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  1. Yep. I`ll keep quiet
  2. Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
  3. Yep. A ball joint press can do it all! Have attempted to destroy it many times to no avail. One tough SOB!
  4. Hey! I don`t remember any pics of the new shop other than the slab with wood laying on it.
  5. Still awaiting my FB friend acceptance from Paul Kersey...
  6. The audacity! Needs kicked in the nuts!
  7. They're wired. Telecommunication company left stainless wire in the fields. Metal detector on custom harvester cant detect stainless as non magnetic. Only winners here will be the law firm of Dewey Screwem and Howe
  8. And you stay there and THINK about what you did! 😁
  9. Corn and alfalfa here is spectacular. Last year was brutal dry.
  10. Had his hands full with Philo Beddoe.
  11. Legislation may allow better access to technology and software to fix your own half mil $ piece of equipment.
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