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  1. As does my 684, a warning light you can’t see in daylight and an alarm you can’t hear with the engine running.😔 They do seem to have more grunt than their hp rating would suggest. ‘If it’s a diesel, starting it with the “stop,start,run” lever in start it should fire right up. That position allows extra fuel to be injected, you will most likely get a bit of blue smoke but it should clear up as the engine warms.
  2. TomH

    Never Mind

    But you could get so many more answers!😂
  3. TomH

    Water Towers

    He said he saw them. But......just in case I googled.....they’re real! Labeling was put on in 1956. 😊
  4. I have a few of his books, can't begin to count how many times I've looked at "150 years of IH". I would have thought he was older than 80, like maybe 120... His books have been around a long time! RIP.
  5. TomH

    Roll Call

    According to Tractor Data you have one of about 9000 made. A product of IH's joint venture with Komatsu.
  6. TomH

    Shingles vs steel

    I have pole building metal roofing.....on my pole buildings. Agree on how it does not look great on the house especially around the dormer windows and in the valleys. I prefer architectural shingles or the standing seam metal roofing shown here. Looks better with two rows of snow stops. https://www.abmartin.net/metal-roofing-panels/abseam
  7. TomH

    Added another

    Nice find! I hope it unsticks easily, way too nice for parts.... Its a stage one SM so it would come with belly pump hydraulics, live came later on the stage two ( battery under seat ) models. The live pump from a stage two can be put on a stage one and the belly pump removed or used as a reservoir.( if it was installed originally, might have been factory delete.) It also may have been a magneto ignition and it was replaced with the Delco distributor and the live pump added then.
  8. I don't think I can answer your question as to Dietz VS Guide. I'm pretty sure the 460/560 used a sealed beam lamp installed in the teardrop shape housing. The "GE" or "W" indicates that the actual sealed beam lamp is a General Electric or a Westinghouse. My feeling is that Guide would have been more common.
  9. Hey Pete let you sit in front of his machine that blows cool air..... I agree, I did think Lima was better and maybe the 07 Bloomsburg but that was my first and it was still awesome.
  10. TomH

    RPRU how many?

    He understands the question perfectly...…. I've been to Bloomsburg for 2 roundups and showdown and to Lima with the above mentioned forum member.....
  11. Nothing beats that feeling for a parent to watch their kids grow up and become something wonderful! More kudos to you!
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