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  1. As VTF said, I remove lower element which is always corroded and pull deposits to hole with coathanger and remove with long handled teaspoon. Vacuum doesnt work for me.
  2. Unless there is going to be a vote, I'm not interested in discussing it.
  3. I struggled to not make a dig on it being a blue oval! 😛
  4. I simply dont tolerate disrespectful behavior regardless of who it is aimed at. Nothing new.
  5. Who died and left you king? The young man just needs to get better acclimated with our forum.
  6. Antonio, it had used parts on it BEFORE you killed Bambi. Just go and enjoy the adventure. I tow more new vehicles in than older ones. Go!
  7. PMs IMO are for occasional private conversations. Many/most of us use PMs sparingly.
  8. Well, I realize it takes time to research back through past topics but until you get to know different members from reading their comments as to what they do/where/how long/with what equipment, whether or not they are whackos or not, this is how we ALL did it when becoming new members. No real shortcuts that I know of. So may I suggest some homework for you, do some reading of our past topics/history, so to speak, then many of your questions will be answered. We`ll still be here when you`re done. Enjoy. Lots of good stuff to read.
  9. Red lighting at the drag strip Snapping the slacked tow chain Stalling the engine Sliding off the snowy curve AA meetings and of course... the shotgun wedding...sigh.
  10. My advice would be to relax and enjoy the stories and opinions as there are MANY and new ones daily. Join in whenever you like. We`re always glad to have new members and opinions. Maybe lay off the new topics so frequently as it may distance some members from commentlng. Establish yourself in a positive manner using patience and respect to others. You`ll be fine if you simply tweak your posts/frequency a bit. It`s just common sense so enjoy the forum young man.
  11. I met CIHTECH at RPR. I enjoy AND am impressed with his helpful posts on this forum. Happy birthday AND thanks for all your help.
  12. Similar story. My Snap-On battery tester went missing 6 months ago. I questioned my young assistant numerous times and he insisted he last saw it in my CDG. I rooted through all the $hit and corruption in the van a few times to no avail. I thought and thought about just WHERE did it go. I even asked my dealer if I may have given it to him for repairs maybe. Nope. He offered to sell me another one though. 3 days ago I came up into the kitchen and there it layed on the island. I asked her "WTH DID THAT COME FROM?" She said it had been laying under the
  13. I`m sure many here have suffered similar obstacles in our less than perfect existences. I always find strength in Christ PLUS he gives me the ability to crawl (not jump anymore) out of bed each day to hit it another lick. Your, our, health is IMO the single biggest blessing we receive. If we can try again another day is all we REALLY need. Keep swinging J&C!
  14. Have brought numerous splitters home. Some good but pricey. Some not but cheap. One I have now I've had 15 yrs.
  15. That SOB launched one that ricocheted off the right fender of my trusty WD 45 and caught me in the kidney. Dented the fender AND my kidney! cough cough
  16. I hope this topic doesn`t go TOO political as I posted it to share the "legal" aspect of the shutdown of businesses.
  17. This guy makes Spendell look good
  18. And nothing better to lift downed stalks/anything and pulverize after picking corn. It`s like a big vacuum but it occasionally throws a 100 mph fastball/rock at you!
  19. MTO

    NLCS baseball

    Oh Mike! That made my day!
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