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  1. After washing my 70 SS 396 Chevelle Friday evening, I wiped my hoops with mom's Pledge. Then went racin'... Never went for coffee so no help here
  2. I was 21 when I got accepted into the IUOE Joint apprenticeship and training program. First class was CPR. I thought a waste of 3 days as I wanted to run the iron ponies. A year later my 43 yr old sister in law had a heart attack. No pulse or respiration Her hubby called me in panic. I did chest compressions and inflated her for 14 minutes till paramedics arrived. They took her over with equipment and I collapsed. They gave me oxygen after transporting her. I was COMPLETELY spent.
  3. Kiwi wins the no expenses paid trip BACK to the US city of his choice for his correct guess! The nametags should have been the giveaway courtesy of 2+2 guy!. They are worth an undetermined value and increase yearly! Taking bids on mine. PM your bid to MTO. Cash before shipping. Some unscrupulous people on here... Eh?
  4. Who can put names to this picture and when taken?
  5. MTO

    SC Governor

  6. You have HER trained?! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. MTO

    SC Governor

    Yourself, Jass and VTF are all hurtful towards your mentor..... sigh.
  8. Miles And miles of tile here still carrying water away.
  9. Bet them kids love tractor day. Thx for the vid!
  10. MTO

    Soft language

    He wasn't nearly as filthy as Kinnison and Clay.
  11. Funny ain't it. Them checks are long spent and here we still sit at square one.
  12. Now I gotta Google again......sigh. . .
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