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  1. Apparently your talking labor also I did a 436 a yr ago for 5k Doesn't anyone overhaul their own stuff anymore ?
  2. Unless the engine is damaged or needs major parts that engine can easily be rebulit less than 10k and then you know what you got after its done not to mention better resale value and being original condition is worth a lot more , Nothing worse than having a jury rigged piesa junk trying to do a swap
  3. I always put the flat side out as long as the inside radius off the metal seal lip is flush with the spindle shoulder where the inner bearing seats
  4. Go the easy route get the original motor overhauled much cheaper no headache's
  5. On the older IH tractos without wet brakes or T/A I started using JD hygard so I can only keep one oil in bulk
  6. Doing modifications is all fine and dandy as long as there's an improvement in these cases I've never seen one work as well as the piston pump did
  7. Could also be the pin connecting the Swash plate to servo is slipping out
  8. First problem was going conversion pump , Everyone I know around here that did that had nothing but poor hydraulics and more problems than with the PFC pump I would never consider switching one over to the old style pumps
  9. They were decent Tractors , An 884 is around 80 hp past care means a lot as far as reliabilty wise if its rode hard and put away wet you'll pay dearly because parts are very hard to come by , I have a hydro 84 and take extremely good care of it shedded and serviced well
  10. A 1440 is basically a 1460 also more parts availible also
  11. What do you think happens when the bypass opens then ? yes unfiltered oil , that little seal is there more importantly to keep air from cavitating the pump in case trans oil gets to low ,The gasket also acts as a shim for the pump gear backlash
  12. Poor maintanance from not changing oil and filters regularly is part of the problem
  13. Dirty Oil? that's kind of an oxy moron lol if the oil is that dirty you've already defeated the purpose , That gasket is a must for the pump flange That would be the last thing I'd leave out
  14. I've always put them in toward the filter for years never had any issues since they fit very snug anyway the pressure o-ring on the pump flange was the biggest trouble maker in later models the used the pfc pumps
  15. That's the jumper tube that goes into the pump body I face the seal lip towards the filter side , There's an O ring in the pump housing
  16. Use the stationary drawbar for PTO work
  17. Its normal my 656 does the same thing
  18. I think John Deere runs that outfit now
  19. Pics would help if you have any . Like stated above tires dictate price usually , if it hasn't ran for afew yrs it will be a fixerupper as well
  20. Put an SRC engine in our 1460 afew years ago only ran two years and the cam shaft went bad on top of that the engine had some bad bolt holes with the threads almost gone I'll never buy another from that shoddy outfit
  21. Reman Engine from Springfield those engines don't last
  22. And what is it your working on exactly? Truck?
  23. My 700 plow has the IH single acting 8 inch stroke cylinder same one as the manual illustrates
  24. I've seen the double acting cylinders on them but they are slower than single acting
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