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  1. The tractor still moves, it will stop and go though but keeps going. I drove it a half mile home that way and parked it. Haven't had time to look at it again yet. but no steering and clutch is rock hard similar to before you start it.
  2. what kind of job is that to get into?
  3. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on my 1086... was working great hammering out some big round bales and then I had no clutch, no steering, my hydro outlets seem to still work ok. I think there are 2 different pumps on this tractor but not sure. Would it make sense that one of them has packed it in? Thanks for your input
  4. thanks for the info, I need to find me a maintenance manual, I have a service manual but I don’t see anything about this in there. guess I probably have to drain some out before I can open up that breather hole now
  5. Nope we didn’t, wasn’t sure where to let the air out. thanks IH man!!
  6. Nope we didn’t, wasn’t sure where to let the air out. I will have a look and see if we have a plug there thanks IH man!!
  7. Hey there! so finally got the 186 moving again, yeah!! Was the high pressure relief valve stuck, thanks to all for your help troubleshooting that. decided to change the fluid after we got her rolling again so drained like 8 drain plugs and the 2 filters, refilled and now it seems it’s air locked? no hydraulic anything is working.... let it sit? Is there a way to bleed the air out? thanks for your help, again!
  8. It was said that they sometimes stick, and by the time you remove them they have reset some of the time, also there could be a c-clip fell off or damaged. So I guess that's what I am looking for for now anyway. Just started this thread for advice on removing the valves I guess. Thank you for the feedback
  9. I never checked that J-Mech, guessing that would have been a good thing to check? unchartered territory for me so I'm just going with advice form the forum Thanks
  10. Hi there snoshoe! Yup the tractor will not move, drove it forward to get fuel and when I went to reverse that was where she sat, no problems until that point.
  11. Hi J-Mech, I just followed the suggestions on another post I had, blocked off the foot n inch, checked linkages etc. This was the next suggested item so here we are...
  12. for both? I can see using that for the fitting jamb nut but what about the actual valve? The manual says its 1-3/8 or 35mm
  13. Hey y'all ! Finally got around to checking out the high pressure relief valves to see if that's where my issue is with the 186. How the heck do you get the jam nut loose on that 90 degree fitting on the valve?? I got the one on the drivers side as the hole is big enough to get a wrench in there but thought while i'm in there should probably get them both out. does a crows foot socket work? Also i have a regular 3/4" drive 1 3/8" socket but the wall thickness is too much to get around the valve. Should I go try and find a 1/2" drive socket and do you need to grind it down to get it to
  14. Het there jfkleinrt!! Thank you so much for that!!
  15. Hi there, I picked up this 844S and there are no markings on any of the levers, and I don't yet have a manual for it. From what I can figure the shifter on the left of the seat has R, low and high range. Then the shifter on the dash right of the steering wheel has 3 positions but only the top and bottom ones give me a gear so I'm only getting 4 gears. What am I missing? Other than that it seems to be a great little tractor so far. I would like to add another factory spool to get another outlet but not sure if it is set up to do that
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