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  1. Most likely 38”. 36 only on 1939 and early ones at that.
  2. Whats the serial #? Might be earlier than a 44. Tall oil filter before # 122,xxx.
  3. This is essentially what you are looking for.
  4. My condolences Bill. Take care.
  5. Prayers are outbound right now!
  6. Thanks Gary! The cab forwards as well as thousands of other locomotives were built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia. On the right side under proprietors you see the name Wm.P Henszey. That is my Mothers great ( maybe great, great) uncle! Which is what got me interested in steam locomotives!
  7. While I don't post much here I really enjoy this thread! More a book than a thread..... Prayers sent for Sharon, hope she is doing better! As a bit of a steam locomotive fan and in my younger days had a nice size HO layout that included a cab forward. The answer to the coal question is actually easy: They burned oil! #6 bunker fuel to be exact. I wonder what the viscosity at low temperatures was....lol.
  8. https://www.seedrain.org Seed Rain n. 1. The deposition of seeds spread by bird, wind, humans, and animals, usually pertaining to non-native invasive seeds degrading natural ecosystems. 2. “Seed rain” describes the spread of vegetative or seed propagules crossing public and …
  9. I have a Graco LTS 15, looks smaller than the one pictured. It works great, I mainly use it to paint fence. We have 300 feet of 7 foot hight picket fence and 250 feet of 4 board fence. I have also used it on clapboard siding. It is a bit messy but it is a paint sprayer! When you put it away do not fail to store it with the blue stuff they give you with it to protect it.
  10. Yup it looks like Bedstraw, little stickies like velcro? Is it all over or in one area? Mow if you can before it flowers and makes seed. If 2 4 D isn't doing it then Roundup or Crossbow.
  11. It cost me $300.00 to have my local tire shop replace the tube on an 18.4x34 on my 806 . Called them in the morning and it was done when I got home from work. Was much easier on my back! Wife said they were there for about an hour.
  12. TomH

    584 questions

    The engine is the German D206, I don't find them too hard starting. The key to starting is the Stop/Start/Run lever needs to be adjusted properly. In the start position extra fuel is added for easier starting. The PTO uses a hydraulic clutch and will not coast excessively if in decent shape. I run a Bush Hog 3008 mower with my 684 and it shuts off pretty quickly, of course idling down before shutoff. D-155 D-179 D-206 D-239 D-246 D-268 D-310 D-358 DT-239 DT-358 DT-402 Fuel system & Turbochargers & Injectors..pdf (dropbox.com)
  13. TomH

    895 pto

    I have a 684 but the earlier series doesn't have the shuttle. I don't have a lot of experience with the 95's but you may have a priority flow divider or MCV issue. Under the clutch housing there is a heavy plate held in with lots of bolts. MCV valve. It has a plug to get pressure readings. Should see about 250 psi maybe 275. Shuttle back and forth and see what it does, pressure for forward and reverse should be the same. This gets oil from the 2.7 gpm that supplies steering and PTO and keeps the brakes from 'bleeding out'. If the shuttle forward/ reverse has a leak the oil will not supply the
  14. Dad used to say how everyone on his base knew something was up. The amount of equipment that was coming in was mind boggling, being on a depot/receiving base he saw a lot of it arriving. Huge amounts of new aircraft were arriving and soon they were all painting the invasion stripes on the wings. "That's when we really knew the invasion was coming soon" he said. First they painted P47's and P51"s and then scores of C47's and then just about every aircraft you can think of. He remembered seeing jeeps lined up under tree lined roads stretching for miles, tanks, 6x6 trucks virtually everything im
  15. I have 11L-16 on my 806 on 8 inch wide rims, they are flotation implement tires. Is the 10.00-16 a front tractor? That would be close to 35" in diameter and the 11L-16 about 31. The implement tire rolls over soft muddy fields without tearing up the ground better than a 3 or 4 rib front. An 11.00 -16 front tractor will be about 37" in diameter. In other words a 11L-16 may appear a bit smaller than a 10.00 and a lot smaller than 11.00 front tractor. A 12.5 x 16 implement is about 33 " in diameter and is recommended for a 10" wide rim.
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