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  1. 784 IH clutch

    think your talking about a 2 stage clutch, they have 2 disks, one for the transmission and one for the pto, depress the clutch 1/2 way and the trans. clutch disengages, all the way down releases the pto clutch
  2. Self defence IH Tractor

    Aftermarket??? What did he do,, kill the deere and take the plow?
  3. 1086 brakes

    the pto is totally independent, so it should have no bearing on the hydraulics other than heating it some, its also strange your steering works but loose brakes as steering has priority, if you were stacking the oil up against the rear housing on the inside, you would loose steering and everything else except the pto.But I don't see that happening. I would think that maybe your brakes are weak and the brush hog weights a lot more than the blade and it pulls the tractor down hill? and anyway backing down a 45 degree hill
  4. 1586 help

    if you haven't drained the coolant do so now, the nozzle sleeves can leak coolant into your cylinder while the nozzles are out, it will cause damage if you try to start it with coolant on top of the pistons. If it needs a shot of start fluid to crank even when its warm, a bad head on the injection pump can also cause it to need either to crank
  5. Case JX

    try setting your e brake before you shut it off, and release it after you start it
  6. 1586 help

    you don't have to remove the cover, there's a pipe plug with a square female hole that you can remove with a ratchet, you can shine a light in the hole and see the pointer and mark .removing the cover does make it a lot easer to see the mark, I think it times to 18* BTDC, timing marks should be on the front pulley you will have to remove the cover to change timing
  7. Allis tag

    When I was in my teens I ran a AC stationary engine powering a hammer mill for our feed business, it ran on natural gas. There was another power unit that was retired before I ever saw it run. it was a MM side by side 6, two 6 cylinder engines mounted to one bell housing.
  8. 986 won't go into park

    we had one that would drop into park while the shifter was in neutral, I would have to reach under the floor board and pull and pry it out of park then the lever would go back to working it, until next time
  9. 1086 MCV

    Makes no difference up down either way pressure is blocked off to both ports
  10. Best fluids for 986

    case IH hydraulic oil, 30W engine oil precharge antifreeze if you drain and change it, You will get a about 100 other recommendations as well on this. I would change the oils before I ran it, I would pull the engine oil dip stick and see if its showing overfull, if it is you may have water in the oil and will need to find where its coming from.If its been setting for 12 years I would pull the intake hose off the manifold and have a person standing by with a large rad, just in case the pumps stuck I had a run away once with a injection pump that sat a few years
  11. NO not another oil thread just info

    Yes i know theirs a lot of different viscosity's of hydraulic oil and the one I had issues with said iso46 but it was thicker, maybe mislabeled bucket, I don't know. so with off brands (cheap oil) you need to be careful buying it, just because its stacked up by the front door of the store don't mean its for your tractor
  12. NO not another oil thread just info

    Im not starting another oil thread, in fact it doesn't even require a response, Theirs been a lot of posts about their tractor not priming, when cold, so here's something to keep in mind, with cheap hydraulic oil.The other day I went to a customers farm because he had to let his tractor run for an hour when it was cold outside before the steering and hitch would start to work. It was cold that day about 39 degrees (yeah I know that's hot for you guys up north) I changed the hydraulic filter, not go. I changed the Oring on the steering valve, no go, so I had him pick up a bucket of cheap hydraulic oil, because it was real low, and it was sucking air from somewhere, when I went to put oil in, I noticed that it was thicker than it should be, about like 40 or 50 W engine oil, I looked at the bucket and looked and smelled the oil, it was hydraulic oil, I told him that what ever oil he was running was to thick for the pumps to pull when cold, and that it was sucking air. I had him pick up 3 more buckets of a different brand. I drained the other oil and filled it up the different brand, BINGO! Not all cheap oil is the same or someone pulled the wrong lever when the bucket was filled, so check the oil that your running, it could be part of your priming issues. The new oil he got would run off your finger in a stream , the old oil he was using dripped.
  13. 1086 Steering cylinder hose

    i think you need a female on one end
  14. 2+2 from concept to the field

    I don't know about the other tractors being build at Farmall, maybe Doctor Evil said it, or he may comment on this, but the 2+2s were built on large dolly like platforms on wheels that followed wires under the floor to go to each station for assembly. I saw pictures(maybe on here) of that set up and I thought it was pretty neat. I remember when the early ones came out soon after we sold one we had to recall it for a field change, on the front frame where the axle was mounted, there was a weakness so IH sent a stack of gussets and plates, with a ridiculously short time to weld the parts in place, the only way we could see to get to them to get a good weld was to pull the engine, but OH NO! IH didn't want to pay for that. They said go under the tractor and weld them, well I couldnt even see where the end of my welding rod was, much less make a good bead, Im sure the plates probably fell off somewhere on the road going back to the field Did anyone else get to install these plates?
  15. 2+2 from concept to the field

    if that happened, people would be cold and have a sun burn on their headyeah I have wondered that too