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  1. Back when I was renting a small farm from a friend so like 1987 or so. I came home from work to find a skunk on my back porch eating cat food and some past their prime apples I had left out. I told him to leave at once but he ignored me. That was the door that was open the front was locked, ended up getting into the basement. I went upstairs to a window right above and threw a few apples at him, that made him get off the porch. He went underneath the porch and stayed there. Ended up getting him in a live trap and just as said in other posts covered it with a blanket and put salmon dinner cat food in it and within a short time he was in. Had no problem relocating him down the road, carefully opened the trap and.... he wouldn't leave! Left him be for the night and the next afternoon I guess he gave up waiting for more salmon dinner and left.
  2. Most car manufacturers are going dip stickless. One of the more useless applications of technology. All it really does is cause consternation for the owner and the necessity to go to the dealer when an idiot light comes on saying there is an oil problem. I think it’s BMW that if you add even a little too much you get a “oil over full correct level “ warning ⚠️ . Nice….
  3. Basically it boils down to the “order”. There are Old order, New order, Beachy Amish and Amish Mennonites. Old and New generally follow traditional ways, no electricity or modern conveniences. Beachy and Amish Mennonites can be found driving cars and using modern farm equipment. There are also many “sub sects” among them as well. The Old Order is one of the fastest growing populations of Amish.They believe in large families as children are a gift from god. ( They are) However these Amish don’t use birth control which probably keeps the gifts coming! So there can be numerous reasons why one might see a toy or implements with steel, rubber or both and an engine or someone with a cell phone.
  4. TomH

    Lawn mower?

    Your budget is what will determine what you can get, I mean you can buy a zero turn for as much as a half decent compact car. Some of the bigger diesel Kubota's push over 30K! Hustler makes a flip up deck mower called a ....."Flip up" that starts around 6 to 7K. There might be some used ones out there for a decent price. Although who knows what a good price is these days.
  5. I think I would leave it as it is. It is "living" history.
  6. My better half has purchased two large pieces of exercise equipment , one tread mill and one elliptical thingy thing. Both were not cheap, both got hardly used and both were given away...🙄
  7. We have several LeCreuset that my Wife got for a wedding present, her first marriage in 1988. It seems to be indestructible. Two nice cast fry pans that have been around forever and kept pretty well and had a nice "sheen" on them until.....my daughter thought they were oily and hadn't been washed so she put them through the dishwasher on a heavy wash cycle. They were clean...... Worst thing that could have been done to them. Put them in a 200* oven with olive oil for 12 hrs then cool and repeat brought them back to at least close to where they were.
  8. Oh one other thing. Just curious.....what size circuit breaker is the compressor circuit? Should be 30 A.
  9. I have heard of adding additional capacitance in 3 phase, however in this case let’s get it wired up with proper sized wire first and see how it does. A disconnect switch may be required by code, in any case it provides protection. It is best to completely remove power when servicing or when away for a time. Is there a store nearby where you can get some #10 stranded wire? (THHN will work) You won’t need very much.
  10. You can use the circuit breaker temporarily. Then install a disconnect switch between the receptacle and the breaker. Sizing the wiring properly (10awg) is essential. The disconnect should be 30amp rated or if rated for HP be equal or greater than the motor HP.
  11. I have 12 X 10 A/C in mine, sliding door all the way open…..😎
  12. so how does the heater work, i presume if it gets too hot, distorts or causes something to spring away and lose contact like a set of points or something ? Yes, basically that is correct. Many starters use a small heater, usually a bimetal element that heats up as the current rises. Should the amperage get too high the elements bend and break the circuit to the contactor and the motor shuts down. I have found overloaded contactor/heater very warm to the touch under normal operation with larger motors. I've seen them burnt up but that was under a complete failure due to improper overload protection. They won't shut down if you drop a phase, however the amperage may rise sufficiently to cause the overload to trip anyway. There are relays available that will trip upon the loss of a phase for further protection.
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