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  1. TomH

    New to forum

    Welcome aboard! While sometimes hip waders are needed you won't find more knowledge anywhere else!!
  2. Well, Dr Vuong is a Bariatric surgeon ,one that deals with obesity such as lap band surgery etc. So I agree he is not an infectious disease specialist and not really qualified but he is for real. I also agree that his rant should be more G rated, I think if it were some may take it a bit more seriously. But for me the point is; is that this virus is spreading, there are approximately 960 new cases in Pa in less than 2 days and 6000+ in just a little over 3 weeks time . So to put that in perspective there were 5800 cases nationwide just two and a half weeks ago! So if there were 960 new car accidents in Pa in 2 days and it keeps increasing at that rate we must start to think something is wrong here. Yes ,no? Just sayin' no offense to any of you guys but I'm with MTO this ain't no BS and all of you that think it is need to wake up and realize that this is a serious problem . H1N1 total deaths in 15 months world wide approximately 570,000. Covid 19 deaths world wide in 2 months, 40,000. Lets not catch up. Not arguing , just saying.😌
  3. Definitely for keeping young loaded with testosterone boy's in line....😲😜
  4. TomH


    In Walmart the other day a guy came to the self checkout with a cart loaded with 1 gallon water jugs. Probably 20 or so. Women told him he could buy one only, he started getting in a snit. The women was very kind and patient with him but he finally lost it and told her he was buying all the jugs and she could go **&^ herself. Used the F bomb loud enough for the whole store to hear. At that point some more official looking people showed up and I guess got things sorted and he calmed down. Probably told him the state troopers were on their way, he left quietly with one gallon of water.
  5. Welcome to the forum! Nice find, good luck sorting it all out! It will be one useful machine. I tell you; if I walked in to a dealer (assuming CaseIH) and the parts guy said he never heard of a 574, I'd about turn around and walk out.
  6. Wait a couple more weeks, then they really start making a mess!
  7. TomH

    Great Grandma's H

    Right now let's not worry about wire color and polarity. To see if it can be started, again you want one battery cable from the battery you are going to use to the start button. One cable from the other post on the start button to the stud on the starter. One of the battery terminals needs to be connected with a battery cable to ground, using one of the bolts mounting the starter will be fine. Most likely the way it is now unless someone disconnected things or changed them. No other wires connected to the starter button or battery. At this juncture you can use positive or negative ground, the starter won't care. Once you are hooked up and are ready to try it, I would leave the start/stop push button pushed in (stop) and see what happens. If it spins over ok, pull switch and see if she will go. Good luck!
  8. Yesterday was a nice day so: I finished up servicing the Kubota lawn mower and sharpened 2 sets of blades. I'll be mowing at least 2 weeks earlier than usual. Pulled the fencing up around the vegetable garden and weed wacked all the overgrown stuff around it. Going to get my post hole digger attached and put in some more permanent fencing. Cleaned up the asparagus bed and ready to add a layer of mulch and... spread ( with shovel ) chicken poop all over the sweet corn bed. (just 15' x 40') Next in line; the valve inserts on my 684 have been leaking fluid for several months now and in one the valve core itself broke off so I can't add air and its getting pretty far down. Went all over the 806 and took off the battery tender and started it, unfortunately one battery has decided to head south and tested weak so I put the big charger on 40A for 15 minutes and she fired right up. What a great noise! Since the weather guesser is saying it will be cooler with showers Tuesday I brought a loader bucket of wood up for the furnace. Who would know guaranteeing could be so productive?😷😎 I could almost get used to this....if it just wasn't for this reason.
  9. TomH

    Great Grandma's H

    No, its a magneto. Generates its own power independently of the battery, you just want to power the starter. Hard to see in the picture, does it have a push button for the starter mounted on the vertical post? It should have a cable from the starter to one terminal and a cable to the battery on the other terminal along with another wire that connects to the lighting and charging system. Disconnect the lighting/charging wiring harness and then try the 12 volt battery, if the starter is good it will spin her over good and fast.
  10. I bought all of mine from their Ebay store, never thought the prices were out of line considering the high quality of the product. About the best you will find.
  11. I talked to my stepdaughter earlier today, ( in NYC) she is coping ok and as we know the less you read the internet or general media the better. She told me that she ordered a coffee this morning from the local place she normally goes to. She picked up her coffee and there was generous piece of danish in the bag, she called and said she didn't order the danish but would pay the extra. The coffee shop told her not to worry they just wanted to giver her a little extra today. on the house.
  12. TomH

    In search of

    Maybe this will help Tony. That is an old car tire size, converts to 175R-14 or 185/75-14. 14 inch wheels are a bit "antique " today but I'm sure a good dealer will have some and maybe some ok used ones. Courtesy of the Tire Rack. For example: The 1965 Ford Mustang's 6.95-14 would be replaced with a P185/75R14. Tire Size Overall Diameter Section Width Load Capacity 6.95-14 25.3" 7.0" 1230 lbs @ 32 psi P185/75R14 25.0" 7.2" 1290 lbs @ 35 psi
  13. I dunno why but C's and Super C's both have the prefix FC. Its like IH never gave it a thought... Hurry up and buy it! If you want to be talked out of it try posting on a putt putt forum....😎
  14. I bet this is how Bitty brings home another tractor, in pieces!
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