close neighbor's that don't like smoke. As said what I see as the real drawback; buy pellets in advance. Buy more than you think you need. If winter is average you will be fine and the supply will be good but; if winter is severe everybody will be out of them. A few years ago we had some 0 degree temps and a month below freezing and all of a sudden you are going through a ton in 3 weeks. You don't want to be calling all over looking for pellets.
  4. Amazing, you would never look at that and think someone survived let alone minor injury! What kind of a car was it?
  5. This is a good read for train guys. Set Up Running: The Life of a Pennsylvania Railroad Engineman, 1904-1949 by John W. Orr (goodreads.com)
  6. Prayers sent. Emphasize the positive, I see all the time how my mother at 93 keeps realizing she just cant do what she used to. She sure tries though!
  7. That is awesome Bill, what a brother!! My B day isn't until spring but I'm going to show all of my family pictures of IH tractors on market place and Craigs list. Maybe I might be as lucky as you! ( Doubt it....)
  8. More thoughts and prayers to you. I am doubly sorry to hear this as a similar thing just happened here. My Veterinarians son who was just 31 and finishing his PHD in neuroscience died suddenly at work this last Monday. He was a close friend of my youngest daughter. No idea what the cause was. These things really hit you hard. Take care.
  9. 😊 I was at Lowes yesterday, thats when i made the observation lol!
  10. Have used some of these at work since Lowes has them, they are quite bright and easy on the eyes. Note however that the lumens indicated is 4500 while a standard 300 watt incandescent bulb is 6000. GE Ultra Bright 300-Watt EQ Soft White LED Light Bulb in the General Purpose LED Light Bulbs department at Lowes.com
  11. I have a JD 7000 conservation that came with bean cups when I bought it. I rebuilt the cups and used them for 2 seasons, I noticed quite a bit of seed laying next to the furrow and a small handful's worth at the end of each pass when I lifted the planter. I switched to the JD/Kinze brush meters I save probably close to a bag of seed in about 15 acres planted with a small increase in yield.
  12. I saw a 400 once on steel with magneto, straight drawbar no lights or hydraulics.
  13. Thanks to all who have served, all who are serving and especially all who gave their lives.
  14. Happy Birthday Mike! Hope it was good!
  15. TomH

    Died in sleep

    More prayers for the girls and their Mom and all involved.
  16. Nice crop! I understand that most canned pumpkin is the Dickinson variety. I have always grown New England pie type but I may try a few of these and see how they compare. Hope you had a happy birthday!
  17. My Dad was the driver training in our family, at his airbase in WW2 he was one of a few that could back up tandem trailers so apparently that made him the man around the farm. We all started young with the Farmall H so we could clip pasture, then the farm pickup but not on the road. At about 16 we got our permits and drove this 1968 Volkswagen "Squareback". That old car must have had a tough clutch as I never recall it being replaced and it was sold in 1986. Dad liked it since it taught us to drive a stick and was very hard to get caught speeding in since it barely went fast enough. Later we drove the either the IH pickup ( before my time) or the Chevy. We had to back a short tongue trailer around a "course" he would make, after a few heated exchanges he would be happy enough my performance. He always said that learning to properly back trailers was something every driver should know how to do, I certainly agree since I think most don't!
  18. The quick connect is probably there so that disconnecting it results in no oil spill. Just remove the disconnect and replace it with a ball valve, put a plug in the outlet side just for safety. It will lessen the drain time. That's what we have on many generators at work where you can't get to the actual drain.
  19. My wife has a Shark cordless. Her two long hair cats produce enough fluff for her to go into the pillow business. She also uses it for cleaning up around the litter box, It works as good or better than any cordless I have used. Buy it.
  20. Is the stove a "modern" air tight stove controlled by a damper on the intake or a non air tight "leaky" stove controlled by a damper on the exhaust side/flue? A modern stove doesn't really need one. A Leaky stove needs one, you need to realize the the pipe before the damper gets the hottest so at least make sure you put the damper where you can easily reach it in the event the stove is over firing.
  21. My wife reports there is a shortage of cat food in the grocery store. Seriously?
  22. Must get really expensive if you add horsepower, maybe there is a "add power" kit? Then there is maintenance on the motor(s)...... I understand 4 hoof drive is standard.🙃
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