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  1. I had a 1982 Escort and it was the single worst POS I have ever had. Absolute piece of junk! It had a 1.6 liter, 4 squirrel cage motor with an aluminum head on cast iron block. Used to go through head gaskets every 10K miles or so, think I replaced them 5 times. I don't think it would have red lined for 30 seconds......
  2. TomH

    Vermont plate?

    About all the pull old Bernie can manage.....🙃😵
  3. TomH


    I was looking at the sun yesterday about 5:30 to 6 pm, looked like a hazy white ball. Today was basically a sunny day except for a high haze that made it look like it was just slightly cloudy. I'm in Central Pa and that is the smoke from the fires!
  4. I did my wife's car quite awhile ago, used a kit from 3M. It is all wet sanding and polishing. After the first sanding you think you have ruined the lens! After each (4 steps) application it gets better and when I was finished they looked like new. After almost 3 years they still look good.
  5. Mine at work are the 20V 4 AH and compared to the older 18V they have more power and last close to 3 times longer between charges. With sporadic use it might be a month before one needs to be charged.
  6. TomH


    My Niece and her husband are in Yarmouth Me. He works for a landscaper and also attends to some homes in the same way you are describing. I believe he charges $250.00 per month and that is for 4 properties. All above board as a part time business. I don't think he does any snow plowing on his own as that is done by his employer or some other independent outfit.
  7. Look in the stems closest to the roots for squash vine borers, they will cause sudden and fast wilting of the plant. The stem will appear hollow and rotted out inside and you may find the larvae inside. My understanding is that one should not plant pumpkins or similar squash in the same spot each year, rotate with grain or another non host crop. This helps in minimizing insect populations.
  8. Possible it was crusted over resulting in a void from a partial unload. Tragic no matter what, grain can flow almost as if it were liquid. When I worked for a millwright company we had training on how to deal with grain bin accidents every 3 months or so.
  9. Flying to eternity. No more words needed.
  10. Welcome Frank! Great to have another Pa. member.
  11. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. Take a moment of silence starting at 8:46 am.
  12. RIP Mrs Peel. You and John Steed were a formidable pair!
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