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  1. Oh, and thank u Sledge for posting for me!! U r just ok.
  2. Buried my buddy Bill yesterday, 90 min Catholic service with 7 hymns. Our church had a service today for a deceased member. 7 of us prepped a meal for 100. It was actually a lot of fun for us. Everyone came together and gelled Back to the Fisher, he let it go because it is not in season yet and he wants to trap it legally so he can enter it in competition. I only ever saw one before and it was 16ish inches long. This thing was HUGE imo. Hafta keep eye on my yorkie when he goes out. And my half yote dog too!!!
  3. I suspected such. The professor in the movie God's not dead.
  4. 3 US firefighters died yesterday when their c-130 water tanker went down in Australia fighting wildfires. All were US veterans.
  5. I see it as a cocksure`s hatred of an echo chamber. Some call it a troll. But he/she/it is successful! Allow me a tip of the cap.
  6. It`s always cool to meet guys from here. Well, for me it is.....
  7. MTO

    To the enablers

    Not dark/cryptic. Honest and frustrated. Adult children can make some STUPID decisions when enabled by people and things they were taught to stay away from.
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