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  1. MTO


    Attack it just like you guys did Feb 1991 at 73 Easting, Rick.
  2. I think of this young man and his family daily. We sometimes don't realize how lucky/blessed we are Keep swinging Zach. Keep swinging hard.
  3. MTO


    Anyone heard from him? Grapevine said he was ill. Prayers or good thoughts needed here? I'll throw some out there either way.
  4. Am glad Zach is a member of this RP community as his participation has allowed Emily a venue to share but more importantly see that there are others out there that, have never met Zach, can offer support and sympathies.
  5. And throwing the negatives away... This little buttercup came into my life 2 months ago. Just the boost I needed. May I introduce Miss Vivi. (I call her Gizmo which ****** off my gdaughter and stepdaughter) But I couldn't care less. My first great grandchild. Unexpectedly conceived into a volatile household. My quest is to diffuse the dysfunctional parents and gmother and get the mother and child safely residing in this house. I'm up for it. We'll see if the competition is. What a beautiful child!!!
  6. I am just overwhelmed reading this topic. We all are certainly blessed. The human body can certainly throw us curveballs. Like to send a good thought for this young man and his family.
  7. MTO


    I`m sure there are. I`ll weed them out. more hurtfulness.... sniff.
  8. MTO


    Be still my heart!!! better call him as I can`t read his welding glove texts My classic CDG is still in line for it`s resto. Cruising the high school now in my $300 Cobalt.
  9. MTO


    Turned those duties over to VTF but I`ll assume he dropped the ball... again. Was never trained in the FIRST place! eh? He quit a year ago. Said it was too stressful. 3 yrs of training down the $hitter. already with the hurtful?!! like a couple of 9 year olds I guess. Not surprised. I hate you.....
  10. MTO


    I hate him too
  11. MTO

    The Dog Thread

    Too much New Year celebration for Keaton...
  12. MTO


    So then FFeU and Bill don't love me?......sigh.
  13. MTO


  14. MTO


    So, what's with the little blue heart? Where did the other reaction choices go?
  15. MTO


    Eh, I was angry, then angrier, then stubborn, then more stubborn, then determined, then by the time I got somewhat settled, forgot my password!! Dam microwave!
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