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  1. Used to tire of the black 2 car or black 3 car win weekly I see the equal equipment putting the test to the drivers I enjoy it still Not so much the millionaires who catch/throw some ball And yeah they drive in a circle.....today at 205 mph inches apart. So boring. Doubt anyone here could do so
  2. No,it's not the NASCAR of the past [wa wa wa] but these athletes are ,imo, more patriotic/faithful/talented and unselfish than any sportsmen. And they have 225 cars from the 60s 70s there. Super!
  3. MTO


    Bachin here for a week Just me and the animals Luv it Installed a wall mount tv in guest room today. While trying it out, came across the program on TBD Failarmy. This stuff is addictive!
  4. MTO


    Double, sorry
  5. Yep. No aerodynamics. Hard body lines u could see from a mile away. And each was very distinctive. Or you could drive a Sob. sniff
  6. There is something unique to old muscle. The smell of the interior/the vibration of the shifter/the deep lope of the engine/the irregular suck and blow at the tailpipe and anyone who was around then can tell u what make/model of a car by the slamming of the door blindfolded. Good times.
  7. Drove a Shelby and a Hellcat. They lack the warning signs old muscle gave, lean/sway/sag/squeal. The breaking point is much higher but unrecoverable. When the soft rubber breaks loose, it's too late and roads lack "safer walls" that save the pros from disaster The new muscle is FAR beyond most buyer's skills But they impress.
  8. I'll take the perks. Can keep the blue oval and payment book.
  9. We've got the time/knowledge/materials/technology and some "outside the box" thinkers here Then Finney can weld it ALL together and Sledge can forge the funky parts
  10. We could put our heads together and convert a recliner into a truck simulator complete with clutch/brake/throttle pedals in place of the leg rest, shifter, steering wheel, fan and get a video of driving down scenic roads for your tv DVD player. Complete it with a audio of a straight stacked diesel running thru the gears. Oh, and a gallon milk jug to sit on the floor beside u
  11. Understand. Please let us know how things are progressing. You are on many minds.
  12. MTO


    Those with no pot to pi$$ in do.
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