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  1. There is also manure tea for the garden......
  2. I've had Milo's before and it is good tea! Why don't you refill the jugs? You won't have to get up from your desk when you need to go...….
  3. TomH

    My Opinion

    I hear a lot of opinion's ….. most are...…..
  4. TomH

    New member

    Another welcome from Pa.! DID? I'd say: Identity Crisis! 😎
  5. Started my 48 H last week, the one I've been lazy about fixing the generator or converting to 12v so I hand crank it. Set choke, 2 cranks, put choke at 1/2, one easy pull up on crank handle and vroooom! This battery ignition stuff is way over rated...…..
  6. Between the internet and "real people", bidding went a bit higher on some things than I might have expected. The tractors though really were in good shape, very well restored and if not restored still nice and tight and ran well. Had I a some extra money laying around burning a hole in my pocket....... I would have liked the 300 and for $3250 with new tires and T/A done , beautiful paint and more it was well worth it. Ed and his crew do a great job!
  7. Haha..... yes! I should have bought something as she had my truck to go pick up some Ebay finds ...... Just got back, nice sale. I'll post some pictures later today.
  8. I just saw that on noontime news , whole lunch room erupted! Pieyawl…..
  9. I resisted but you just know some wise guy was going to say it...….
  10. TomH

    So sad to see

    Sad all right. I grew up in Chester County. When I go back and visit my Sister I find myself driving down what used to be 2 lane (barely) roads that have become widened with turning lanes and traffic lights where the stop signs were. New houses everywhere the farms used to be. In many cases the area has become completely unrecognizable from what I remember.
  11. Did some google translation. It has transmission issues. Can you tell us some symptoms? He asks if a 986 transmission is the same.
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