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  1. the pipes ive seen were so thin they wouldn't keep anything from bending
  2. The pipes just cover the bolts to keep dirt off and help protect them, the tool will pop the wedges 99% of the time without any issues , but yes you can strike the axle. However there's a difference in striking the axle ,and trying to bend it over like a nail.
  3. To use the wedge tool, put the threaded one on the back side of the wheel and non threaded one on the outside , turn them so they match each other and the open part it on the wedge has the bolt exposed, start the bolts in the back one and tighten them down, then you loosen the wedge bolt. keep turning it till the loose wedge runs up and starts pushing on the wedge tool. keep turning until the other wedge pops loose. tip if its on a jack be sure the wedges are down so the weight is off them, I like to do it with the tire on the ground and the wedges to the top, a hammer smack on the axle
  4. I think he had both a injector leaking and a nozzle sleeve leaking
  5. The Dallas tractor was purchased new from Mahaney International in McKinney Texas and Ike worked land around that area. Mahaney and Meaders had had a long standing disagreement over territory and finely came to an agreement that Mahaney would only sell trucks and Meaders would only sell ag equipment. So Whitewright became the closest ag dealership. About year or two after it was filmed, it was hauled to the dealership in Whitewright be repainted. Also the salesman grew up in McKinney and knew Ike, so that may also have played a part as to why it came to Meaders. I was pretty young at that ti
  6. How do you like the steps on the 10 compared to the factory ones?
  7. it could have been a add on that was installed by another dealer and was pulled from there inventory when our dealer ordered it, as I don't know where the tractor was shipped to us from, but it was a new tractor, the pto was painted red, and was tall like it had a hydraulic motor in the top section, it don't show up in the parts list so add on would make sence. If I run across the photo again ill post it
  8. anyone can believe what they want but I personally took the unit off a new tractor we sold when I worked at a dealership, the unit bolted to the read frame and was driven by hydraulics as there was no way to get power from a engine driven shaft
  9. they had 10 speed road ranger transmission, 5 speeds in low range and 5 in hi, the PTO as I remember were hydraulic driven and was a big clunky thing that weighed a ton. Ive only seen one and a pic or two.
  10. We sold a new 45 to a customer that had a PTO, he wanted a 3 point so we took off the pto and installed a cat 4 hitch, As best I can remember you could have one or the other but not both because of clearance issues
  11. the 45s had a pto option as well as 3 point
  12. The static mark is on the cam ring, below the timing window you will see a 1 1/8 nut, behind that nut there is a piston with a spring that advances and retards the cam ring to adjust the dynamic timing when the engine is running, there are shims used on one side and an adjustment screw on the other side of the piston to set the travel of the advance system, that is why you see a variance in where the mark location from one pump to another
  13. we had a houser with a metal bracket which mounted with the hood bolts, it ran from the front bolt down and under the hood , then back up to the rear hood bolt, it kept the houser away from the hot manifold .It looks to me to be deep straight scars that might be left by the bracket and its on the manifold side
  14. Ive been saying that about the red and blue police and other ems lighting, they are so bright you cant see where your going when you pass by them. I think they went to far trying to make it safe for law enforcement and now they stand a chance of getting run over by blinded drivers
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