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  1. TomH

    Another what is it

    Cool! I found this: In 1908 Baldwinsville Academy graduate Harry Delyne Weed helped make Harry Houdini more famous than he already was, and the iconic escape artist returned the favor by putting the automobile tire chains Weed invented on the front pages of America’s newspapers. Harry D. Weed patented the Weed Chain Tire Grip in 1904 while working in Canastota at the Marvin & Casler Machine Shop, founded by his cousin, Henry Norton Marvin.
  2. TomH


    So nice to hear, 47 years and still plenty of 🥰
  3. I expect to have a bush hog mounted this weekend so I'll see how it goes. It was the first thing I thought about after I installed the rock shaft.
  4. I have it installed, just need to plumb in the hydraulics. It is a fairly heavy hitch. There are a few parts that need some attention like where the drawbar support bolts to. I had to modify the bolt holes as they were not offset enough to line up. The one thing that is obvious is that all the weight you lift will be supported by the axle housing brackets that the hitch is attached too.As you can see below in the first picture. The bottom hole had to be elongated 1/2" for the drawbar support to bolt up. Ready for hydraulic hook up.
  5. Nature at its best! Sandhiller that just what I was thinking!
  6. TomH

    Farmall H miss

    If you determined the miss on #3 by pulling the spark plug wire and you have replaced everything else then I would replace the wires with good copper core wires. Then you have eliminated virtually all possibilities. Don't use more modern "suppression" type wire as they have too much resistance for a magneto.
  7. I just purchased the one from Steiner's shown above.Its for H's,M's and number series without fast hitch. It seems pretty stout with the components weighing about 300lbs. Hoping to have it installed on an H pretty soon so I'll have an idea of how well it works. Its dual cylinders and appear's similar to the one Saginaw made.
  8. I'm full from just watching her! Whew.....
  9. TomH

    Thank you LORD!

    Please do, very dry. It absolutely poured the other day, about 2 miles north of me....... Lots of pop up thunder showers just not where I need them.
  10. The Nuess engines are wet sleeve with O rings.
  11. While it may destroy the fence or the charger , it will "look" for the first opportunity to arc to the ground rod (s). Hard to say how far it would go before it dissipates to ground.
  12. I got it as well, I have not purchased any jack stands . And won't at least for now. To the Harbor Freight Community: I'm writing to apologize. I often reach out to tell you about Harbor Freight's commitment to quality and all the investments we've made to deliver quality tools at the lowest prices. Your trust matters deeply to me and I'm proud of how far we've come. So when we have a product recall, it hurts. A few months ago, we recalled our Pittsburgh 3 ton and 6 ton steel jack stands (SKUs 56371, 61196 and 61197) due to a manufacturer's defect. We asked customers to return them and receive a gift card that could be used to purchase replacement jack stands. I felt terrible about that recall because you should never have a concern about the safety of any of our products. Today, I feel even worse. I'm disappointed and embarrassed because we've identified a welding defect in a small number of the Pittsburgh 3 ton steel jack stands (SKU 56373) that replaced the recalled jack stands. We're now adding these jack stands to our recall. Unfortunately, this defect wasn't discovered during the initial recall investigation. If you own these jack stands or any of the jack stands in our original recall, whether or not you have had an issue with them, please stop using them immediately and bring them back to your local Harbor Freight Store for a full cash refund or store credit (see details here). We have investigated all of our other Pittsburgh 3 ton steel jack stands (SKUs 56371, 56372 and 57308) as well as the Pittsburgh 6 ton steel jack stands (SKUs 56368, 56369 and 56370) and Pittsburgh 12 ton steel jack stands (SKUs 56374 and 56375) and did not find the defect. Although none of these other jack stands are being recalled, if you own any of them and have any concern whatsoever, please bring them back and we'll give you a full cash refund or store credit for those as well. I want to apologize to all of our customers. While we've dramatically grown our team of engineers and inspectors, and intensified our tests and inspections, I assure you that the lessons learned from this will drive further improvement. As the owner and founder of Harbor Freight, I want you to know that we stand behind every product we sell and that safety will always be our top priority. Sincerely, Eric Smidt Owner and Founder Harbor Freight Tools Harbor Freight Tools | 26541 Agoura Road | Calabasas, CA 91302 | 1-800-444-3353 | Unsubscribe
  13. Happy Birthday !!
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