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  1. Just picked up this IH 470 disk yesterday. I had to try it out and the M was the only tractor that wasn't hooked to something 😂 So far it does a much better job than my Deere 115 disk does, I could never get the deere to level right.
  2. Just some pics from this year.
  3. Here's mine, it's a NH TR 85
  4. Baled enough for us and the neighbor comes and takes the rest. Our NH square baler had no issues baling behind a rotary combine.
  5. I started on combining winter wheat today. So far the new to me combine works good, it's a NH TR 85. It's quite the upgrade from the IH 303!
  6. Did a little disking with the M.
  7. Did a little plowing too, the Co-op and Oliver plow did good.
  8. Finally done planting, i put in about 35 acres
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