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  1. And the second fuzz car was following him across! Turn down the radio and listen boys!!
  2. Is it just me or does anyone else see a pattern of killing in this member`s posts?
  3. MTO


    Stories like this are heartbreaking and occur ENTIRELY too often!
  4. Where is Batman, Superman, Hector from the series Longmire or Elisjsha Dicken when we need them?!
  5. Attaboy Jeffrey! Makes a guy forget all the troubles in the world. Briefly anyhow A handsome pair, they are. Had our first great grandchild 5 months ago. A well needed boost in our lives. I call her Gizmo.
  6. And I would have done so!
  7. Just an itty bitty older Timbo! HBD!
  8. Happy Birthday to all you gents celebrating today. You too Dale, Guy and Jeffrey!
  9. Well happy birthday to good `ole Dale! Someday hopefully soon, for your sake, we can chat privately and I can tell you the WHOLE story about......nevermind.
  10. I have TWO of these vintage vacuum pumps in the shed. Welcome to both buddy. That`s just the kinda guy I am......sigh
  11. When mountain climbers get stranded/injured causing rescuers to risk their lives, they are taking calculated risk. No different when you build/buy in remote areas. Then rescuers have to risk themselves over the homeowners willingness to take the risk.
  12. This guy says disconnect battery for long term parking because... Hartzer said there is some evidence the electrical current in wires creates a small vibration, “which could mimic an insect caught in a plant.”
  13. Columbia City, Indiana Local adult toy dealership just started selling these. Never heard of them. Guess they are to be a lesser expensive "farm" utv.
  14. MTO

    300 BPA

    Watched a free documentary on RFD TV about farmer in Iowa. He plants 2100 acres in corn and beans. One man operation other than a grain cart driver during harvest Claimed his dad reaped 30 bpa [old school techniques] but now he reaps 300 bpa! 150 bpa is average around here. 300 bpa, really?
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