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  1. farmer 43

    TD9 final drive removal how to.

    Ok, they are a bit tricky to get into, I might pick up a stubby ratchet to get in there better. Thanks
  2. farmer 43

    TD9 final drive removal how to.

    Maybe I don’t know the exact bolts you mean??? I was out tounight and pulled the four bolts that held the steering clutch flange on, and now have that removed along with the bearing carrier. I removed the bolts on the out side of chassis/frame/tub but it seems to be attached pretty good. I do notice there are 3 bolts on the inside housing that look to be holding the housing to the frame. It’s kinda hard to explain, but do they need to be removed by reaching through the opening of the hole from the steering flange??? Thanks
  3. farmer 43

    TD9 final drive removal how to.

    Thanks hector, I know the bolts your talking about! So if I remove those the steering clutch flange will be free to pull out, and the rest of the housing could come out complete? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I am wanting to swap out the final drive from a parts machine to another. The housing on my final drive busted out when what looks like a bearing fell apart, and some balls got picked up by the bull gear and wedged between the gear and housing busting the cast. I have a book, and can follow the instructions easy enough step by step, however my question is: Do I have to pull all the guts out of the housing to remove the entire housing from the tub/chassis, or can the entire housing be removed without gutting it and removing the bolts holding it together at the tub/chassis?? I assume it’s gonna have to be tore all apart but thought I’d ask before getting to the point of no return. The steering clutches have been removed from the parts machine, but the flanges that the clutches bolt to remain in the compartment. Also they are both wide track machines. Thanks
  5. farmer 43

    TD6 Magneto firing order

    The firing order is 1-3-4-2 with 1 being closest to your seat. I believe the rotor turns counter clockwise on the Diesel engines. The mag itself continuesly makes spark, and you just need to be sure that the spark is heading out of the cap in the correct order to the correct plug. Technically 1 could be at any one of the ports in the cap as long as the rest follow in order 3-4-2 in the counter clockwise direction. I belive this is correct, I’m going off a bit of memory work, so if someone else confirms this I’d feel better. Last thing I want to do is steer someone in the wrong direction. Hope it helps
  6. Hi everyone! I’m working on the hydraulics on my TD9, and I’m wondering if anyone knows if there is a overhaul kit available for the bucyrus Erie cylinders? Thanks adam.
  7. farmer 43

    Why yellow?

    This is a guestion that I've been thinking for a long time, and I'm sure there is a thousand different reasons. Why did they paint over the IH red with yellow?? I understand for construction on road ways to be brighter, but why not paint them yellow first? And who was painting them yellow if IHC wasn't? Adam
  8. farmer 43

    TD9/bucyrus Erie hydraulic question.

    Thanks for the help. Yes this is a tractor engine, I should have mentioned that. I will go with the crank pump
  9. Hello everybody. Im working on a motor swap on my td9, and I've hit a road block with the hydraulic pumps. The motor I pulled out has the pump dive off the crank, and the motor I'm putting in has the pump off the timing gear behind the mag. My question is this. Can I run the bucyrus hydraulics with the pump off the timing gear? Will it give it enough flow? I just hate the thoughts of pulling off the mag and replacing the hydraulic pump with that spacer on a engine that runs nice and timed already. I know it's not "that" big of a deal but..... Another option I've thought is to put the crank pump on and use it that way, and put a hose looping the in and out on the pump on the timing timing gear full of oil??? This is not the prettiest, but would it work??? Thanks adam