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  1. Local guy has a quick attach D100XR Case backhoe for sale. I`ve asked him if I can haul my 1840 skid steer to him to try it out. I realize this isn`t a 580 Case hoe but it may be handy. Anyone have/use one of these little hoes?
  2. MTO

    Love my new doctor

    Uh, Rick? Tila is the local petrologist... damn retired army guys...
  3. MTO

    New joke

    THIS JUST IN:Barack Obama was just spotted at a Subaru dealership trying to buy a Legacy.That is all..
  4. MTO

    Friends/students of yours, Runner?

    I read one time in one of them books hanging off the pew that there can`t be forgiveness without repentance...
  5. MTO

    Friends/students of yours, Runner?

    No sir, Leftists hate agitatees, PETA hates animal killers, and Hillaryists hate everything and everybody. Rewind and try again...=)
  6. MTO

    source for new shoes

    Typical retired army. Can`t wait. Want it now. Well maybe if you had thought about it 8 wks ago, you`d be fishing today. Duh!
  7. MTO

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    What a great bunch of lines accumulating on this topic!
  8. MTO

    Still harvesting like I did in the 50's

    Great shots! Amazing what good maintenance can do. What motor in the Chevy?
  9. MTO

    New joke

    aaah Lorenzo, just another example of the POTP.
  10. MTO

    My run at River Falls

    not your best video but great pull twood.
  11. MTO

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    Shoot! My box is on the ground as much as it`s on the post and my guy brings mail back the 1/4 mile driveway many times. BUT of course there is always a nice money card and pair of gloves left for him at Christmas too... as the saying goes, honey and vinegar... Good luck getting this resolved. Life is short people.
  12. MTO

    New joke

    So does RPF!
  13. MTO

    This made me smile!

    That`s good stuff right there. And the little one`s awe at that tractor.