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  1. Got that but can you...☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○◙ ?
  2. That is your exact intention Tila! (see, I figgered out how to do the bold stuff too) Dad didn`t raise all stupid kids...
  3. And to follow up on Lorenzo`s post, if you`d see some of these boarding barns, it would make your heart break and your blood pressure explode. And don`t get me started on all the horse "experts", mostly the female ones.
  4. MTO

    Hey you welders

    Are the lead receptacles universal on most welders? Have found used welders with no leads and want to take a pair for testing welder.
  5. MTO

    Hey you welders

    Found a nice little Lincoln Tombstone AC/DC machine w/leads an hour away (near exSW) for $200. I was second caller......RATS!!!
  6. This 21 yr old thoroughbred I`ve had for 18 yrs will pull ANY hay mixture/blend out of the rack and $hit on it. I`ve known for decades about horses and protein. He simply won`t eat anything else, period. Along with my screwy dogs/cows/cats, I have a screwy horse. Plus the cows love it also.
  7. This isn`t the first time I`ve had to admit/confess to it either. I realized it after counting the empty gallon jugs under my desk. They say admitting the problem to everyone is the first step. I am hereby publicly admitting that I do, so step one is complete. Only 11 more to go.... sigh.
  8. I`ve been a "horse people" most of my 64 years. A few can give the "group" a bad name for sure. I see the bad checks coming from all walks of life. I think it`s a social problem rather than a horse owner issue. I gotten bad checks from dairy and beef farmers too. But back to the topic, small squares are rare here, especially good quality hay I insist, or rather my horse, insists on. Been buying my straight alfalfa in 3x3x6 bales. With no loader anymore, let me tell you about a PIA handling hay all winter.
  9. MTO


    I understand New Guy, I understand.
  10. MTO

    New joke

    Has to be cheaper than the $25 fifths (750ml) JD fetches
  11. If you`d kindly give me your address Tila, I`d gladly mail you a chunk of highly sought after PA bituminous. Will hafta be sizable so to allow room for me to include my return address for you to send a check for shipping costs AND value of the coal. May have to lick the stamp extra to gain adhesion...
  12. Eh, I`m thinking more of thieves/murderers/terrorists/druggies. I`ve taken off work to protest but didn`t get paid... sniff.
  13. MTO


    Sheeet, if I did everything I`ve done in my life by the book and without risk, I wouldn`t have built my own house/shop/barn, put up my own power poles and wired in the lights, crawled under a jacked up car, driven a car, rode a roller coaster, snuck over to "visit" the neighbor girl... I may as well BE dead! If I never took a risk, iId be my boring/lazy/know it all/never did anything neighbor. I even built my own roofs and drove shingles without a SAFETY LINE! Only life at stake was mine.
  14. I truly believe work is the single biggest deterrent to crime. When a person has a job/hobbies/duties/responsibilities, even if not wage earning tasks, it has SO many positive effects on the mind and body. I would be interested in how many criminals/terrorists have a job and/or responsibilities. Work, it does a body good.
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