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  1. Those are fun city to get out yes fan , fan shroud lots of screws good luck
  2. My 81 yr 1086 was hydraulic brake on the pto , I'm thinking that changed with the PFC late 80 model tractors
  3. Makes sense I was no fan of the IH pto units I can't imagine how short lived they were in a 1486 when the 1086 I bought new tore out the clutches twice tub grinders and forage harvesters were death to them
  4. Every 14 I seen around here was dual speed
  5. We were starting to have Injector problems even on the later tractors Common rail type systems the fuel now is not keeping close tolerance parts lubricated enough We've been adding fuel treatments in our large diesel storage tanks for the last 4 yrs to help that so far I think its making a difference
  6. My Super M has had gear lube in it from day one never had a problem last time I had the deck off everything looked great , All I did was readjust the bevel gear back lash put new shift detent parts in it (which is why I took the deck off to begin with ) and cleaned the belly out and poured new 80'90 wt gear lube back in it BTW its a '52 yr model
  7. Go with another complete pump Make sure your fuel is good those are lubricated by fuel lubricity only
  8. Not sure what your getting at here ? Price is secondary really unless your pinching penny's. I go by quality oil and service intervals there's really nothing else to get excited about
  9. that looks pretty messed up hope you know what your getting into is it damaged ? hard to tell from the pic
  10. From what I've learned JD Hygard has three oil companies that blend their oils
  11. price is cheaper when I get bulk delivered oil and I have no complaints with it we usually do complete oil changes transmission/hydraulic on all our tractors every 2000 hr's or three years and sell the used oil to a local shop for heating purposes
  12. that's an unusual looking graph you'd think they could think up something simpler Case IH is always going to sugar coat their products just like any other manufacture would
  13. I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion , if it works in a JD and never causes issues I'll put it in smaller tractors that don't require name branded oil you know its gotta be good oil for powershift JD's additives are probably not suited for IH tractors with Hydrualic T/A's and brakes but on older tractors with mechanical Tranny's/Brakes I will use it
  14. I pay less for it than Hytran when I get it in Bulk , Hyguard gets a bad rap on here I've noticed lol
  15. That's being pretty picky I stopped using Hytran in my 656 years ago and went with Hygard JD since i already keep that in bulk for our JD's
  16. The servo's don't need to be removed to put the shaft in I never took them off after you remove the cover and disconnect the links on the swash plate support the shaft with the complete Hydro swash plate and piston block lifts out you gotta to make sure you don't lose the locating pin for the bottom plate and do not nick anything and keep it clean as possible
  17. If the weather cooperates I just do them on my concrete wash apron near my shop that way the loader tractor is unobstructed and things are easier to see in daylight
  18. Any quality aftermarket oil will work in a 656 nothing special just don't use it in tractors with Hydraulic T/A's and wet brakes
  19. I still use what Case IH sells never had any problems even cutting wheat
  20. I'm doing rotary mowing now with my 656 but only in the mornings
  21. Ahhhhh but today here is was 100 degrees that A/C sure would feel nice
  22. Don't have to check them just start stomping on each brake pedal that tells you real quick too
  23. Mine all made a loud popping noise lol I knew exactly what it was too Had one stripped splines in a mudhole once that's always fun took the big power to pull it to the edge of the field too , At least you can still lift the header and run other hydraulics like unloading the bin
  24. In theory that sounds good until your ready to fix it and find out you can't remove the pulley to take the pump off the housing
  25. You would think , but them engines are used in several different applications and the engines were mass produced , I don't know of any source connecting the tractor serial with the engine numbers
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