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    445 baler

    In both original and the all twine if the knife did not cut quickly and cleanly the knot would get pulled apart by the advancing bale and would not be tied at the end of the cycle. I don’t know if a larger knife would help but my experience was that knives had to be really sharp and the whole tying mechanism clean and free of bits of twine ,dirt etc. Both knotters were invented before IH existed. The “Deering” is actually the Appleby knotter invented by John Appleby in 1878. It was licensed to William Deering to use in the Deering Harvester Co. binder. it was also licensed to others and improved and fully implemented by Edwin Nolt in around 1938, Nolt was the father of the New Holland baler. The Appleby knotter was also used in John Deere binders which is where Nolt got the the device he incorporated in to his baler. The McCormick Reaper used a binding mechanism invented by Charles Withington around the same time as Appleby. This evolved into the McCormick knotter. As we know McCormick and Deering (along with others) came together to form IH and thus had both knotters that they could use. As Randy Hall said ; dropping the Deering knotter was not the best idea but IH felt it made a stronger knot as well and was pretty much an exclusive IH (McCormick) device. I guess that’s away from the topic but there’s a ton of great reading about the early history that became IH!
  2. Wow! Those EMT’s are awesome and so are you Jeff! Don’t ever feel sorry for bringing something like this up here, we are all here to help.Prayers to all and I hope everyone is Ok.
  3. I think the 11.2 looks the best. Looks “normal “.
  4. There are (were) 2 sizes listed for C through 404. 9.5 x 36 (9x36) and 11.2 x 36 ( 10x36). There is also 12.4 x 36 or 11x36 in the old way of measuring available on the 340 and the seldom seen and odd size of 13.9 x 36 which i saw on a 504 once . Had to look twice to see if that was right. My old C book shows 8 and 9 inch rims for 9 or 10x36 tires
  5. Greazy , yup it fits all right! Mark; that could be you’re new handle here huh?....😎
  6. We have had Geico for quite some time, always have had excellent service from them and rates are very good. Our local agent can’t even get close to the rate Geico charges us.
  7. Looks just like mine! Get it right away!!! Rub her just right and🦠🦠🦠 um 😐 maybe Im thinking of something else.....
  8. TomH


    Is it a 6 cylinder? 6 fuel lines, 6 plug wires. Might be UD16 , the 6 cylinder version of the 4 cylinder D335 or UD9.
  9. Well.... we have had it for 2 years now and if some of the people using it haven’t destroyed it yet then it’s durable!
  10. TomH


    One of the things that i am remembering now is; while there were no civilian aircraft flying there was plenty of military aircraft up. I am only about 25 miles North of Camp David and about 13 miles from what is known as “Area 12” a fenced in place your not allowed to visit. All day and all night there was the constant drone of unseen aircraft, maybe F 16’s . The day after my Wife called a bit panicky as several C 130’s ( AC 130’s?) flew over our place at treetop level. Saw this myself, amazing how something this big and slow can sneak up on you! Also numerous A 10 Warthogs were around as well. I have never heard or seen anything like it since and hope not to.
  11. TomH


    18 years ago. I was here at work when the news came in. Everyone take a moment at 8:46 this morning to remember.
  12. We have a Bush Hog 12 footer at my beagle club. Works fine behind the 674, used mainly for field mowing and cleaning up areas with old feed plots and such.
  13. Yup! That's it right there Sandhiller. Dig a big hole and climb in and keep your mouth shut except for "yes dear"...… until the festivities are over and things return to normal!
  14. She got the last words in. Or possibly that was her way of ending an argument that just perhaps did not need to happen in the first place. I've had my wife do that, meant she was done arguing.
  15. Wow, that really looks like a fun day! Why a UTV to pull the porta potty when there are plenty of John Deere's around....?
  16. TomH


    Sorry to hear such sad news Lorenzo. Thoughts and prayers to you.
  17. That panel needs a dozen or so tandems in it! You get more circuits that way.......💡🙄
  18. Happy birthday there young fella! you only feel as your old... or something like that 🤔🍺🎂🔫
  19. I’m trying to slow things down a bit. Come spring I’ll celebrate my twentieth anniversary of my 39’th birthday.😎 Best of luck to everyone!
  20. I’ve used a ton of those, nice all position rod. 7018 s are hard to weld with until you get some practice holding an arc. As said if damp you can barely make them light and then they stick fast. But when there good you can make some very strong vertical up welds. 80T’s can make some pretty looking welds, nice smooth bead.
  21. TomH

    The Dog Thread

    Hang in there Mader, its really tough especially with kids. Been there.
  22. Hauled a lot of heavy construction trailers, E load range minimum. 14 ply held up the best on heavier trailers all though they seem to bounce more with a light or no load.
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