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  1. Thats fun watching the stone boat pull, you find out right away how far you’re going to get.😊!
  2. The 12.4’s will be fine and the 13’s won’t be that bad. Both of my H’s have 12.4’s on the stock 9” wide rims and look perfectly ok. I’ve seen 14.9’ s on those narrow rims and they really look pinched but many still put them on anyway.
  3. All I know is that I know plenty of people that I would send $h!t smell texts to!
  4. Man, I am really sorry to hear that kind of news! Wishing you the best for a speedy recovery and prayers to you all. A colleague here at work just had the same diagnosis this week and I will add; his Dr's feel the prognosis is very good!
  5. Agree. Get yourself a gas manifold, there are plenty around. D21's are a hotter plug, D18Y is just a bit cooler. I use Autolite 3116 in My H's because I don't feel the Champions are as good as they were years ago and my closest auto parts store carries the Autolites and not the champions. What I'm thinking is a replacement gas manifold is going to fix the problem cool plugs or hotter plugs. Gas evaporates very quickly and as soon as things warm up in the manifold (Which is fast) the stuck heat riser is essentially causing a very poor fuel air mixture as the gas is turning to vapor way too fast and fouling the plugs. I would expect that the symptoms you have described are exacerbated by the higher compression/ fire crater piston set up.
  6. Honestly the way things are today all of a cars signals and high beams should be on their phone then they might be able to use them without taking their eye off the screen.....
  7. Never knew much about him or his wife or what they were about. When I saw on the news about his wife I wondered who they were and why it was on the news to begin with. Still don't know and still don’t care.
  8. Do the hot and cold settings of your manifold still work? For gas, the flapper thingy should be open or removed entirely. My 2 cents for now.
  9. TomH

    fast hitch

    But definitely in my area, like right on my place!
  10. I don't really mind a small tattoo and certainly adults can make there own decisions. Having said that I prefer women without, I think they are gods beautiful creatures and I don't want to draw all over them. Now My oldest Stepdaughter got several including one that covered half her arm, she was intending to get "sleeves". She NEVER asked what we thought! She knew we would not approve so she did it anyway. A few years ago she went to a job interview at a high end clothing store in Washington DC. No one she met that day had a visible tattoo, she now knows what to do to have one removed. Lesson learned. I know an awful lot of people male and female with tattoos and I can't really say I have a problem with them, there the same with or without. Its just not something young people should rush in to.
  11. Darn nice haul! They look to be in great shape, doesn't sound like anything really major to have them running around the farm. Does the F20 have matching tires? You will look long and hard to find a good set of connected bar tread in good shape!
  12. Go back to bed....Then whatever is going to happen today will still happen.
  13. TomH

    I`m too sensitive.

    I never see a reason to hit any animal. Sometimes it happens and you just cant avoid it, I once ran over a cat that darted right in front of me once. Happened directly in front of a house directly in front of the lady that owned it. She was pretty upset but understood that there was nothing I could do.
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