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  1. You went back to visit your Alma Mater?!😁
  2. I have had my 77 worm drive since about 1985 or so, works great. I tend not to use it as much these days as it is quite heavy preferring my equally old Porter Cable sidewinder. I have used the Mag 77 and It weighs like half as much as mine! I would probably buy one if I were still doing carpentry work on a regular basis. Using to cut decking boards a few summers ago weight was the main thing, the Mag did not make my wrist hurt and was much easier to grab off the ground and cut then put down, pick up cut.... and so forth. The shoe is about the same shape and at least from using it for two days it worked the same as the old saw but easier due to the big weight reduction.
  3. The app was deleted and can't be downloaded. On older devices it might still work but can't be updated.
  4. We wait until we can't take it anymore and have to warm things up...... I'm getting the boiler cleaned out and the coal stove ready. My Wife cleaned out the fireplace in the TV room so I will be finding her in sitting front of a fire soon. We both committed to try and use next to no oil this year not that we use much anyway.
  5. I love that movie! The B36 is so awesome ,” kept the peace without ever firing a shot”. With 6 turning and 4 burning the B36 had 40,000 horsepower! In the Life magazine picture that is actually a B50 with the B36. The B50 was essentially a B 29 with a taller tail and the R4360 engines same as the 36.
  6. TomH

    Fire Wood

    Timberwolf 3 pt PTO splitter takes anything you can give it. I like the portability of it and being able to raise and lower. HS Tarm indoor boiler produces lots of heat on less wood. Wood must be split and well seasoned.
  7. Beware of automatic unloading.......
  8. Yes, Sperry Rand purchased New Holland in 1947 until Ford purchased it in the early eighty's. My Grandparents had a Sperry NH baler and a garden tractor.
  9. I have the vet come to the farm to give the beagles their shots, I’m down to just 15…. A few years ago after his visit a tech from the office called and wanted to know if I was interested in getting my dog’s teeth cleaned….. I told her that I really felt that would be pretty expensive. Fortunately I get some good quantity discount s and they agreed to do all shots, nails and teeth check as well as worm and flea stuff for 750$. A good deal I thought.
  10. My Dad would have agreed with you although he thought the earlier B17's prior to the "E" model were the best looking. I prefer the "G" model over all others as it is the toughest looking.
  11. Thoughts and prayers headed your way!
  12. Judging by the people there for comparison this looks like a USAAF 4000 pound block buster. It was developed in 1942 and could only be carried on the external bomb racks fitted to B17’s and B24’s. Not many were used as the external mounting created considerable drag. Many though were dropped by the British as they could not manufacture enough of their 4k pound “ cookie bombs.
  13. Culminating on February 3 1945 when over 1000 B17's bombed Berlin. The steam of planes coming over the target was over 300 miles long and took 90 minutes to from first planes to the last. The Germans sure must have known the end was near at this point.
  14. I think the Bosch would be nice, I personally like the Makita's. I feel it does precision work very well and I especially like the way the motor ( at least on mine..) "soft starts" and the saw does not jump. Makita 15 Amp 10 in. Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser LS1019L - The Home Depot Now you have more choices.....😉
  15. I think about this from time to time. So many witnessed the true horrors of war, so many paid the ultimate sacrifice giving their lives for their country. So many more just had their lives taken from them for simply existing. My Uncle, Dads brother went through northern Italy with the 10'th mountain division. Arriving sometime in 1944, they fought in some really rough terrain. They were working their way up this steep slope when my uncle's buddy in front of him stepped on a land mine mortally wounding him. Uncle Charlie received several shrapnel wounds to his face and arms. He was patched up a bit and had to keep going, it was not until two days later that he got proper medical attention. He rarely talked in any real detail about his experiences during the war, most of what I heard was what he had told my Dad. Uncle Charlie suffered from PTSD and and fought a long battle with alcohol. Dads best friend, room mate in college and best man at his wedding was a tail gunner in a B17. He flew a good number of missions and was credited with shooting down a Luftwaffe FW 190 fighter that got in his sights. He used to tell the story of that day which I remember from many years back. "The plane came up from six o'clock low, may have been gaining altitude for another frontal attack or something but all of a sudden I realized he was right there. I had him right in my sights and fired a long burst, black smoke came out and then he started diving down. The ball turret gunner watched him go down spewing fire and smoke. We were lucky, many planes and crew didn't come back he said. It was he!l." As I mentioned in the other thread Dad was on a depot, receiving base in England, I can't for the life of me remember where. A large number of the aircraft used in England arrived at this base. They were fitted out and flown to the various bases all over. Damaged planes that were flyable arrived for repairs and some that needed maintenance such as new engines were fixed up and returned to service. Dad got to co pilot many different airplanes delivering them to bases, his favorites were B17's P 47's and C47's. He hated B26's and did not care for B24's, "how's it fly? Like it looks! The Liberator flew like a dump truck compared to a B17 he would say. He also got to go on several photo reconnaissance missions in Photo versions of P38's and De Havilland Mosquitos. This is the part I think about : Dads brother and best friend went through he!l and saw a lot of terrible things. My Dad had the time of his life. Just the way it worked out I guess, Dads eyesight prevented him from being a pilot which is what he wanted so badly. Probably saved him.
  16. My 2018 Alfa does not have a dipstick. Selecting "CAR" on the infotainment will display oil level and tire pressure. It has the FCA 2.0 turbo, I don't know if other FCA cars like Jeep that use essentially the same motor have dipsticks ? It is also the only vehicle I have seen that measures oil temperature instead of coolant temperature.
  17. TomH

    Social media

    Here primarily. I signed up for a FB account in order to use Marketplace, been much better than Craigslist these days. I do find things on FB that can “ suck me in” like pictures of IH equipment but I ignore most of it and sorry…. all those friend requests go unanswered….
  18. Some type of narrow row planting and cultivating I believe. The owners manual and or parts book show the option for 44” rear duals. Tires listed , 6x44-7 and 8x44. Pretty rare setup today. These are shown available for H all the way through 450’s.
  19. Happy Birthday! Yeah we care......😉
  20. Fuel filter in good shape and a good amount of fuel out of the filter schrader valve?
  21. TomH

    Close call

    I have turn signals and 4 really bright randomly flashing yellow LED lights on the rear fenders of my 806. I've come up my road many times and get ready to turn into the drive and people just go right around me when I slow down. More often than not they are on the phone. Glad no one was hurt!
  22. My Wife has a 2008 MB E350 that we got it from friends in 2014. Anyway it has a Varta battery in it. Original OEM Mercedes battery manufacture date of Nov 2007. I'm sure its just a fluke that it has lasted this long. I usually get Interstate's except when I need one on Sunday and I get one from Walmart.
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