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  1. MTO

    Testing my moxie

    Yep, the 3.1s start consuming coolant and you know what`s next. Done a few of them to say the least. Great engine otherwise.
  2. MTO

    Testing my moxie

    Good to see a younger man stepping up
  3. MTO

    2014 Ford Focus SE hatchback

    A ton of Focus cars come in to shop. Owners love them, easy to repair, cheap parts, fuel efficient. Lots of rattles- sway bar links/bushings, more than a few develop a vibration at idle which is always front [passenger side] motor mount collapsed, rear [again poorly designed] suspension component replacement is common. Good cheap transportation imo. I run an old Focus wagon daily which neighbors say they hear me [rattles] before they see me. Call it my F-50.
  4. MTO

    Testing my moxie

    Yes! And many if not most Dodge/Ram pickups come in with bad ball joints. And changing the cracked and or rusted off studs on the exhaust manifolds of the coil-over-strut Ford pickups. What brilliant designs! Like I said before, time for the young bucks to step up and take over. Right...
  5. MTO

    Testing my moxie

    The heavy equipment side is a whole different game imo Cattech. In my 20s, I couldn`t have cut doing what you do. My point is that I`ve changed hundreds of struts/coils and just about any year/make of cars/light trucks. Have changed 75 to 100 trannys in my life but these 2 vehicles which just limped in the shop at the same time threw me a "one-two" punch. There IS no engineering here, just a couple abortions. And who pays the price of the numbers game Indy, the car owners... and we dumb ba$tards who have chosen to lay under them. But when it takes nearly a day to change 2 struts and coils on a passenger vehicle, an engineer somewhere needs kicked in his cahonies.
  6. MTO

    Saturday fun day

    Ain`t nuthin wrong with ACs. I don`t live and breathe anything but oxygen. Occaisionally gas/coal/asbestos/brakleener fumes but mostly oxygen.
  7. MTO

    Birthday boys

    HBD Pete!
  8. MTO

    Testing my moxie

    If any of you have changed automatic tranny in an 06 Trailblazer or replaced rear struts and coils [no quickstruts available] on an 08 Taurus X, you understand. What miserable designs and moronic engineering! Where are all the young bucks that should be doing this work?
  9. MTO

    Old Willie still after it

  10. MTO

    Old Willie still after it

    Just hold er there Newt! What has Matt Beefy got to do with Willie/voting or country music? Talk about your hijacks... sigh.
  11. MTO

    Old Willie still after it

    and after a few, I became... comfortably numb.
  12. MTO

    Old Willie still after it

    Tipped a few longnecks to stuff like this. Another reason I`m as sweet as I am...
  13. MTO

    10/15 Birthday Boys

    What`s a DeLeon? HBD Arthur.
  14. MTO

    What do you know? Michigan wheel loader

    Mrs. Mader when she saw it...