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  1. MTO

    A few wedding pictures

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL farm/tractors AND bride!
  2. MTO

    Grandpa's warrior princess....

    Now that`s just good stuff right there Pap.
  3. This Gary Sinese is a class act in my opinion. Taking these family members of fallen soldiers on a 5 day all expenses paid trip to Disney World... Say what you want about actors but like any profession, there are good people in any one of them. 15 American airline planes just filled with family members who lost a soldier. A tip of my cap to the Gary Sinese Foundation. Well done sir.
  4. MTO

    Anybody ever seen....

    may as well dual up the 140 too or it will be jealous...the cubs can take it!
  5. MTO

    New joke

    In days of old when knights were bold and rubbers weren`t invented, they wrapped their socks around their c***s and babies were prevented.
  6. MTO

    gas engine in pickup

    Missy won`t let you drive her red
  7. MTO

    New joke

    Just updated my picture on Farmers
  8. And PA has just added another $.08/gal!
  9. MTO

    Another good oldie came on today

    Didn`t we all at one time...
  10. MTO

    New joke

    had to google plethora...Good one AMSA.
  11. MTO

    He got 9 to 23 months

    Local police CHIEF was found guilty of soliciting sex with a 14 yr old girl and got 9 to 23 months?!!! WTH?! His mommy stated she will be glad to get him back home soon as she loves him. About brought my lunch up when I read this. Oh! And he`s eligible for parole in a year...... can`t believe it.
  12. MTO

    The same thing happens every day

    What I envisioned...
  13. MTO

    New joke

    accidentally my butt...