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  1. There's a problem with the seals that keep oil out of that compartment then It will eventually affect the T/A dry clutch and cause it to start slipping
  2. It vents thru the transmission dipstick
  3. How much transmission oil is in it ? make sure the transmission is vented properly
  4. That is a weep hole under the T/A compartment there should be no oil at all coming out if it unless you have a seal bad or overfull on Hydraulic fluid
  5. It has a spring loaded tightener right side on the Elevator it loosens the Chain so you can take it off the sprockets the leveling auger is simple to replace after both end bearings are removed
  6. None that I'm aware of When IH was taken over I'm sure any such records were lost or destroyed
  7. No hidden code not like a vehicle , its just a straight serial number to tell what year it was made looks like an early serial number too
  8. A pic of the type of seat you have would help
  9. Had a neigbor have that happen on a 1370 case years ago not only cracked the axle housing it cracked the rear trans case as well
  10. Fix your original gauge call it a day
  11. I put a lowen Chaffer in my 1460 afew yrs back got it from Abilene machine its worked fine
  12. you lost me upper housing fluid ?? its all the same fluid if you took all the plugs out it drains the complete transmission and rear frame there's no extra fluid to drain I guarantee any Hydraulic oil left in that cavatity is better than whats left in the belly of the rear frame even after you put new Hytran in it 2-3 gallon or more will always stay in the tractor unless is had a complete transmission rebulid
  13. Oil pan is different injector pump , No bell housing on a combine engine possible exhaust manifold and turbo too
  14. except for lots of parts swapping that in itself can be a pain in the butt
  15. What is it with everyone wanting to jury rigg a totally different engine into something they are working on ?
  16. During an ice storm years ago I ran chains thru the wheels for extra grip made the rims looks bad but got the job done
  17. Manual tells you what drain plugs to take out follow the instructions and you'll be fine no need to suck any thing out then
  18. Start checking for metal drain the final drive on that side did it crack the housing open like a walnut ? where did the oil leak out at ?
  19. Gotta try them on first lots of variables to think over
  20. I remember back when grand dad had a 715 gas combine it had around 45 gal fuel tank about 3 in the afternoon you'd better be heading to the fuel barrel
  21. Those were and still are poor planters almost stone age now, they are strictly for tilled soil very poor seed placement only good thing was the centralized hopper for seed
  22. We ran a 650 IH forage harvester for yrs doing our own silage then tub ground round bales using a farmhand 890 tub grinder Gave the 10 all she could handle sadly to say we found how weak the PTO's were in them We had a 4440 at that time also we used packing silage so we couldn't use it on the chopper but it did great tub grinding no problems
  23. Do you have a manual ? it will tell you how to set things
  24. I always removed the fan and the shroud makes things a whole lot easier to get too ,You'd soon find out what a pain in the rump it is having the fan shroud in the way of things
  25. If they are corn machines and I am assuming they are inspect auger flighting , sieves , belts , hoses things that wear and age 4000 hrs is high enough if the machines are bought thru a dealer you stand a better chance on have been thru the shop for obvious repairs perhaps hopefully all fluids would be changed also Good Luck
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