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  1. From July 2023 Progressive Dairy magazine... https://www.agproud.com/articles/57213-lets-get-proud-about-how-humble-we-are
  2. Never seen such a bug. Saw no wings but didn't look really close.
  3. Bless you Timbo for considering such an event even though I don`t know WHY you would want some of the riff raff from this forum at your house! Not being a lover of leaving home anymore, I would like to say thank you but it`s about 200 miles for me and if there will be no scantily clad dancing girls, I`m gonna have to say no. Sniff. But I do hope you can pull it off.
  4. I am sure glad you got on here and brought us up to date Rick. F-in cancer. We all have experienced someone we know and/or love battle this heartless disease or even ourselves. I know its always on my mind when I get a blood test/ xray/cat scan or mri done. The disease has taken too many of my family. But I know many who beat this f-in disease and what a glorious time that is! We don`t know how we will deal with it till it`s our turn to fight it. You do things your way Rick, as I know you will. I will have good thoughts for you and your family who are stepping up to keep things rolling during your journey. You are DEFINITELY in our thoughts OT. And hope soon to do battle with you again on our watered down forum. Sincerely, M T O signing out.......... over.
  5. Green stuff ok but old dryer stuff, I'd be concerned about plugging up the grill with chaff
  6. Cut the tips off the other 5 blades...
  7. Fitting quality work. Well done. Perfect gift she thought of. Better keep her Jeffrey.
  8. Are proud to call him Dad. Happy heavenly Father's Day Dad.
  9. Now you have a sense of what your mother endured with you...karma.
  10. And this guy warming a stool sporting wrap around mirrored shades...
  11. Not doubting your word. The problem is the operators, not the vehicles. Golf carts go fast also. My electric cart buzzes right along and can be dangerous. Gas ones even faster. Some attendees prefer NOT to spend $300 to rent a cart for 3 days as I did in Lima. Kinda like taking guns from citizens to stop killing. Remember the Romans? Just MAYBE a handful of security guards or off duty police cruising the grounds removing the derelict drivers would help, dunno. I`m much older than you, not handicapped, but covering such LARGE venues in a day, which is all I ever was able to stay, is not my idea of an enjoyable day. Hope the show is a success for you guys putting in the long hours for everyone`s enjoyment. Speaking of noisy annoying non-golf carts at a roundup, one of our esteemed RPF members haunted the Bloomsburg show for DAYS pulling a train of child filled barrels around in train form with a missing/backfiring stinking lean burning Cub Cadet with a blown out muffler. The poor kids along with everyone nearby the train were coughing/gagging and suffered burning eyes from that lean burning ill performing little red tractor!! Cough! Gag! Hack! Sniff sniff!.............nevermind.
  12. Sure would like to hear the logic behind this call. It ain't no led Zepplin concert.
  13. Gentlemen, and I use that term loosely, got a text that someone was speaking negatively of me. When I investigated, I wasn't surprised to find the poster of the topic was the infamous pto generator jockey Peta. [Pete] Chances are slim I'd commute to Grand Island to see this bearded mirror sunglasses specimen wearing short pants with shaved legs. One unfortunate meeting with him in Bloomsburg was plenty to upset my stomach. Been eating prilosec since. Hope you guys have a great show. First timers will be pleased. And safe travels to all, especially Brady Boy on 2 wheels. Looking forward to some reports and pictures. Rumor has it show will be having a couple mystery visitors so keep your wallets in your front pocket.
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