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  1. That's normal you can only turn it slightly in both directions
  2. I R & R'ed my 1460 engine afew years ago used a very large loader tractor with the boom attachment since its kind of a reach from the back end of the combine its a three man process I had plenty of help three up top one tool gopher down below the worst part is climbing up and down and finding good places to lay the parts I used a 4x8 sheet of thick plywood across the bin for miscelleous parts and used plywood to protect the radiator cores also I removed the water pump prior to removing the engine too just to get more clearance but coming out is alot easier than got back together as any mechanic knows too
  3. Good luck but all you'll find is rebuilt parts
  4. Years ago I helped a neighbor that had a 1466 and I had my 1086 we both had identical plows 5-16s plowing in the same field the 1466 would pull the plow a gear higher and had more lugging power I told him he should be pulling 6-16's with it
  5. Too much wear on the reactor plates and or drum making excessive gap before they engage FYI don't use the ceramic discs either use the fiber type and I use antiseize compound on the balls also when I did those things I very seldom have issues again
  6. The check valves on remotes were the first things I got rid of, They were nothing but trouble second thing i did away with all the large IH couplers and went with modern style ISO couplers and tips after that things worked like the should
  7. The ones I've seen are not suppose to be taken apart the tighten screw in the plate is staked pretty well to keep it from falling apart
  8. I have a nice OEM takeoff I'll never use
  9. The old data center tach's used the oil pressure switches for connection but the digital type tach's read hours and rpm's off the flywheel sensor there was no power feed thru the transducer on those I would check grounds and connectors first and also see if someone added something like a monitor CB or any other external device Not sure about that jumper wire your using also have you tried disconnecting that too ? Thats an unusual setup just to by -pass the solenoid Something I wouldn't recommend
  10. I never minded the cartridge filter at all on my tractors with the 282 D engine as for drain back that splitting hairs never worried about that at all The cartridge filter are lower priced and easy to change so I stayed with them
  11. I would try and get the real McCoy head bolt there is different torque specs depending on bolt Identification
  12. You'll lose some flow and motor functions when you change over to the old gear style pump and you'll basically be back to open center again The piston pumps were more trouble I agree I've had issues with broken shafts cracked slipper plates and broken compensator valves but I always stayed with the piston pump
  13. Make sure your Draft lever isn't slipping on the shaft and not turning it I've seen that happen
  14. Again Inferrior blades worn out or otherwise
  15. Blades don't break from speed unless there's rocks involved or you have inferrior blades to begin with optimal speed it 5-6 MPH
  16. That is the low coolant light by the yellow arrow if I'm not mistaken My 1086 would come on and off occasioanally also I changed out the sensor once and it didn't help it woul stll glow after that I'd smack the dash and it would go out figured it had some kind of ground problem after that I just kept an eye on the coolant level and ignored it
  17. Case IH even sells Reliance OH kits , just about all you can find anywhere you look for the older engines
  18. If all the linage moves and seems free I'd start doing pressure checks there is internal linkage inside also plus relief valves that can play tricks
  19. Figures our Domestic Equipment manufactures always had to go show some other backwards countries how to make things and then they turn around and snub their nose at us and start making it themselves thus competing with the US farmers Just like Ukraine, Brazil , Argentina to name afew big name Ag equipment companies supplied their farmers with high tech equipment plus our colleges were over there showing them how to raise better crops and improve yields all the time sticking it in the rears of the US farmers.I hope our companies here learn a valuable lesson
  20. Interesting I was gonna say it was made for tightening the bolts on muffler bearings
  21. Looks nice too bad its a gasser
  22. Pretty tight area doubt you can reach it when its that far together ,Only sure way is have the top of the range transmission off and watch it as you slide it together
  23. Three of our Deere's use quick hitches keeps the three point arms in place
  24. My !086 has that heavy three point set-up too its bull strong , beats the crap out of the floppy double jointed early style its also better than the Deere's hitches
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