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  1. Coyote Crossing

    Undercarriage specs

    I got them from Crawler Heaven. They list the TD at 15 New =28.00", 25% worn = 28.15", 50% worn = 28.34", 75% worn = 28.54", 100% worn = 28.78". Hope this helps.
  2. Coyote Crossing

    Track Chains etc

    It looks like has 500 undercarriage parts. I did not look at actual availability or price.
  3. Coyote Crossing

    Ih 500 clutches

    That would be right. Make sure when you reassemble that the teeth on the first fiber disk mesh with the center hub. When I pulled mine apart the teeth were missing from the first fiber disk and the second one was cracked. It was not assembled correctly and I had to buy two fiber disks before reassembling. There was less than 500 hours on the clutches.
  4. Coyote Crossing

    IH 500 Dozer Reverse really weak PLEASE help!

    My 500 hydraulics whined and chattered because it was low on hytrans fluid. I filled it to the mark on the dipstick and the chattering stopped. The low fluid level also prevented the dozer from climbing a pile of gravel because the reverser was not getting fluid. This would not explain the weak reverse. I think I would see if adjusting the lineage arm would help before I worked on the reverse clutch pack. The arm may not pushed far enough to fully engage the reverse clutch pack.
  5. Coyote Crossing

    Ih 500 clutches

    There should be one fiber disk on the back side of the snap ring. The steel disk can move across the snap ring. I had one thrust washer stick to the bearing and didn't come out. I have a file that acbjohn sent me that really helped. I sent you a message--email and I'll send the manual. It's a pdf file and for some reason they are not approved files.
  6. Coyote Crossing

    IH 500 Dozer Reverse really weak PLEASE help!

    I've rebuilt the gas engine and the steering clutches and brakes but have not messed with the reverser or power shift because they look complicated. My previous tractors had standard main clutch and no reverser. I need at some point to look at the linkage for the power shift and maybe the transmission because I currently can't use 4th gear (goes into gear but won't come out without a great deal of force) and I haven't tried 5th. I assume you've checked the hytrans fluid and it's good. Have you replaced the filter on the reverser? I would think the bubbles in the fluid could affect function of the reverser but not sure why it would affect reverse more than forward. Do the blade hydraulics become slower? I guess the question is where the hydraulic pump is getting air.
  7. Coyote Crossing

    IH 500 Dozer Reverse really weak PLEASE help!

    Did you check the linkage adjustment on the reverser? It may not be allowing it to move fulling into the reverse position. I have not had any problem with my reverser so I have not made any adjustment to the linkage. The drive train service manual should show how to adjust the linkage. I can look it up if you don't have the service manuals.
  8. Coyote Crossing

    Hy trans vs 303

    I buy it at Blain's Farm & Fleet. I would think any tractor or farm supply store would have it.
  9. Coyote Crossing

    ih 500

    You should be able to get clutch discs and brake bands from General Gear at or (800)531-9021. I had to replace two fiber discs and they were $21 each and they arrived in two days. One of the guys on this site had trouble with his reverser (no reverse). It was a linkage adjustment problem. The 500 is a great little machine.
  10. Coyote Crossing

    2424 industrial

    The IH 2424 uses the same engine as the 500 dozer. The plug in the third photo looks to be the drain plug. The plug next to the shifting lever should be the fill plug, which is similar to the location of the fill plug on my 500. There should be is full plug or a plug with a dipstick attached(which the 500 has). I can't see anything in the first photo. On the 500 one of the bolts on the top of the transmission is larger and taller than the rest has a dipstick attached. I don't know if I've helped any.
  11. has the manuals you are looking for. Look under IH tractor loader.
  12. Coyote Crossing

    500 steering clutches/brakes

    Your set up is a little different than mine. I don't have a pin with a snap ring holding the actuation arm to the band. I will have to look closely to see how it is attached but in any case I will have to remove the seat and clutch covers again. I can't see trying to remove the actuation arm through the small opening over the brake adjuster. I think I will try tightening the adjuster down snug and then backing it off one or two turns first.
  13. Coyote Crossing

    T340 Pad Replacement

    On my 500 I used a cutting torch and cut opposite sides off the nuts on the inside of the chain links. Then I knocked the nuts off with a cold chisel and was able to remove the track pads with a big hammer. Be careful to not damage the track links.
  14. Coyote Crossing

    500 steering clutches/brakes

    I think moving brake tensioner will help. If I have to pull the clutches again I may do it. I don't seem to have a bushing problem. Everything seems to be tight. Now I just have to get some dry warm weather to play with the brake adjustments. I think I have the clutches adjusted right. I would still like to know what the manual means by "tighten the tensioner adjustment nut until it is snug on the yoke and then back off one turn". Does that mean to tighten the brake band snug to the drum and then back off one turn? That would seem to cause drag.
  15. Coyote Crossing

    500 steering clutches/brakes

    I look forward to the pictures but I doubt I will modify the brake adjusters, as I would have to take the clutches out again. My support pins were in great shape and there was very little play between the pin and the brake band. I readjusted the clutch play after I ran the tractor some, so they will disengage sooner. I will tighten the brake band. I was worried that if they dragged I would glaze the brake pad. That may not be an issue in that the clutch drum turns slow and a little drag should not result in significant heat.