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  1. MTO


    Relax boys. I'm fine. Just dealing with $hit like we all have to do. I have spoken with Tila and ot on the phone. I can say their voices are different but it could have been dubbing. 🤔 Thx 4 the concerns. Carry on!
  2. Left, Dad. Top right Uncle Bob. Bottom right Uncle Gordon. My thanks today and EVERY day to our brave veterans.
  3. MTO


    Dont remember first time I did it... Dont remember last time I did it... But I've done it... Many do it... Many dont do it... Have read not to do it... Have read TO do it... I'll may do it again... May never do it again... You?
  4. Great video Art! Thank you! Bless these young people!
  5. MTO


    hafta unlace my boots first...
  6. I`m an official gabber now! WD45.
  7. MTO


    Yep just joined. Thanks for the tip. WD45 on Gab!
  8. He said it`s a mule.
  9. Happy birthday gents! You too Mike...
  10. Customer took this fella the other day. Nice rack!
  11. Check out Jasper engine website. Many competent shops around. And yea, they'll do used installs
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