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  1. Yes it was brisk out this morning, all though we were warm compared to you Bill! +15 degrees here. Definitely pretty though!
  2. Beautiful pictures! Only been to the West coast once, drove on the Pacific coast highway. Being an East coaster all my life the main thing I remember was that the ocean was on the wrong side of the road.....🤭 Spent a lot of time on the water from the Chesapeake bay to mid coastal Maine. Been in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean and the English Channel. Have always thought there is nothing more beautiful than watching a sunset or sunrise over water.
  3. 16 x 6 rims with 245/75-16 light truck tires with a not very aggressive tread. ( not mudders) I have LT tires on my 684 as I'm across the lawn quite often and they don't tear up the ground nearly as much as a rib tractor front.
  4. TomH

    Son! I said...

    Like this??!! Or...…..
  5. An old Quincy hvac compressor used for pneumatic valve and damper actuator control that no one paid much attention to as it had an auto drain. Last month I found that the drain had not been working for some time. Drained over 25 gallons of water out of it!
  6. My Sister has a friend that has one, weighs about 80 Lbs. The only thing you really need is this....https://www.amazon.com/Manna-Pro-Potbellied-Pig-Food/dp/B002SLMW4Q It does live in the house but only in a few places like not in the living room. As said it is kind of like a dog a dog that digs and roots through sh!t, comes when called and I understand fairly house broken. Since its a pig it is very prone to over eating and can get enormous! Personally I would not have one, pigs are for pork...… Oh ; they can live 15 years or more......
  7. I wouldn’t turn it down! The paint scheme looks right to me. The white on the 06’s seems to be off white to the slightly gray side as opposed to cream.I think its 901 white.
  8. I've seen one or two of those, nice conversion and a nice job lengthening the hood!
  9. TomH

    Harmless Farmer

    One awesome dude!
  10. It woulda left a mark if it had indeed actually hit you! Or maybe just vaporized you on the spot...….
  11. Happy Birthday Tony! May you run on all 6 for years to come.....
  12. I think you will be pleased with the Primelights, seen them in action. They put out plenty of light. Its somewhat my personal preference but i find a lower color temperature like 4000k or even 3000 k if available is easier on the eyes. For me the “daylight” 5000k color is quite harsh especially with the clear type lamps. We use hundreds of LED’s at work and they have become much more reliable in the last few years.
  13. TomH

    Gotta vent

    Thats a sad story! Hope Jack pulls through and I really hope he can get away from her somehow and live a halfway normal life!
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