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  1. Well, my life has changed little also Lorenzo as I am "allowed" to work but I have prohibited entry into the shop. I can still make a dollar, buy groceries, pay my bills and enjoy a beer. You and I aren`t in the cities where cases are growing faster than little Johnny. I dunno if his math is correct but "what if" this stuff keeps spreading? I feel bad for the millions stuck at home on UC or NO income. Remember the used car guy beside my church who took over our paved lot for his use and I put a stop to it? He has a dozen employees he pays under the table. They`re all out of work, no UC. Nothing. This stuff is growing and we have yet to find out how to stop it. Many americans aren`t prepared to be out of work for many reasons and $1200 ain`t gonna go too far. This $hit is serious. And I don`t watch TV, I use FB marketplace but things are shutting down. Many people`s stocks are falling. I`m gonna stop now. Stay safe Lorenzo.
  2. Very interesting 25 minutes. I hope people like J-Mech take the time to watch this. This isn`t BS imo.
  3. Thank you VERY much for the offer Ace. Owner of this "abortion" just told me he found a set.
  4. You must know my 4 kids! Youngest just turned 40. That`s what they call me! Makes me kinda proud.... Thx J-Mech!
  5. Swapping an auto to a getrag. Pedals and support.
  6. I have read MANY of your posts here on RP J-Mech. You seem to be VERY knowledgeable in a LOT of situations when others ask for mechanical guidance. But I must say that you could stand to work on your delivery/attitude/respect towards some of us who are NOT here to get called stupid/lazy/morons. We try to keep things friendly and helpful here and have FUN while doing so. I see no reason to rub your knowledge in anyone`s face. There are sites that you can go and use that attitude but it`s not here.
  7. Focus. It wasn`t a trick question/post.
  8. And being concerned for ourselves/others and those who depend on us is not BS.
  9. Speaking to you young man as your father isn`t the one who made the statement of this being BS. Try thinking more positively. As we age, each day is more precious. You`ll figure it out later on. Again, stay safe. Nobody is bulletproof from this stuff.
  10. I worked on MANY of these things when they were on the road. I truely HATED them. Gas or deezel. Made $ on them but... If I had known then what I know now, I would have 8 acres of them sitting around. Have you ever tried find used parts for one of these things? sigh......
  11. I knew it all too when I was your age... As I grew up, life taught me different. Stay safe J-Mech.
  12. Donald, Daffy, Darkwing, Howard and Daisy!
  13. MTO

    Corona virus

    R u gonna get tested? If not, why not?
  14. MTO

    Corona virus

    hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, (z-pac) and zinc
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