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  1. MTO


    Lady in waiting room musta overheard my discussion with vet. When I sat back down she said "Bless you sir! Many would have that little dog euthanized" Told her I`m not part of the many.
  2. All the gals musta been out when the photographer came...
  3. MTO


    Just back from picking him up. Vet says hip is so loose it just pops back out. Brought him home and taking him back early WED for surgery to cut the ball off his leg bone and sew muscles together so he maybe can walk again. Haft keep him VERY inactive till then. Have him in a small kennel and Chubs ain`t happy. Can always be worse. Thanks for the well wishes. I`ll tell him when I get off work.
  4. We sometimes make bad decisions in the heat of the moment. Steve is fortunate to still have his life. I will send Steve and his family a prayer. Sad story.
  5. HBD gentlemen! Yeah, I`m late...
  6. MTO


    May not be the perfect word for this, yes another, long story. Twice a day, my #10 yorkie Chubs and I go to the barn to feed etc. He jumps on the seat beside me of the golf cart. He waits patiently while I cut a dozen stalks of corn on the way to barn. When we get there, he goes into the stall of the horse and enjoys a couple horse "nuggets" Never tell the wife about that though. He meanders around the barn easily walking under the gates into the cow stalls/feed room and hay room. The horse and cow just stand there allowing him to go wherever. Well, I guess I have become complacent about this and it burned me last night. Got to barn late after dark as working on a stupid orange tractor. Normal routine. Horse had his head in his corner feeder as did the cow while Chubs found a pile of fresh steamy nuggets just outside the lights of the barn. I knew he was there just outside the horses open door to the pasture. I was knelt down soaking the horse`s RF foot in epsom salts for a bad abscess. As I lifted the hoof to examine/clean it, horse decided to leave me and walked out the door. That`s when I heard Chubs shriek. I ran out to find him dragging himself by his front legs towards the safety of the fencerow. I picked him up and got him on the golfcart and rushed to the house. His LR leg was just hanging limp and he whined a lot. I called the vet and she said to take him to Pittsburgh if I wanted immediate attention. I told her what canine meds I had and she suggested a pain med. I gave him one and he settled down and continued limping around the house and then layed down. Well, he slept calmly beside me until local vet opened this morning. The xrays showed a hip dislocation so old Doc Lash, I love this man, reset it. Chubs is coming home today at 3. Doc says 50/50 chance it`ll stay in but time will tell. I am fortunate NOT to be burying Chubs today and I know that. And yeah, my eyes were leaking when I carried him through the waiting room full of people and pets this morning.
  7. MTO

    Shingles vs steel

    And I suppose the steeper roofs hold up against the winds better.
  8. In years past, it seemed every month there was a group of us get together and help shingle a roof or pour cement. Boy and I glad that band broke up... I wonder if the young bucks still do such group help projects? And there was always a grill cooking and cold (adult) beverages on hand.
  9. Happy birthday gentlemen... you too Rick.
  10. MTO

    Shingles vs steel

    Supposedly coming next week to re-shingle our church. We`re gonna have a drone there hopefully. Will make for some cool pics imo. HIGH and STEEP! The ones coming off are 30+ yrs old. Shingles are still good but nail heads rusting off! last guy must used the cheap nails.
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