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  1. MTO

    Another what is it

    It was CERTAINLY Tommy Chong`s! Of course he IS canadian so.......
  2. MTO

    After breaking 3

    shackles/clevises with my WD45, I Got tired of it and solved the problem.
  3. MTO

    Another what is it

    It is 48 pounds. It is marked WEED, H-19, Pat 12-12-22 Dated 3-29-27. It is 14 inches long, 12 inches high and 7 inches wide.
  4. MTO

    Lowering the bar

    Don`t worry Dale. He`s lurking in the shadows... trust me. If you listen hard, you`ll hear him licking syrup out of his beard..... slUrp!
  5. AK`s neck of the woods. https://explore.org/livecams/brown-bears/brown-bear-salmon-cam-brooks-falls
  6. Shortys. https://www.gunsandammo.com/editorial/federal-shorty-12gauge-ammo-evalu
  7. Don't see any allis driver BUT she would have little competition..
  8. MTO

    Lowering the bar

    My mind never stops..... ..
  9. MTO

    Lowering the bar

    SO, an inch or 2 lower would help, eh? And iffin you're gonna get stuck at 24", you're gonna get stuck at 22". Everyone always complaining at the cost of weights anyhow.
  10. MTO

    Lowering the bar

    But but but [see what hangin' with a tree violator does to you] hez pulling a batwing hog. The hog is draggin on the ground.
  11. MTO

    .22 Hornet?

    Duz Justin allow you to have any ammo 4 it?
  12. Now, let me introduce all our non-Pennsylvanians to the before and after pics of the man/woman [I prefer he/she/it] PA dept of health director. Maybe THIS will help splain our poor guvna's disarrayed logic. Ladies...I mean gentlemen, please allow me to introduce Rachael Levine. I feel SO much better with he/she/it guiding our guvna/commonwealth... sigh
  13. MTO

    Lowering the bar

    ky966boy`s topic about light front end made me think. Dunno what determines drawbar heights on tractors but sure there is a formula. But wouldn`t dropping the bar help keep weight on front? But maybe too low will lessen angle/weight on rears and decrease traction. Rick?
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