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  1. Buried him in my pet cemetery I started when Dad and i built house in 1985. Gus/ mixed. Dixie/ beagle basset Pokie/mixed Buddy/mixed Clem/basset Gus/basset Lilly/golden retriever Ruby/ border collie Now Chubs/yorkie And 4 cats Petey Popeye Tiger Mick I'll be going to the shelter.... again. A dog is waiting just for me.
  2. And I didnt share my sympathies... I am sorry. It's my turn. Had to make the call on Chubs today. Been vomiting everything he ate including his meds. Kidney failure. This day has been brutal. Chubs went everywhere with me, even work. 9 lbs of commitment. This f-in SUCKS!
  3. MTO

    Guess the tractor

    Dont have the answer? Then why the.... nevermind.
  4. Oh so sad, yes Dale. She is at peace now and if an addict, better off. Had you found her, todays media would have deemed you the culprit. Saying a prayer for you both.
  5. And I`ll just bet you they are wearing golf spikes and the ropes are scotch taped.
  6. MTO

    My young assistant

    I`m no teacher/coach. I fix stuff... sometimes. Teachers/coaches get paid to teach whether student/player gets it or not. I am paying him WHILE he "learns" to lessen my load, which he has. I`m not whining, just saying. I got LOTS of time/$/frustration spent already and he can leave in a heartbeat. He just has no sense of urgency and that is frustrating. Tomorrow is another day. I`ll be here.
  7. MTO


    God is good all the time... https://indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-globally/man-saves-2-yr-old-falling-from-12th-floor-balcony-in-vietnam-7212091/
  8. And the parents who took them!
  9. MTO

    My young assistant

    He`s been back for many months now. Still favors that hand, still weak. Have given him options to do to improve strength but he ignores me. I am still the go-to guy when something tight needs broken loose.... sigh. And still trying to instill some sense of urgency in him to no avail. Kids today.......
  10. Nicely done! Lots of detail. But if a grader is needed a Super A with the midship blade would be MUCH more productive and cheaper.
  11. Ask the complainants if they park their cars in an attached garage.
  12. Spongebob is yellow which imo portrays Chinese. And Patrick is Irish. Oh I am just waking up here.
  13. And ,as I've said before, until someone steps to the plate to lead, this POS cancer is just going to metastasize
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