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  1. We are sorry to hear about Chubs, the closest of friends.
  2. I sold an older 48" walk behind mower a few years ago. Guy comes in a older Dodge Caravan. ( Not a Del Grande incase anyone is wondering.....🙃) He has one of those platforms stuck in the receiver hitch . The mower is too big to really fit on it but he gets it up on with the handles just inside the van and bungees the lift gate down. The front caster wheels of the mower still on the pavement sort of car dolly style and drives off.....😵
  3. Got to be a Mahindra!
  4. Very sad indeed. I hear all to often that addiction has taken another life. My own Daughter suffered from it, I've seen the effects first hand and how a young innocent person is turned in to someone completely different. Prayers sent to all who suffer.
  5. TomH


    Wow, that is incredible!
  6. TomH

    Dog Containment

    Why is it that with the underground systems, if there is a break I find it takes quite a lot of searching to find the problem. But …..2 years ago my Wife bought 300 daffodil bulbs to plant around the dog kennel/yard perimeter. I found the wire in less than 10 minutes! 🤔
  7. TomH


    There was very little swearing in my house growing up. The worst I heard as a child was Dad when something went wrong was DAM! And that meant it was pretty bad because it was usually , "aw heck". However..... after I became a bit older say 18 and up I sometimes heard my Father say "aw Sh!t" and it was a revelation when I heard him use the "F" word over the phone to his brother! As I got older, I came to realize that my Father swore like many people, just not in front of kids. I rarely swear in normal conversation, my Wife says I just don't swear much at all unless I am using the word to make
  8. TomH

    Dog Containment

    Invisible fence (and others I assume) work really well with some dogs and not so great with others. of the 8 beagles currently free to roam the back yard ; 2 don't wear collars anymore and never go anywhere. One, will not go over the boundary until her battery has died and she knows exactly when that occurs. (!) Two others will be good unless they spot a rabbit, then its worth the jolt to run full throttle through the boundary.The remaining ones are fine as long as their batteries are ok but it takes them awhile to notice. The result being that I have installed some "sheep fence" 3 x 6, 4 x 6
  9. In my opinion no airplane thread is complete without mention of the B36.
  10. My youngest daughter 26, just arrived from NYC yesterday to visit for a few days. I always worry a little where city living will take them and how it will shape their views of the world. I must say, I felt good about things when I got home from work and got a big hug and saw her sweatshirt that said: "My strawberry jams, but my Glock don't"😃
  11. Here is some info for comparison of different boilers. All gasification boilers need properly seasoned wood to operate efficiently. https://www.pickhvac.com/outdoor-wood-furnace/best-brands/
  12. Happy Birthday Mark, hope all is well and the dog houses are warm!
  13. Actually its " Can't get theyah from heeah"
  14. Thoughts and prayers to you Tony. Quite a guy!
  15. My Brother over in Maine has that on his fridge. Probably something to do with his response when someone asks directions. You want to go where? Hmmmm nope , you can't get there from here.
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