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  1. Your avitar states "pretty much building anything with wood" This falls into that category. I`m sure you will do him justice.
  2. MTO

    Dirty trick

    the key word there was "necessarily"...
  3. One night at Lernerville Speedway I spied a folded up c-note on the ground. Expecting it to be a prank, I simply stood on it for a bit. Felt no tugging and nobody seemed interested so I picked it up. Free night at the races with change to spare. Yeah I know I should have turned it in to the office. Right... "Will the person who lost a hundred dollar bill please come to the main gate" Stampede!!!! I saved many from personal injury that night!
  4. MTO

    Dirty trick

    It just hit me what you were insinuating there Sledge! I did NOT do this to him but still think it was interesting prank... he he he...
  5. Rumor has it OT is hauling his M to the show to ride around on then leaving it there. Watch for a guy in a leg brace starting/stopping an M in low gear with the kill switch wearing one of these for disguise...
  6. Thank you Mr. Bryan Rodger for informing us about George. Please feel welcome to come back to RPF anytime. No good rotten heartless freakin` cancer claims yet another. RIP George.
  7. Wonder if new guy can still kick/stretch AND kick like Sally O`Malley?
  8. MTO

    On my wishlist

    Didn`t ask if you liked/listened to it.
  9. MTO

    2019 hay

    Custom guys are running day and night here
  10. and in this old baby picture when he was REALLY a "New Guy", would you call the poop gold or yellow?
  11. MTO

    On my wishlist

    Toby sang a song about you OT...
  12. MTO

    New joke

    What`s the problem with that? Improvise/adapt/overcome! Something the Army should teach...
  13. MTO

    Dirty trick

    Customer is running for office during this primary. Someone placed an ad on C/L for free chickens/ducks/chicken coops and free junk cars all for the asking. They placed his cell phone number and said if no answer, keep calling back as coverage is sketchy. Told him to email C/L to get it removed. His phone has been ringing non-stop for 30 hrs. Surely C/L can find the culprit.... if he can reach them!
  14. The site does say what vehicles are prohibited also. Haven`t been called "sir" in a LONG time!
  15. MTO

    On my wishlist

    You bikers have more stones than I have. After being rear-ended by a Caprice at 50 mph in 1981, I lost mine. As I age, my wish list shrunk into a want list then into a need list. And it`s not very long... Bad lookin bike though Antonio! Would that be considered "Rad"?
  16. MTO

    Wheel Horse owners

    Ayup. A 250 just popped up today with the 4 cyl in it with 600 hrs. Anything with Renault on it scares me.
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