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  1. Your talking about the lift cylinder that raises the back of the plow I assume ? I never used a double acting cylinder on those only The IH single acting cylinders They drop fast
  2. The Case IH parts site is a train wreck anyway they only hit the high spots very poor , They could learn a thing or two from John Deere on how to make a online parts system work
  3. Drain oil , drop the brake cover remove roll pin out of Brake arm check for locating pin on left side under gasket also slide shaft out Replace O-ring reverse assembly order Any Case IH dealer will give you the correct O-ring might as well see how the brake arm pad looks maybe you can replace it too
  4. Never ran into that before as long as there's a little gap there 0.020 should be sufficient I suppose, if you need more you can insert a shim washer or grind a little off the bottom of axle tube to suit you
  5. Very early ones didn't have a starter Not sure about Gen and lights Starters could be added later
  6. Put more oil in it I always run those 5 gallon over
  7. Go to Napa they have the Doerr products
  8. The Clamp-on wheels were more prong to breakage when farmers started using the rim mount duals (junk in my books) Only time I seen problems
  9. Those wipers are almost worthless cleaning the window unless you replace the wiper blades yearly All I seen them do was chatter and streak the window In all my years of running those tractors doubt I ever used it 10 minutes in its lifetime , Figured they were just for looks
  10. Depends how tall the grass is and how fast your mowing , Sounds a little big for an old M too
  11. Does yours have red Number Display ?
  12. Pictures of them would be a great help to access the condition of them
  13. Gasser Huh? Maybe adding another fuel tank wouldn't hurt either
  14. I agree try air hammer , Can't say I've had much trouble getting them to pop loose myself
  15. Why not just install a tee fitting in the original location one for the light an the other for the gauge just like the combines have
  16. Just find wheat concaves for it , I have both sets for mine ,Large wire concaves won't work in wheat unless you don't mind dirty bin samples
  17. Go to Lowe's or some Mom & Pop hardware store those are pretty common plugs
  18. Continuously running low Hytran oil level is another a bad Omen
  19. Always thought they were the same as the PTO dust boot
  20. Those look standard to me , Nice looking Shop BTW
  21. Go to a Unverferth dealer they will fix you up
  22. Should have tried John Deere they use square course threaded bolts also and i bet a lot cheaper than that Jip joint fastenal
  23. These are some weights I got a couple months ago online and delivered for 850.00 total , Brian just like you did for me a few years ago
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