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  1. MTO

    Restored IH's at county fair

    MAN! I could shave in the reflection of those! Thanks Josh!
  2. Yes it has been rumored BUT never proven... and that was hurtful... sniff.
  3. MTO

    So ya think you can run a bobcat?

    If you watch Redneck`s video, guy states Bobcat is COMPLETELY stock!
  4. IHC5488`s comment in the 49 years ago topic reminded me of this. In her 3rd year at Ohio State, our granddaughter, studying to be a dentist, was visiting. We were out on the deck one beautiful 70 degree summer evening and I had a CD of Bread playing over the outside speakers. She loved the music and stated she never heard of Bread. No surprise. As we gazed at the beautiful bright moon above she stated "I`ll bet it`s hot on the moon" "Why?" I asked her. Well, it HAS to be hot like the sun to be so bright , she said. Spent the rest of the evening splaining to our 4.0 gp average student about the sun/moon/planets. She kept replying "Really Pap?" Are you lying to me? gawd....
  5. MTO

    Walked out the ER tonight , lucky to be here

    I`m know bikes are fun/inexpensive transportation as I used to spend LOTS of time on top of them till I ended up under one after being hit by a Caprice. Glad to hear you survived this Dennis. Stay safe now!
  6. MTO

    Prayers for Iowa

    Mother Nature can be a b!tch...
  7. MTO

    Prayers for those lost in Branson

    Cannot imagine the fear they experienced in such weather. Never been fond of water myself. Guess I`m chicken. We will pray for the lost and their families. So sad.
  8. MTO

    Van Wert, Ohio plow day

    HE will need Advil?! I said, HE will need Advil?! Really! With his mugshot pasted all over the black line, doubt you`ll see him there...
  9. MTO

    Grandstand video of my run Saturday nigh

    Now THIS angle really shows how much Old Red reared up not noticeable as much in first video. I like!
  10. MTO

    Is this Hot Plug and MTO ?

    Sorry OT, these stork legs don`t do shorts.
  11. MTO

    Happy birthday ,Sledgehammer & Redflyer

    Sledge is 35?! I`d give one of my.... no, I`d give BOTH of mine to be 35 again! HBD boys!
  12. MTO

    So ya think you can run a bobcat?

    Now that took lots of practice! I have trouble keeping mine ON 4 wheels! Maybe I`ll snug my lap belt on, put my motorcycle helmet on and try some of that tonight!
  13. MTO

    Is this Hot Plug and MTO ?

    Lorenzo had to have taken these pics at his last shindig Otherwise, how does he know guy with belt is wearing shorts? Explain your way out of that Lorenzo.... hmmmm?