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  1. Coyote Crossing

    IH T 340 & IH 500E track loaders, steering clutches

    I got new steering clutch parts for my 500 from General Gear ([(800) 342-8911]. They like it if you have parts numbers.
  2. Coyote Crossing

    Gearmatic Winch Master Control

    I have a Gearmatic #9 winch on my 500. I purchased repair parts from Brooks Tractor in Sun Prairie, WI. call Carrie (608) 837-5141. you might also try in NC. (252)633.2155 or (877) 774-0081. Both indicate that they have Gearmatic parts. I downloaded the manual but I don't have the website address here. If you need it let me know and I will look it up.
  3. Coyote Crossing

    track adjuster zerk?

    You might try a local hydraulic cylinder repair shop. I rebuilt two adjuster cylinders and they had all the parts I needed but I didn't need the grease fitting,
  4. Coyote Crossing

    track adjuster zerk?

    I think I have an extra one if you are talking about the grease fitting in the track adjuster. I, also have an extra track adjuster cylinder or two. let me know. I have one extra (manual calls it a bleed plug). I looks to be 1/2" with a grease jerk set in at about 90 degrees. The threads are not tapered. I can post a picture if that would help.
  5. Coyote Crossing

    International 500 Crawler Diesel Questions

    Could the sluggishness with the 500 reverser be due to a need to change the hi-trans fluid and filters? I have no problem with my 500 reverser. The gas engines in the 500 and 500C are the same but little else is. When I was looking for track pin & bushing and rails I was told that the 500C was not the same as the 500.
  6. Coyote Crossing

    IH 500 Dozer Reverse really weak PLEASE help!

    Where are you located and what are you asking for the 500? Do you have some pictures? You can email me at
  7. Coyote Crossing

    T340 for sale in OK

    I messaged the seller regarding condition and this is the reply. "Its been sitting a while. It needs restored. Sprockets and tracks good shape. Motor is apart but i have everything to put together." I'm not interested. It's too far away and I don't need another project. If someone is interested and needs help contacting the owner, I will try to help. I hate to see old iron sit and rust away or go for scrap.
  8. Coyote Crossing

    T340 for sale in OK

    This was the printed part of the post. 1960 240 farmall on tracks. Has drott clam shell bucket loader.have all parts Ringold, OK · over a week ago · $2,000 1960 240 farmall on tracks. Has drott clam shell bucket loader.have all parts for sale in Ringold on Facebook Marketplace 1960 240 farmall on tracks. Has drott clam shell bucket loader.have all parts. Will take part or full trade
  9. Coyote Crossing

    T340 for sale in OK

    Sellor has it listed as a Farmall 240 crawler??? Drive sprocket looks pretty well worn but one picture doesn't tell much.
  10. Coyote Crossing

    1968 IH 500 sprockets

    The pitch is the distance from the center of one pin to the center of the next pin. The pitch on the 500 track is "6 inches".
  11. Coyote Crossing

    1966 T6 Drott price and problem

    This tractor would be a T6 series 62 with a 6 cyl. C-263 engine. What is the condition of the undercarriage? Does the engine smoke? Does everything work but the right steering clutch? The value would depend on the condition and what broke.
  12. Coyote Crossing

    How to tension track on ih 500

    If the tensioner has not been serviced in years the grease maybe dry and blocking the hole under the grease fitting.
  13. Coyote Crossing

    How to tension track on ih 500

    I have a '67 500. There is a grease fitting on one end of the tensioner. If you can't get grease to enter the tensioner, remove the grease fitting and replace it with a new one. If you are getting grease into the tensioner then the inner cylinder should push the idler wheel forward or grease should leak out around the seals. if the seals are bad it maybe lacking in grease and may take quite a bit of grease to get the inner cylinder to move. I was able to get parts to rebuilt the tensioners at a local hydraulic shop. The hard part was getting the tensioner off the rod going to the spring assembly. If the tracks are bad you should have enough room to get the tensioner out without splitting the track.
  14. Coyote Crossing

    IH 500 hydraulic blade controls

    Your driveway looks great compared to what it looked like the day I was there. Have you built the new house yet? I'll check the adjustments on my brakes and maybe tighten them a little. I'll take the spool valve apart and see if it has rust in it. The control valve for the winch was rusty so I cleaned it up and put in new parts and it works fine, so maybe the spool valves are rusty.
  15. I worked my 500 pretty hard for 3.5 hours yesterday working on the tractor pull track at or club grounds. The tractor worked great but I still don't have the steer brakes working right. It steers better forward than backward and steers harder after working it for a while. Should I try tightening the brake bands? The second problem is the controls for the 6-way blade they are very stiff particularly the one that tilts the blade. This made it very difficult to smooth out the track. Moving the levels forward and backward is not too bad but the sideways movement is very hard. Is there something I should take apart and clean? I can take and post a picture of the controls it that would help.