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  1. Post your Projects Here!

    Here's mine. My grandfather bought this '48 H new in '47 and was his first tractor. Until then all he had were horses to do the farm work. He retired it from daily use in the late 60's and has pretty much been parked under the lean-to next to the machine shed since. In the last 25+/- years it has been started and moved three times, twice by me. When grandpa passed away, I brought it home to Texas from Southwest Missouri about 10 years ago where it sat at my in-laws in the shop collecting dust until I could get around to tinkering with it. I finally brought it home yesterday and will slowly start the restoration. The engine was rebuilt in the mid-60's and has very few hours on it. All I had to do was file the points, put gas and a battery to it and she popped right off and runs smooth as can be. First up is to change all the fluids and filters, new front tires and brakes. Then I can start cleaning and and get it ready for paint. There's surface rust, but no rot and the sheet metal is straight as an arrow.