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  1. Lots of great paved back roads besides 22 if you know where to go… im always up for going for a ride if your in the neighborhood
  2. Hey Hardtail! Im near Cremona but also farm near Eckville, where you at?
  3. I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone on this forum, I started farming at 36 (12 years ago) I was raised in the city and wanted nothing more than to have my own land. When I bought my first tractor I had to take out a loan for it, that was my 1086FWA, since then I have managed to collect several different IH's and put them all to good use but my 1086 is still my favourite. I recently replaced the MCV pump with some help from you all once again I'm going round and round. I really appreciate all the help and advice you all share, So again, Thank you Don
  4. Got er back together, new pump from Bates and so far so good. Thanks all, much appreciated
  5. Hi guys, replaced the mcv pump and fixed up a few other things along the way ? just about to add the hydraulic back back in and am wondering if there is a filler hole or air bleeder hole I should open up before i fill it up? I went through this with my 186, ugh. cant seem to find my freaking manual anywhere. Thank you
  6. Not on the tractor just on the bench, thats where i tried the pump and it was jammed up. I ordered one from Bates corp, they gonna send it out next week, was cheaper than hy-capacity and i have used them before. I don’t see how to order from hy-capacit unless your corporate? No dealers around me that i can see. Thanks for all the discussion bothers, I appreciate you all
  7. Thanks MF, i guess i should get a new one, the HD version im guessing?
  8. Opened up the pump and there was a ridge cut into the housing on both gears keeping them from turning. Im guessing this a sign its worn out but i carefully cleaned up the ridges and put it back together. The bushings seem tight and seems like it’s working ok. I think im gonna go for it and hope for the best. This tractor only sees about 20 hrs a year so maybe it will go 10 more years lol Thank you for the reply England806,
  9. Hey guys just cleaning up this pump that the nut come off, got the new key and new nut with a touch of locktight installed with a little impact gun. Just wondering how hard it is supposed to be to turn the pump over by hand? I can’t turn it, i carefully put some channel locks on it with a rag and it moved a tiny bit and i called it quits. I don’t want to wreck it but also don’t want to put it back in if it’s seized. anybody ever try and turn one over?? (Im sure those that have had one out have tried) thank you for your feedback
  10. Asked him for pictures, thanks for that!! Wish i was in Ontario i would just go get that one
  11. Have 2 186’s one with fwa and 2355 loader. Yes its a great.
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