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  1. I remember salivating over those tools very well. They were expensive and that's why I did not buy very many. Dad had a 3/8's socket set which my Brother still carries on his boat.
  2. TomH

    Farmall M with Sheppard diesel

    The company still exists, and is close by to me. The conversion for a Farmall M is fairly rare but you will see one at a good show. The conversion increased fuel economy but reduced power often causing people to say that in one day's work you could turn your M into an H. Nonetheless it started Sheppard in to manufacturing their own tractors in 1949. The model SD 3 had about 1500 produced. Known today for power steering components.
  3. TomH

    450 rearend

    If it has a T/A then use HyTran, if not equipped with T/A then 80W90 should be fine.
  4. TomH

    Happy Birthday Hagan

    Happy Birthday!!
  5. TomH

    2001 Ford 7.3 Power stroke glow plugs

    Great news, I have known of several people who sounded just like Sonny said in the above post. One relay or cam sensor later and everything is back to normal. I keep a spare CPS and relay in the glove box. Whats worse is the shops out there that misdiagnose these simple issues and cost their customers hundreds of dollars throwing parts in.
  6. TomH

    2001 Ford 7.3 Power stroke glow plugs

    In this case , remember that there is no pump in a 7.3 PSD. Battery voltage applied will close the GP relay.
  7. TomH

    How We Gonna Do This?

    On our 22 footer I don't have a trolling motor, which would make a difference. but do have some electronics and lights. 150HP Evinrude (BRP) and one group 31 battery, plenty. Never an issue.
  8. TomH

    gas engine in pickup

    I see way too many late model Dodge/Ram trucks that are starting to rust, particularly in the wheel wells. Pa. and New York must use more salt on the roads than all others put together, or so it seems. I feel I'd have to get a really good deal on a Ram to consider buying one.
  9. TomH

    2001 Ford 7.3 Power stroke glow plugs

    As above, the WTS light is timed for approximate wait time based on outside temperature. It does not indicate whether or not the GP's are actually working. On 99-03 there are 2 relays and the GPR is to the back closest to the firewall.
  10. TomH

    We`re #1 in PA!!!!! Yee Haw!

    We owe it all to our Governor Tom " the tax man" Wolfe! Reelected too...... Diesel at the Sheetz ( MTO was named after the gas/convenience store near me is $3.49 per gallon, I live 12 miles from Maryland and run down there to fill my truck. $2.89 this last Saturday.
  11. TomH

    He got 9 to 23 months

    Probably on "paid administrative leave" ....... Sad.
  12. TomH

    The same thing happens every day

    What should I wear is much easier to answer than: "Do I look fat in this?"
  13. TomH

    Fire extinguisher "testing"

    The tamper seal or whatever you want to call it.
  14. TomH

    Fire extinguisher "testing"

    Watched it many times here at work. Inspection: tap gauge make sure its not stuck, remove hose if there is one and inspect valve assembly, weigh, turn upside down to make sure powder is not caked in the bottom, pin is intact, new seal and inspection label for current year and maybe some other things I cant remember. They actually do something! Every 6 years the contents must be emptied and replaced, tested etc. Halon types may have to be hydrostatically tested every 10 (?) years.
  15. TomH

    Favorite Bate for killing mice

    Tom Cat works for me. Wife is always worried the dogs will find a dead critter and get sick, they must disappear it seems. Rarely find any bodies except once..... she went in to the bathroom and there was a dead rat in the toilet! She saw less humor in that than I did!