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    Back to your question, my axial flows are able to pass up to a tennis ball size with minimal to no damage due to the wider threshing clearance where my 915 and dads 503 were much tighter in the concave, there fore damage came with any rock small enough to enter between concave and cylinder. Typically the proper set up on a conventional combine was a wider opening in front/tighter in rear resulting in much damage if a rock is ingested. In very rocky fields we used to close the front down to keep the rocks just "bouncing" in front of the cylinder/concave rather than getting between them, this prevented major damage. I have beater machines except for my 2188 where i have removed the stationary knives. A chopper with them in will not like rocks. I also have rock traps on all my axial flows, very good protection
  2. 2 hammers, a big one and a bigger one !
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    1466 upgrade

    They have moved up to drones
  4. My branding iron decals came later, can't remember how much later. I will have to look at the pictures i have. Seems like my dealer put them on when they took it back in to prep for Red Power Showdown Day IIRC. As i said in an earlier post i bought it in late winter and the dealer wanted it back for a demo day to till wheat stubble in summer. They also put Turbo stickers on it. When i ordered it in Dec of 78 in casual chat with my salesman i commented about the 86s not getting Turbo stickers when the 06/56/66s got them and how i thought they were cool. So i go to demo days to plow with my own tractor and its all detailed and has the branding irons & Turbo stickers. Salesman said he knew i liked Turbo stickers so they put a set on. They also installed the chrome door grab handles before i took it home when new, it had them when displayed at open house but not from factory, as well as Year-Around front fenders.
  5. What did they end up at, last i knew the older one painted like a tri-stripe was around 10000 and the 1978 was 7700ish
  6. Yes forgot the visors, mine has them. Did they become an option, were they standard after the Red Powers, or only on the Red Powers ? Have never seen a true Red Power without visors.
  7. Was just reading the 886 thread about 358/360 info and just recalled that the Red Powers also may have introduced the electric activated diff lock as well as the options i mentioned in a previous post. Probly more i'm forgetting also. Bent shift levers ?
  8. 2 valves and no chrome door handles, mine came with 16 flame cut weights and i had never seen them before. I had ordered a 1486 Dec of 1978 with 20.8 duals, 14L fronts, dual PTO [dealer install], diff lock, 2 remotes, 8 track radio, and front weights. The Red Power the dealer got had all my options except the 14L fronts. It came with 1100s. Dealer asked if I would take the Red Power if they switched front tires out, they didn't think mine would arrive for spring work. The one I ordered is on a farm about 4 mile from me, 2 owner tractor still very nice with about 4500 hrs. It was not here for spring of 79.
  9. The Red Power was a demo model as Dale mentioned, but also introduced some changes. Such as the touch pad tachometer replacing the dial type, rear fender lights, cloth seats replaced vinul. Also the side panels were red, other 79 models before and after the Red Powers were white, then red panels became the norm on the 1980 models. They came with an 8 track or cassette player radio including a tape about all the "new and improved features and options" being introduced with the Red Power demonstrators. I purchased a brand new 1486 Red Power in the Feb/Mar of 1979, It set in the shop during my dealers open house with my name on it as the owner. What a high for a 19 yr old. It is my yard tractor today with somewhere around 17000 hrs, mostly rode hard and put away wet. My wife tossed the tape about 20 yrs ago but i still love her. I still have a letter the dealer sent me thanking me for "demoing" the tractor. There were some obligations from IH with them i suppose. My dealer did want it back for Red Power Demo Days or something like that the following August for a day. My dealer got my 1486 and a 1086 in the Red Power, the dealers son got the 1086. "We're aiming to make IH your tractor brand" was the slogan that went along with the branding iron decal IIRC.
  10. I have never seen the PTO & hyd work with a stripped out clutch hub.
  11. That looks similar to the IH subframe for 2350 to 4020 factory mounts. It wrapped around the nose like that, of course it did not attach to the rear axle. This makes a double frame, often wondered why IH didn't have those same plates with additional holes drilled for 06/56 instead of those small shims. Have seen a few 4010/20s of hay customers with aftermarket loaders where every bump the fan rattles on the fan shroud when they unload hay due to flex. Also 2 of them with frames welded back together right behind front bolster.
  12. Have two on 2350/2450 and one on my Versatile 276. Had one on my great bend loader on my 7250. They are all made by HLA. HLA had 2 grades, standard and heavy duty. Standards were 6 to 7 hundred, HDs were twice that. All mine are HD. Newest is 12 yrs old and left a year ago with my 7250. Would stand 46 inch duals & MFD on 7250 but only had it about 10 years. I never have had an attachment come off any of them. I do agree the euro is stouter, but the ability to use my SSL attachments is great. My 2450 on my 3588 has one.
  13. You probly also drained the hy-tran out of the magnums and filled em with torque guard also
  14. Rerout the canal around, turn it into a museum. might be faster
  15. You sure the bottom one is a 826 ? I might need to upgrade my glasses
  16. For us hill people the oil costs less than repairs when the PTO restarts after the 2 or 3 second stop under full speed and load. Don't forget we did not turn the PTO off so as soon as it picks up oil it engages, usually before you can react to shut it off. Twisted/busted PTO shafts, u-joints, belts, only took a gearbox once. Usually no damage, just inconvenient unless heavy load. Don't know, but this might not be an issue on late 86 and newer with the new style PTO. Does it stay off and not reengage when it looses oil flow ? The shutdown not bad, it's the restart. ?
  17. Since they were new we had to overfill to keep the PTO on when running forage harvester, hay mower, or cyclo planter when going down steep hills. Real pain when the pto quits. This was on new tractors with no issues yet. After about half minute on a steep hill, just about to bottom it would get you. Not so bad on planter or mower, but sucked on the chopper. Over fill cured it. And, yes we did it on the 186 also for the same reason.
  18. Don't forget to put a new throw out bearing in it. Your this far into it, so might as well. ?
  19. This is getting interesting, yes i have seen yellow ones but am pretty sure both my dial and touch pad are red. Now i need to go confirm.
  20. I would suspect, as to the post about the meter going "fast" the data center probly needs sent in
  21. Yes, the turn dials have the oil pressure switch, the touch tachs use the key switch. therefore if the tractor in the pictures is stock it will not have an oil pressure switch. Have all three tachometers on a 186, 1086, and 1486. One of each. My touch one has had the hour meter do exactly this. Never had any thing like this happen to the dial one but did have to change a leaking pressure switch once. I just assumed they changed the method of getting power to the digital tachs when the tachs went from dial to touch. Think the mechanical and dial may have been available at the same time for a little bit with the dial digital being optional.
  22. Don't think there will be one if the tractor is stock. But have been wrong before.
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