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  1. Bought a 1973 140 with a broken bellhousing/tunnel. I have it off and looking for a used one and tractor yards can`t tell me what models would interchange. They say bring some wrenches and take one off and if it ain`t right, bring it back. Everybody says a SA/100/130 etc SHOULD be the same.
  2. Man! Wished I had known this 40 yrs ago! Especially on the ones without the recess in the casting to access the edge!
  3. Read on another forum about mig welding on an installed race and it will then fall out. Doesn`t make sense but then again, neither do I...
  4. MTO

    Coffee shop

    mine does the same on my pc and my phone but MORE frequently on phone.
  5. Tony, I am one of many who have never met you but have great respect for you. We have had and hope to continue having a great bunch of members on this forum. This country is enduring great changes affecting us all. During the calm times, such forums, which consist of citizens of all walks of life, experienced tranquility. That calm has been disturbed by none of us. We tend to express our emotions on such places as this. It gets heated. Simply whip the lawbreakers but not the entire forum. I have endured much worse than this as have us all. It is dividing a great group. Unfortunate but truthful. My bills will be paid with or without Red Power. That is my quest. Imo, the time out has been destructive to us all. My dad guided me, but didn't make me feel unworthy or like a child. And with that, allow me to say gnite.
  6. MTO

    Coffee shop

    Hmm my/our use in life. Now THERE'S a topic to re-open Coffee Shop with! Better write that down....where did my pen go..........
  7. Only been to 2 roundups. When I met forum members, we didn`t sit and discuss engines, we had fun. We didn`t discuss oil or paint or tire brands, we had fun. We didn`t rebuild any engines or control valves, we had fun. We drank a beer, went out to eat and watched the perty girls walk by. We had fun. Kinda like coffee shop, we have/had fun. If you see a post from me, it`ll either be a joke/ask for prayer/marital problems or sarcasm towards another member THAT I KNOW! I have nothing to offer in General IH. No tractor mechanic for sure and don`t want to be. If I see something I don`t like, I don`t read it. Yeah, the good old days are gone but I still try to have a little fun. And if I`m one of the disturbers, don`t hold your breath waiting for an apology. Me is me and I`m OK with that.
  8. this forum is for technical talk/questions, not pictures. ask a question or remove it.
  9. Assuming that is the pole you installed with a red tractor?
  10. MTO

    My SA

    TP...terlet paper... Dont we have a TP here on RP? Bettin he has the answer.
  11. MTO

    My SA

    Thank you ALL for the input. My friend stopped by and helped me work on the mower deck last night. A carpenter's hands are better than no help eh? He told me some anonymous person paid for 6 weeks rental of the van he is taking his daughter to Philly in for brain cancer treatments! Hallelujah! We both got weepy AND got the mower deck aligned and drive belt replaced. Weeds, here we come!
  12. Have had various boosters from different sources. Then I learned I could replace battery available anywhere. Interstate/battery warehouse/napa All of mine used same battery. $70ish. Duh!
  13. MTO

    My SA

    no tunes on it....sigh
  14. MTO

    My SA

    That`s about what I`m working with here.dunno if I can bring her back from the dead or if I even want to.
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