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  1. From Messicks, if it helps. 5 BEARING- BALL BEARING 65mm ID x 120mm OD x 23mm W ST218A $121.14 3-7 business days 2 BULL PINION AND BRAKE SHAFT BALL BEARING;L-265 MODEL 5 BEARING- BALL BEARING 60mm ID x 110mm OD x 22mm W ST227B $91.23 3-7 business days 2 BULL PINION AND BRAKE SHAFT BALL BEARING;L-260 MODEL 6 357032R11 357032R11 Call Call 0 BULL PINION SHAFT BEA
  2. If it was Albany New York I'd had a shot at it! Looks like a lot of fun, that old equipment is really fun to watch work.
  3. Looks like someone got tired of the glow plug system. I would get that checked into just to make sure that the glow plugs are indeed not functional. Why is it "too much tractor"? It looks nice and straight and comes with a pussy cat!
  4. I have one like pictured above. I find that the hardest part is breaking the bead. Mounting the replacement tire is a breeze. I might get a manual bead breaker to go along with it.
  5. The one thread I always checked virtually every day. Hopefully we can have it back soon!
  6. Not in a utility as they don't have frame rails. Possibly in a Farmall 504 which does. I think and maybe someone else knows for sure that the clutch housing is the same for a Farmall 544 and 504.
  7. Is the transfer switch working properly? Is there voltage at the panel that the generator feeds when the generator is running and indicates that it has transferred?
  8. If it is a utility which I'm guessing it is, you are stuck with a D188. Possibly a D166 from a 340 might fit but would make for a reduction in power.
  9. I've seen some magneto tractors with just an on off key switch like this. IHS760 - IGNITION SWITCH KEY SWITCH OEM (steinertractor.com)
  10. Assuming HP will meet in Western Pa and Mark can leave the dog house, I'll be there.
  11. Sure he is just not blowing the whistle?😎
  12. TomH

    450 TA parts

    You might try Ed Leaman. RedRunRite is an attractive price but I don't have any experience with them. Mechanical TA, IH 300 330 340 350 400 450 460 504 544 560 656 660 666 686 - Redrunrite
  13. Yes it looks like the pump tag.
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