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  1. Sorry to hear that. My Wife called in to work on Saturday and said she was coming in a bit late as she had a sore throat and a stuffy nose. Which was gone in a few hours! She was told to get a Covid test and stay home until results were in and she should quarantine for 2 weeks!
  2. We have a couple sets from HD like that at work. No complaints.
  3. TomH


    PO 300 . Just means that something ,in this case a misfire is causing the engine speed to fluctuate.
  4. Wishing you a complete and speedy recovery!. Take care.
  5. It has split weights I'm gathering. Yes they should fit.
  6. TomH


    I guess it is possible that some nice guy replaced his coils then put the bad ones back in the box and returned them...🤢 Wouldn't be the first time. I replaced coils on my 03 525i and it was a straight forward job as I'm sure you know. Just have to make sure they are firmly pushed on to the plugs and the wiring harness's are secure. Bosch is the OEM coil. Has it thrown any codes? Like PO303, misfire #3. Switch with known good coils and see if the issue moves with it. Next if you know all coils and plugs are good but still a misfire, check the plug and see if it is wet and smells of gas.
  7. TomH

    Yard light

    It is possible that the photo eye went bad but they usually fail stuck on. The other is that the ballast died as HPS lights usually begin to cycle on and off when they reach end of life. You can remove the ballast and direct wire the socket and install one of these . Quite bright and a nice incandescent like color. I too prefer a warmer color , the daylight color gives me terrible eye strain although as a dusk to dawn it may not matter. This: https://www.amazon.com/Super-Bright-Light-Bulbs-Equivalent/dp/B07CGPB5ZP/ref=sr_1_16?dchild=1&keywords=35+watt+3000K+LED&qid=1605904029&s=h
  8. TomH


    It's possible you have a valve problem. Since the injectors are out perhaps a compression test and a cylinder leak down test might help determine if there is an internal problem. Might as well check, you don't want to put new injectors in and replace the manifold and find the knock is still there.
  9. The 584 is a great little tractor, What are the hours? I would agree with $7500.00 with hours under 4K. If hours under 2K than $8500+.
  10. Good job buying the land when you did and getting it paid off early in life, it will prove a wise investment! If in the future expenses get bigger and money becomes tight you will always have the land to produce income and I'm pretty sure it won't decrease in value!
  11. The frequency of posts generated in this thread are amazing!
  12. TomH

    That Smell

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.
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