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  1. Side of hood on truck I would guess
  2. Put floor heat in my new shop in 2016. 40 x 48 x 18 tall was $3400 including heater. Got a quote that was 11000+, did it myself, took 2 of us 2 hrs for stuff under concrete and about an hour on pump board and misc. Ended up buying materials from the same place the $11000 guy gets his.
  3. If it can't be done with a steering wheel and hydraulics it don't need done !
  4. One piece at a time beating, heating, and cutting. Just chop the cheapest parts 1st. Since you are not gonna reassemble for a while if ever, you can probly cut that lower pin quickly enough so as not to affect the lower seals. Blow through pin in seconds then cool with garden hose immediately. Slide/pry ball to other side and repeat
  5. I have same setup, vertical tank and line out at middle. I have a quarter turn valve on drain and open monthly when above freezing. About thanksgiving time I dump a gallon of methanol in a big elbo with a plug that I have in the side. Unless a long winter this usually lasts till spring. I like to put methanol in immediately after draining tank, but sometimes ice is already there. have always dumped it in anyway with successful results. Just be sure air pressure is at 0 psi before removing 1.5 inch plug to pour it in. Have run air tools with no ill effects for 20+ winters.
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    Limit fuse size to 30 amp
  7. My air hoses in my old shop, unheated and small snow drifts in high wind, would freeze so I put a gallon in the tank in late fall. 1st time I wondered if it would cause problems for air tools, lines , etc. Been doing it 20+ yrs and can't say there is a downside yet. Seems to keep hoses from iceing.
  8. Sometimes when we are debating 1 or 2 as possible options I will toss ZERO into the mix.
  9. You are correct. The problem however is that as a common voting citizen I send my representative to look out for my countries best interest, which may or may not be my personnel best interest. We back at home hear that a bill passed or failed that will ___________ . What we don't always hear is that there were many other things tossed in the bill, maybe good / maybe not so good. So I want somebody there the say " This is exactly what my constituents sent me here to do, but the rest of this bill is junk" . So I would hope they would vote no. They seem to lean to the side to being popular back home. Term limits would remove that thought process. Maybe a compromise could look like 2 consecutive terms and you out but elgible again after sitting out 3 terms. that way 2 reps could not just rotate in and out. Edit My personal best interest in most cases is my countries as well, sometimes it creates some personal discomfort. Anything worth having involves some sacrifice.
  10. NAILED IT I have many times heard a congressman say " voting that way would be political suicide" or "if I vote for that I won't be reelected". Remove that thought from their mind so they vote for what they think is RIGHT. Take the reelection thought out of the equation. I have thought this was on congressmens minds for decades, now they openly talk about it in the media.
  11. 851850c1 & 851851c1 are the IH part #s for these 2 plates, right & left. According to the parts site they are for JD only but if I were going to put my 23/2450 loaders on my 06 or 56 series I would just bolt these plates on them just like I have my 4020s. 06/56 mounts are just the small shims instead of full side plates. JD frames probly needed the extra plate to survive heavy loader use
  12. I have 2 complete sets of the "sub frame" to mount 23/2450 loaders on JD 4020. They are factory. These are 4 or 5 ft long flat pieces of steel with MANY holes, some slotted IIRC, that are bolted to the 4020, 06, or 56 series frames. After you put the special bolts that came with them in the correct holes, they are bolted to the frame using common bolts. Next you position the standard 66/86 series brackets on these special bolts. These bolts are counter sunk into the subframe plates and have shoulders like a carrige bolt to keep them from turning upon installing the 66/86 brackets. So basically these plates bolt to the frame, strengthening it, with bolts sticking out in the correct position to mount the 66/86 brackets on them. they work well. Might work on some other makes/models as well, I don't know.
  13. For 50 yrs we have had two 9 ft railroad irons positioned like the gangs are on an offset disk. Secured on the top of them as a "frame" are 2 heavy angle irons in a "V" configuration with the point of the V at the front where we hook a chain on to pull it with whatever is nearby. Carries material off high spots and deposits it in depressions. Use as needed, store in weeds to test bush hog durability.
  14. Drove the "Earthquake" around the lot a few minutes at our local tractor club show on fathers day weekend in 08, think I got the year correct. Smoker and Old Max were also playing with it as well IIRC. In field run Old Max's 9180 on a 40ish ft disk, can't remember # of disk but it was CIH that horizontal folded, possibly a rebadged stieger disk. Plowed 2 rounds at an IH field day with a 4786 & 800 plow, 12 bottom. Probly about 3 acres in those 2 rounds. Next would be a Cat that I plowed with for about an hour once, it was a "high track" 45 or 55 on an 800 12 bottom in sand. Demoed a Magnum 290 for maybe 15 hrs around 12 or 13 on my disk.
  15. Incredible ! I watched em all, bet it took a case of either. I would like to hear the starting procedure. 1st remove injectors. 2nd get all battery power you can by surrounding with as many sets of jumpers as you can get hooked up. 3rd crank to blow water out. 4th install injectors and new fuel. 5th can of either in each hand and 1 buddy to crank while another has a couple more cans ready to keep spraying. 6th enjoy smoke.
  16. Happened here with a 560, driver bailed and was ok. The swinging drawbar had been removed to be replaced by a D ring to reduce weight. Bolts that were on the underside of the axle snapped, they secure the "horse shoe" to the axle, leaving the top ones to pull tractor over. Seems to me, at least geometrically & from a physics standpoint, it would be highly unlikely to tip one over backwards when pulling from the belly with the swinging drawbar.
  17. A "Wheatland" model ah, 3pt delete.
  18. Never saw a 710 toggle trip, I didn't think toggle trip came out till the 720. thought the 710 was only offered in auto reset or what we called spring trip . Backing up to reset is what we called spring trip like our #70 plows were.
  19. They do have a track machine though, you just can't put steel tracks over the tires
  20. Have many ssl attachments including 6ft bush hog & tree shear. As I read through this thread I am so happy that I own a JCB. Exit at any boom height, wide easy entry/exit, unequalled visibility, easy access for maint, and good hvac system in a roomy cab
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    Think there was a kit at one time, maybe from Hy Capacity
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