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  1. Yes but I believe if I’ve read correctly in the here on the forum that both the mcv and engine oil pressure use the same bulb?
  2. Alrighty that makes sense on the senders I’ll give that a go, and I believe that both my mcv/engine oil light use the same bulb, that is what I’ve read as well.
  3. TA works fine, and yeah mine kinda acts the same, got to sorta play with it but gets annoying moving round bales when you are going forward reverse a lot!
  4. It’s been out for a while, no other issues other than it’s getting hard to shift doesn’t want to come out or go into reverse etc I figured I would start with some adjustments etc replaced all the linkage’s last year and that didn’t help.
  5. Got a 63 706 282 diesel that the oil light on the dash comes on with the key and goes out when the engine starts but does not come on with the clutch pushed in, I’ve put a test light on the sending units on both the engine and the mcv and neither light up, I’ve also adjusted the dump valve according to a I&T manual that I have which didn’t help, any thoughts?
  6. Checking the valve clearance?
  7. I would say its long over due
  8. agreed, but I would think it would at some point go past the full mark?
  9. That is a interesting thought, cheap and easy would not hurt to try.
  10. Nope the injectors have never been touched, have to check into the timing.
  11. Yes i forgot to mention that it does have a bit of a flutter when i rev it and more smoke
  12. Got a 706 with the 282 engine in it and have a question regarding blue smoke, the engine starts good with glow plugs and does not use oil which puzzles me because at idle the engine will make clouds upon clouds of blue smoke and will do so unless engine is hot, what I mean by hot is pulling a 14ft disk and working the engine hard. Any small job such as raking hay etc the engine smokes constant, especially noticeable when going down hills, now I would normally suspect worn rings etc but would expect oil consumption, probably added less then a quart in around 100 hours of use, the engine also has very little blow by to speak of, Oil does not appear to be diluted with fuel either, always on the full mark. I guess what I'm asking is could the blue smoke be fuel? such as a result of having worn Injectors? or what do you guys think? any ideas are greatly appreciated.
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