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  1. I H 574 hydraulic problems

    As Weapon is indicating, You should run the tractor at 1600 rpm for 3 minutes then shut it off. The oil level should be in the crosshatch area. Cold it may be at or above the top mark.
  2. I H 574 hydraulic problems

    Keep the level at the top of the crosshatch area, an extra gallon on top of that won't hurt a thing.
  3. Farmall H comfort seats ?

    I think that the small shock underneath the seat and the large shock behind are all Monroe easy ride seats. Optional instead of the pipe and spring basic seat. The Joy Rider was an aftermarket seat made by Fleischer Schmid Company. Not very common around here , only seen a C with one once and some Allis Chalmers.
  4. RIP and God Bless Her Soul

    I have had the pleasure of meeting her. May she rest peacefully.
  5. Continuing Education

    Pete: There are both online and offline. Offline is a downloaded course that is something you can do anywhere anytime on a laptop or mobile device in private. You can study when you want. Online is a direct connection, the advantage is speed and the ability to use the institutions resources , like online library, class "handouts" and even chat with instructors. My Daughter has taken both and like's off line better but when the course is to be completed she wants online to answer questions and know better how she is doing. The connections are "secure" meaning its not out there for everyone to see, you are only communicating with the course provider.
  6. Is your dog helpful?

    Ever since the dishwasher broke the beagles have been great at taking up the slack. They do a great job, squeaky clean!
  7. fleetgard filter question

    Fuel filter, crosses to these #'s: CASE 359251-C1 CASE 674293-C1
  8. Craigslist

    Looks like a U-UD 9 maybe. ?
  9. Meet someone else ❗️ Luke

    Dudley is ready to play and hunt anytime!
  10. Proud of my girls

    Congratulations to the Girls! And you too Dad.
  11. Continuing Education

    X3, what are your interests? Is there a technical school or community college or something around your area that has hands on occupational programs? Around here you can find programs in diesel engine repair, HVAC, refrigeration and even carpentry. You can also find courses in tax accounting, management and probably basket weaving. There is a great need for people in the service industry.
  12. I miss.....

    We have had 2 days of 80* wow! It felt really good, took the 806 out for a drive around the property! Tomorrow ..... 45* and heavy rain, then in the 40's and 50's all next week.....sigh...