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  1. They are available in 3K. PAR36 LED 12W Landscape Bulb 80W Halogen Landscape Bulb Replacement,LED 12V AC/DC Light Bulbs 3000K Warm White,LED PAR36 12V Low Voltage Flood Light Water Resistant,Tractor Light,2 Pack - - Amazon.com
  2. I've seen grain carts, wagons, planters, balers you name it being hauled down US 15 near me at 65mph most likely on tires rated for 25mph. 🙄
  3. They look like the drawbar mounts for a C ,SC,200,230 etc.
  4. I understand that mixing orange with green is a no no. But I think NOAT is ok. After looking at the Fleetguard website, it would seem that NOAT would be ok. Alot to choose from these days. LT36237_Which Coolant is Right for You Flyer.pdf (cumminsfiltration.com)
  5. I'm pretty sure this is a Saginaw for reference.
  6. I have a Steiner hitch on my H and the 3 point lower arms are also 36" from center of ball to center of ball.
  7. TomH


    It looks a little hairy but might just be another day harvesting. There might not be much flat land wherever this is and its normal.
  8. What a nice thing to read today! Thank you 😊
  9. Happy Birthday everybody! 🎊🎊
  10. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone!🦃🦃
  11. I think its a group 65, or whatever the batteries are for my 2002 7.3 diesel truck works fine in my 684. 850 CCA. There is plenty of room in the battery compartment.
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