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  1. Exclamation point usage ... Another sign of emotion
  2. Triggered is an emotion which is being hypocritical. Oh oh...
  3. And I am SO concerned about you 😭
  4. It is interesting to see that indy is willing to take time to bring all of us "fragile hypocritical emotional prejudistic snowflakes" into his [assumption] camp.
  5. Do you have proof if is a guy or r u making an emotional assumption?
  6. Aha yes but the seed has been planted.👿
  7. MTO

    78 years ago

    This country lost over 2400 brave men and women. And over 1100 injured. Cannot imagine being in that 2 hrs of living he!!.
  8. MTO

    The Truth!

    Compassion is most common in the male of many species. Males in nursing always exibit a much higher commitment
  9. He/she asked for a topic regarding super 70s. I produced one and he's/she's MIA. That's a term used by the military fyi if.
  10. I shutter to think that ANYONE would even consider acting outside the law. Our last potus taught me that.
  11. Nobody had as much fun as Benny Hill...
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