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    Has anyone heard about Dr. Richard Bartlett from Midland Texas? From what I read, he treats covid patients with this steroid inhaled with 100% success. Time will tell.
  2. MTO

    .22 Hornet?

    Am I gonna hafta pull it out AGAIN!?
  3. Oh DT, btw, met Sugarmaker today. Gave me a great abbreviated 2 hr tour. Thx for the tip.
  4. Myself, I think you did great! But PLEASE take those front fenders off of her!
  5. MTO

    Hay Pics

    Never heard of grazer
  6. MTO

    McCormick tractors

    Yeah, the Philly side
  7. MTO

    Thank you LORD!

    Who did the half a$$ed walk around on that truck?
  8. MTO

    Thank you LORD!

    Hokey smokes! Can't imagine how helpless you feel away from home. They're gonna be ok Jeff. Gonna be ok.
  9. I'm sure you will do whatever is needed for them OT. I'll say a prayer and have good thoughts for Seth's mourners. Sucks....
  10. MTO

    McCormick tractors

    Didn't answer my question. R U originally from Vermont?
  11. MTO

    Thank you LORD!

    After all these yrs of comments/posts/sexy girl pics, you STILL think......nevermind.
  12. MTO

    McCormick tractors

    So what is an early one?
  13. That thing made me shiver!
  14. MTO

    McCormick tractors

    Jockey said he bought from son after owner/father passed.
  15. MTO

    McCormick tractors

    Well, he bought a 05 CX85 with 1800 hrs from a jockey who got it in eye-oh-way. $31,500 delivered. Only marks on it are inside the loader bucket.
  16. The short edit between her finishing at the table and sitting in her car was a trip to the head to hurl. Just a little muscular thing she is tho.
  17. MTO

    Thank you LORD!

    I`ll send you some of ours tomorrow.
  18. MTO

    Thank you LORD!

    We`ve had a couple weeks of mid 90s and walking on my yard sounds like corn flakes....... with no milk.
  19. MTO

    Thank you LORD!

    After weeks and weeks of no rain, the heavens opened a bit here just now! I can HEAR the corn and pastures lapping it up. Never had to buy hay in June before. And tomorrow we`re to get a BUNCH more.
  20. As Sledge said, happy birthday gentelemen! You too AK.......
  21. MTO

    A few weeks work

    I'm sure you splained before but... What do you do with/for the frames?
  22. The boy had it all. The shuffle The Get Low The shoulder shake And the booty shudder! Cameraman was taken off course by the skin tights in the pink sweater.....but he recovered.
  23. MTO

    Wife's new rig.

    With the crew cab, you get an overhead king size bed for the dogs.
  24. I think it's great he will be in the hands of medical people that quickly and not found in his recliner. May God watch over this man
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