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  1. Thanks, I was surprised too. I had to order the "mole" as an option, I also got the bigger shank and heavy duty point. I'm hoping it will help with drainage.
  2. Yep, brand new. Ordered it from the Deere dealer back in February.
  3. Frontier makes a light duty version similar to what you'd find at tractor supply.
  4. Deere still makes a single shank subsoiler. My new one just came today, I did have to order it.
  5. Just picked up this IH 470 disk yesterday. I had to try it out and the M was the only tractor that wasn't hooked to something ? So far it does a much better job than my Deere 115 disk does, I could never get the deere to level right.
  6. Just some pics from this year.
  7. Here's mine, it's a NH TR 85
  8. Baled enough for us and the neighbor comes and takes the rest. Our NH square baler had no issues baling behind a rotary combine.
  9. I started on combining winter wheat today. So far the new to me combine works good, it's a NH TR 85. It's quite the upgrade from the IH 303!
  10. Did a little disking with the M.
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