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  1. Make sure the belt isn't slipping and that all pulley's look good
  2. I was never impressed with a 986's power seems they are only good for light work baling , planting, drilling things of that nature
  3. You may have to pull the top cover off and look for wear or anything broken those use a rotating cam style plate with grooves to move the shift forks around sometime the rails can get loose causing a bind also
  4. Yes the new couplers have a grease fitting to lube the splines
  5. Greaseable PTO bearing? the pto shaft bearing is internal and runs in hytran inside the gear case Do you mean greaseable shaft coupler maybe? I replaced mine with the new style hub that has a grease zerk
  6. Still gotta get it to the ground sounds kind of redundant using the auger
  7. Yes you will lose refrigerant but I never suck it back down after 50 psi or less you can easily screw them on and recharge it
  8. I don't have to count thou just put it on the pto at rated speed and get an accurate speed takes longer to get the tach out of the box than it does to check rpm
  9. Can't do it on mine without damaging the the side sheet
  10. Get a hand tach and see really simple to do
  11. Maybe you can do it on a sunstand pump but No-way on an eaton to remove it too close to the side sheet
  12. Its no fun , lots of sheet metal to remove plus all the steel lines and hoses make sure you change out the splined coupler on the drive end if it worn My 1460 uses an eaton hydrostat system
  13. I guess if it fits and works its golden Takes hydraulic oil to run which I'm sure you use in it
  14. Those tractors were made in Germany That hydraulic tube failure must have been exclusive to those models then any of the larger frame tractor made in the US didn't have those issues
  15. Yes its closed center, not sure why a pipe in the tranny would burst its internally protected from pressure spikes
  16. Its all boils down to general A/C Know how all systems a the same just a little different configurations
  17. Sounds electrical in nature quitting that sudden and not starting back up after more fuel I'd do a spark test sometimes coils go bad unexpectedly also
  18. Some of the issues with green stems soybeans are genetic's some are weather related Our regular season bean stems dry down normally and don't shatter like they did yrs ago , However double crop beans are a different story we've had to wait for a killing frost some years the get the plants dry
  19. Most threshing problems are because the crop conditions aren't right guys trying to cut when its too green or not mature I never get in a big toot cutting things that aren't right
  20. How in the world do you turn without damaging your baler running duals ? you must make very wide turns
  21. I worked on my granddad's 715 yrs ago and they are crude combines to say the least they hate weeds I remember one time we slugged it so bad we had to remove the feeder house the concave lever flew back against the back of the cab so hard it dented it I was so glad to see that thing leave the farm
  22. Check to make sure your linkage isn't bent
  23. I'd make sure every position has a rasp bar on it for improved threshing and balance
  24. There is an internal adjustment nut inside the clutch housing should be a cover you can remove on the clutch housing to see the adjustment nut
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