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  1. TomH

    Rear tires for the M

    According to Firestones website 14.9 F&R's are available.
  2. TomH

    What do you see?

    Only 5 bucks?... come on least 5.50.... I see both, the bird is more obvious to me.
  3. TomH

    Birthday boys

    Happy Birthday guys!
  4. TomH

    The Time Has Come!!

    Best of luck to you and hope all goes well!
  5. TomH


    Its just a good thing its way too far away. I don't think there is any way I would not be driving something home!
  6. TomH

    new to tractors

    It will be best to drain and refill all fluids once you have it home. The engine takes 6 quarts of oil, CNH low ash #30wt is best. The transmission holds about 7 gallons and you should use CNH Hy-Tran or at least an equivalent. The hydraulic reservoir is under the seat and is not connected to the transmission housing, it hold 3.5 gallons of Hy-Tran.
  7. TomH

    Work Boot Repair ...part 2

    I've worn Tingley rubbers for many years, great for mornings with heavy dew or just running out for a minute. Always wear your protection!
  8. TomH

    Best hay tractor?

    Nearly 30 years ago when I started a small square bale operation a Farmall 450 fit the bill just fine.
  9. TomH

    To replace my 1840 SS?

    Guess it would beat a shovel.....
  10. TomH

    Anyone south of Bloomsburg Pa?

    Pete: I'm in Gettysburg right between DC and Bloomsburg and have plenty of room for you. Let me know!
  11. TomH

    Charging battery on 656

    On my 806 with 2, 6 volt battery's. I use a 12 volt 2 amp charger/maintainer when I'm not using it, I put the positive clamp on the positive terminal on the left battery that goes to the starter and the negative clamp on a nice clean bolt on the transmission housing. The charger is thus connected across both batteries, haven't had any problems.
  12. TomH

    Replacing heat sensor in IH 350 Utility

    On the other side below the manifold there should be a engine block drain. You could flush from the temp gauge port, which might not be a bad idea anyway. But.....then there is the risk of the drain plug breaking off ....... feel free to ask why I'm adding that tid bit......
  13. TomH

    Gas tank dip stick

    Much fancier than mine! I have a 30" long piece of 3/4 dowel, dip it in the tank then hold next to tank to read level. Been working for years with no calibration needed on all my tractors!
  14. I was at a sale awhile back, had a nice Ford 7600. Was tempted!
  15. TomH

    farmall 340?

    Tractor data's info is a bit misleading between the gas and diesel ratings, with the diesel having a few more ponies. The 340 must definitely have been a "fill in" tractor as the 240 maxed out at 30.9hp and the 460 at about 50hp and they needed a 3 plow size ( as said in light soil). But I never really understood the idea of making it a "hybrid", using the C135 instead of the C175 which would have made it a solid 40+hp right in the middle between the 240 and 460. The C135 in the 404 has the smaller bell housing making the 404 the successor to the 240. Then again why not the C175 in the 504? Adding a few hundred rpm to say 2000 max load instead of 1750 would have made the 504 (gas) a gutsy tractor which in my opinion its anything but. I never have understood some of IH's moves.....