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  1. TomH

    Happy Birhday,Hillskinefarms,Littlefeller

    Happy Birthday guys! Good luck to your son Jeff! Condolences to you Littlefeller on the loss of your dad.
  2. TomH

    Once Again, The Media Bashes Agriculture

  3. TomH

    Happy birthday ,JASS1660

    Happy Birthday young man!
  4. TomH


    We have a Kubota RTV 900 at my beagle club, has a dump bed. Gets used pretty hard all off road on 550 acres, it has had nothing major in several years.
  5. TomH

    Any old outboard motor experts?

    Funny, just got back from Maine and had this conversation with a fellow. As you said older than 1964 = 24:1 ( even with modern oil, source: Lyman Morse at Wayfarer boat yard Camden Me.) and after 50 :1 and yes they smoke like crazy! My early memories of outboards was lots of smoke and oil, had an Evinrude 100hp on a Boston Whaler . Always started up with a huge blue cloud! And the smoky exhaust bubbles too. You could check with these guys: Might get more info. And. Antique Outboard Motor Club P.O. Box 69 Sussex, WI 53089 262-367-6875
  6. TomH

    606 power steering

    Maybe this will help you in your search.
  7. TomH

    New orphan

    Like the paint job........! Was it on CL? Thought I remember one the other week with that seat.
  8. TomH


    Sorry to hear, obviously a good man.
  9. TomH

    7.3 High pressure oil pump

    And it is held in with a clip on connector , you need a 10MM wrench and a smallish screwdriver/pry bar to ease it out. You said in the first post you used either, I am assuming that it was still a no start.
  10. TomH

    Anyone else get errors lately when uploading photos

    Iphone? Try turning off iCloud sharing and uploading to library when trying to post pics.
  11. TomH

    7.3 High pressure oil pump

    First.... Check glow plug relay. That is the first thing to look at when a 7.3 won't start and you use either. ( Don't please....) The wait to start light will still activate normally as it is controlled by an atmospheric sensor and times out correctly even though glow plugs are not actually working. Relay should make a pronounced click when you turn the key on. Try this, Short one or both relays (99-03's have 2) for 30 seconds or so ( think D282 glow plug button!) See if starts. You can amp test glow plugs, should draw nearly 150 amps. (!) Check: Cam sensor as said IPR -Injector fuel pressure regulator and possibly your TPS, throttle position sensor. Although symptoms of TPS are; ok idle and little to no throttle response. HPOP is a very rare problem on a 7.3, never replaced one and ran trucks that were close to 400K miles. Try "everything" before settling on HPOP as issue!
  12. TomH

    What Swallow follow around Tractor Mowing ?

    We have lots of them and yes their acrobatics as they catch insects are amazing. You don't want to leave a tractor or other things in a barn with them in spring: they do a horrible job painting it white!
  13. TomH

    2018 Harvest in France

    Beautiful country! I remember seeing some scenes like that when visiting France. I drove from Dunkirk to Lille on to Amiens and back to Calais, loved it!
  14. TomH

    Here is a rare tractor, an International 606

    Tractor Data says 7,348 were built, so not really common but not really rare either. I had one for nearly 15 years, a diesel. It was a handy tractor and a nice step up from a 300U. Picture shows it at Hoober's lot after I sold it to buy a 684.