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    Which one

    Condition being equal, the 1680 hands down. Way better support around here.
  2. Don't think the early NH 850s were available with electric, but late ones yes for sure. My last 850 was electric, my 1st two were hand crank. Today I sit in a Magnum 275 & bale with a NH 7090 and think I did something on a 250 bale day when I have to get out once to put a new roll of net in. Then I recall the day in 78 that I baled 423 bale with a hand crank 850 behind my open 856 for 11 farmers with 22 fields in 3 counties. Used 21 balls of twine, 9000 ft as there was not round baler twine yet then. No cell phones, 18 yrs old, just pulled out the drive with enough twine to last till swin
  3. For pods we upped rotor speed .
  4. My wife is a teacher, I have to do everything over & over till I get it right, Anyhow she was sure I was slacking so she got one of those "step counters" to monitor my activity. Off to school she goes and the device went on her hyper little dog. Wife could not believe I go that much
  5. The 3500 hr one on TH looks ok.
  6. I'm not to smart so just wondering what requires this hyd operation on a Deere chopper ? have not been around one. Is the sharpener hyd motor driven ? Only thing on my NH is the tongue swing.
  7. Interesting looking corn head.
  8. Or iirc you could go in through the top link opening and knock the "caps" out that are keeping oil in the center like I did on my 806 one inner axle bearing to late.
  9. This one looks like a standard, not a Wheatland. Beautiful tractor !
  10. Some guys around here used to take the sieves out, set concave tight. Similar to having a snapping head on a forage harvester. That was in the day before the mills that are used at the silos or pits today. Also nice looking head. Know of no one around here that has went back to a CIH, JD or whatever after having a Drago. They are well liked, the self adjusting plates are nice.
  11. If you want standard slaughter wt in Oct you might not want to get your feeders till July. Pigs grow really fast. I have been out of pigs 10 yrs, but farrowed and/or finished them for 32 yrs. Life span of a pig has been reduced greatly in the yrs I farmed pigs from genetics, feed changes, etc. I suspect birth to meat in sub 6 month on best performers, maybe most pigs today.
  12. Was thinking about starting one myself. had a great grampa that was 1/32 Indian. Redline is my CIH dealership, I find the name offensive. Soon as I get my parts list compiled, may have to call ahead in case something needs ordered, I want to start a riot, oops I mean protest. Will probly take trailer. Is it ok when looting to use their forklift ? How does the bulk hy-tran delivery work in this case ? Is burning the place mandatory after the trailer is full ? I'm new to this.
  13. There were also factory mounts for JD, White, & 2 different Case frame widths IIRC.
  14. Yes that will mount to 66 & 86 using no shims.
  15. Let your imagination go to the summer of 58 on the "crew" , if only some one could tell the story. Wet or dry, where did they start the harvest, where was the finish, was there only 4 combines or did one meet the scrapper due to fire or some other mishap. Break downs ? JD support in the field ? Did they stay in a camper. Did a bi-plane land in the field with parts ? If only a truck could talk .
  16. Bought a 13 shank new in 1977, 3 bar, long shank, trailing. It is also 13 ft. Still has 1 original tire. Frame has no welds yet. Pulled with 856 [2 shanks removed ] then 1486, MF1805, 3588, 7250. Have not had it on my 275 yet.
  17. Standups here for a round bale back stop, they will lay flat on the beaver tail in case I need the whole trailer for tractors of whatever else. I have a loading dock for those times but they are rare. Trailer is a 27 +5, 32 ft total, 102 wide, 24000 LB. On my previous trailer, when the ramps laid on the beaver tail due to design you could not drive over them. Could not imagine having to fight with slide ins as I would have them warped, mine have a lot of support when in loading position. But your situation is much different than mine.
  18. There was a 1568 at RPRU in LaPorte, iirc, a few yrs ago that was also the centerfold in Heritage Iron that had 3 remotes with all levers on normal side. Certainly looked factory but doubt that it was.
  19. Bacon, ham, & chops for all the inlaws for Christmas !
  20. Also yes liked my 6.7 and have had all the diesels from the 6.9 to the 6.7. My 6.0 was a dud. Might consider the big gas on this next one though and save the 10000 + $ of the diesel option as there are a lot of horror stories on emissions crap. Also only driving about 4000 mi yearly. Also kinda forced into an unplanned situation to purchase.
  21. I won't get into detail till I see police report, but a mid 90s Cadillac, big boat, crossed center line, left side HEAVY damage to truck. Rear axle met bumper, hitch left truck but remained with upside down big J&M wagon, wagon totaled [ was empty ] . Car was way worse, I'm praying for driver, only one in car.
  22. I think I sold my 2013 F-350, crew cab, dually, flawless, 37000 mi last Friday. Will probly find out this week. The buyer will be the other drivers ins co. I and my son are unscathed, other driver air lifted. Will be new truck shopping probly.
  23. Mine all slide with duals, never seen a dualed one roll around here. Some with singles have. Couple times raking hay with singles chickened out when sliding slightly so swapped to dualed tractor.
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