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  1. Been many pass I disliked for their beliefs and things they've done. The better person forgives instead of taking pleasure in their deaths. She was no dummy to achieve SCOTUS people. More than anyone here has done. Fyi, didnt agree with her reign either. RIP Justice Ginsburg.
  2. MTO

    My best friend Louie

    Lord, please forgive me for the sin I about to commit...
  3. MTO

    My best friend Louie

    Kinda like seeing someone bow legged in shorts reminds me of.... nevermind.
  4. MTO

    My best friend Louie

    I`ll never understand your confusion.....sigh.
  5. MTO

    My best friend Louie

    Louie and I were sitting on the steps of his house one evening as we had no $ for gas. His dad came in the lane swerving from ditch to ditch. He staggered up the sidewalk with a near empty bottle of Corbys. He greeted us and stepped into the house. Heard him sweet talking Louie`s mom for a kiss as she prepared supper. She told him to get away as he was drunk. He pursued her when we heard what sounded like the gong on the Gong Show. His dad staggered backwards out of the open kitchen door, hit the porch handrail and went backwards onto the ground about 4 foot below. He sat up, shook the cobwebs out of his head, took a long snort of Corbys and said, "See boys, she still loves me!" She hit him on the head with a skillet.
  6. MTO

    My best friend Louie

    It was a $100 car in 1970 VTF. FOCUS!
  7. Hez in Noo Yawk. May be a RPF member! His grasp of spelling intrigues me. I`ll go with you Lorenzo.
  8. I`m glad as not a one as old/wise/handsome as I am. Happy birthday to yinz all!
  9. A car ad this morning reminded me of Louie, RIP 2004, who was from a low income family of 6 kids. His dad bounced from the bottle to the bible and back frequently. Louie was bullied in school but became my best buddy. 2 yrs older than me, he attended an auto repair tech school and helped me through my early days of understanding an automobile. I didn`t yet know what a starter/generator/master cylinder/brake caliper even was but Louie showed me. He`d buy these $50 to $100 cars and we`d cruise on a dollar`s worth of go-juice every night providing his clunkers would run. We`d chew snuff and eat garlic bologna and share a 2 liter Pepsi. (with the windows down) He bought this 63 Impala convertible, 283 in front of a power-slide tranny. He`d get 72 mph out of low before the lifters floated then bump it into drive. Top down, snuff running out of the corners of our mouth from the wind and LAUGH our butts off! I miss my old buddy Louie and our time together spotting deer and listening to AM radio, if it worked. The 60s and 70s were a great time in our lives. No cares about viruses/masks/politics/riots/health/BLM. Good times. Thanks Louie.
  10. Wow... Sign above my desk reads "the more people i meet, the more I love animals" Didnt buy it myself either. Most know my likes/dislikes. Like the song goes, We have one world"
  11. Possibly prosecutor shared evidence to judge of wealth behind/supporting the accused. Like you said, bail is to insure accused show. Small % of bail would be required in cash. It gives support to the questions asked previously as to where/who is providing for these lengthy protester funds.
  12. Keep hearing those 4 notes of the Twilight Zone...😩
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