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  1. With a couple drug rehabbers in my extended family, I personally know junkies. I don`t view them as criminals even though they break the law. This junk is nasty stuff and if you get some in you of your own free will or slipped some, it is a trip through he!!. It can be impossible for many, even with help, to quit for life. The overweight man/woman who can stop eating/ the cigarette smoker with heart disease/the husband addicted to porn/the obsessive gambler and the list is endless. The few people that have NO addictions are blessed. I have many. They threaten my life but not yours. Yes, junkies steal and will kill. Many addictions force people outside normalcy. I don`t want to see junkies killed/dropped into the desert or imprisoned for long times. I want to see the growers/sellers and those who push this crap the ones who are afraid for their lives!!! They aren`t. At all. They laugh at us. Go after them with a cold cruel vengeance second to none. And the lawyers who defend the big boys? Scum. Just plain scum.
  2. Nobody LIKES to attend a funeral or a viewing. Many have more excuses than IH built tractors not to attend but to me, it is a simple , maybe difficult, show of respect and sympathy. Yes, it is for the family, not the deceased. Even if the body is thrown into a furnace and burnt to a crisp (cremated), a show of friends/family is VERY important to most of the family. No, it isn`t fun or convenient to mourners but it isn`t about the mourners. It`s an old tradition and everyone wants to break traditions that don`t suit THEM. I close up shop/reschedule appointments and clean up and go. Yes, it screws up my day but again, it`s not about me. But I will say, I am ashamed if I don`t make the effort. That`s just me and everyone does things their own way nowadays regardless.
  3. Now these arrangements are very important imo. But I will say when Dad died in 90, he had a plot and no stone. Helping Mom go through all the stuff we went through kept us busy, made us feel useful, gave us pride in doing something for Dad... the last time. Taking care of arrangements kept me sane/busy and made me proud.
  4. Looks like the search is on for an oring buddy!
  5. I mean I can`t see just an oring sitting under gasket only. I`d think there would be a O/D grooved oring that you`d install into the gasket itself. Rotten Japs!
  6. Shoot! I`d have kept THAT thing hidden at home, big enough for me!
  7. Is the head recessed as the block is? Is the head gasket hole smaller than the recess diameter?
  8. Beautiful! I`d try to see if he doesn`t notice that you didn`t bring the loader back!
  9. MTO

    Metal treatments

    Well, I eat an apple a day even though I don`t know FOR SURE whether it keeps the doctor away...
  10. MTO

    Movin' hay

    Louis Armstrong sang it best, "Hello Dolly"! Don`t think those last 5 are gonna fit on the trailer! Nice pics.
  11. In a perfect world, one that none of us have seen or ever will, the POTUS could simply log onto RPF and get all the US problems fixed. My "Build the wall" comment was simply in jest. Gotcha!
  12. MTO

    Metal treatments

    Pro_Tec guy changed races and oil container each test so as not to have previous oil on races or in oil container. I do remember that.
  13. MTO

    Metal treatments

    That`s a Lucas demo.
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