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  1. Thanks for the replies, as it happens I do have a French F235D which is your super c with a little German 4 cyl diesel. It wouldn't be heavy enough for the ridging job....no doubt would cultivate then ridge but not got time for 2passes. Would a 656 have the same clearance under it's belly as a 706?- 1 Rodger will have to be in the middle under the tractor.
  2. Hi, we have lost most of the chemicals we used on potatoes for weed control and now have decided to go back to one cultivation before the crop emerges to clean the ridges. We only plant 2 rows at a time so obviously only need a tractor big enough to cover two rows. On sloping land a rear mounted cultivator pulls a small tractor downhill and it is always a risk of disturbing the tubers. What do you think would be the best narrow front diesel tractor to fit front cultivators and mid mounted toolbar to? I'm sure we could find other jobs for the tractor but quite happy to find something for this job alone. The more maneuverable the better as we have some small awkward shaped fields and normally plant the whole field. Thanks. Richard.
  3. We need a tractor to pull a 30' rake , hoping to find something red from the 70s which will be more or less dedicated to that job. Only going to do 50-100 hrs a year. We use a Cat D6 for ripping and our next biggest tractor is on narrow wheels harvesting potatoes when we need to be raking so have nothing with enough power -I figure 160+hp Some sandy land and some wetter soil with a few slopes. We no-till some land and direct-drill some so would like to be not too heavy with plenty of rubber on the ground. Would you guys who know these tractors go for 2wd on duals? or even a 4166/86 be on wide tyres? There won't be anything much over here (London, England) so I will have to fetch it across the pond whatever I buy. Thanks, Richard.
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