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  1. Eric Farley

    The Steiger built prototype 4366

    Yes you can shift them on the go like a semi, but its not as easy. I had the clutch release bearing go out at the start of planting on our 4786, we had about 1000 acres to plant. I was applying nh3 with 32' vibrashank, behind it was a 1000 gallon nurse tank, and a track plow, went through the whole season like that, it was real fun to change tanks by yourself too.
  2. Eric Farley

    Mcv check valve

    check the fit of the check valve, I find the new ones sometimes are a little tight and need smoothed up
  3. Eric Farley

    5288 cab power

    I always hold the bolt with vicegrips and remove the nuts, then I put nuts on the bolts behind the sol, to hold the bolts in place
  4. Eric Farley

    I.H, Water Jug ?

    ones on fleabay now
  5. Eric Farley

    Engine racing after carb rebuild

    also the tube has some slack on the flange end and can be a little off center causing it to drag on the shaft, you can tap it up, down, or sideways, to center it before you tighten it up all the way.
  6. Eric Farley

    what's the deal here? International Harvester tools

    Good to see someone keeping the IH name out in public, to bad Fiat is not interested , I guess they are to busy giving JD the market on a silver platter, and giving IH less and less recognition. cnhi Case, New Holland, Industrial.
  7. Eric Farley

    Save money on gaskets and seals

    all opened for me
  8. Eric Farley

    New Ford Comerical

    looks like the way we hauled square bales when I was a kid, you should have seen the hay trailer behind us
  9. Eric Farley

    806 Range Transmission

    assuming you have watched the linkage rod move the rev lever when you move the shifter, and you have it adjusted, pull the side cover, shift it back and forth, there's a fork on a keyed shaft. could be the fork, the key, to much slack in the keyway, or the collar is not engaging the gear, what ever it is it will be easy to spot if the issue is down there. if the rev. shaft doesn't move then pull the range cover
  10. Eric Farley

    Mto and anyone that works on cars/trucks

    no stop leak, check the service ports to see if they are leaking those plastic caps are just dust caps and will not hold pressure if a port starts leaking, I've seen a lot of hi side valves fail,
  11. Eric Farley

    Bee keeping help!

    you can if you want, if you are 100 % sure you have a new queen, but if your not sure, do you really want to kill off the queen cells yet? maybe the bees know something you don't, the new queen or workers will kill all the young queens that emerges after the new queen takes over. but the new queen could get hurt in a fight so its up to you when and who kills them
  12. Eric Farley

    Bee keeping help!

    its true what hobbyfarm said about bee keepers, every one will have a different ´╗┐opinion. The biggest mistakes I made when starting out was to react to quickly and make things worse. bees are pretty amazing what the will do on their own, granted some things do need immediate attention while others need time for the bees to work out
  13. Eric Farley

    Bee keeping help!

    any time, try not to stress, you got plenty of brood in the other hive you can use, try to get into the beesource site, there's a goldmine of knowledge there
  14. Eric Farley

    Bee keeping help!

    the new queen will kill the emerging ones, I have found the more you mess with the bottom box the more you stand to mash the new queen heres a good site with 129 lessons on bee keeping I have found it usefull
  15. Eric Farley

    Bee keeping help!

    I think they will be ok, if your hive looks like its getting to small you can always move a brood frame or two over to the weaker hive, they will not know which hive they came from and the bees will except them as theirs