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  1. Eric Farley

    Roosa master experts

    The static mark is on the cam ring, below the timing window you will see a 1 1/8 nut, behind that nut there is a piston with a spring that advances and retards the cam ring to adjust the dynamic timing when the engine is running, there are shims used on one side and an adjustment screw on the other side of the piston to set the travel of the advance system, that is why you see a variance in where the mark location from one pump to another
  2. Eric Farley

    What are these marks from.

    we had a houser with a metal bracket which mounted with the hood bolts, it ran from the front bolt down and under the hood , then back up to the rear hood bolt, it kept the houser away from the hot manifold .It looks to me to be deep straight scars that might be left by the bracket and its on the manifold side
  3. Eric Farley

    Headlights are TOO bright!

    Ive been saying that about the red and blue police and other ems lighting, they are so bright you cant see where your going when you pass by them. I think they went to far trying to make it safe for law enforcement and now they stand a chance of getting run over by blinded drivers
  4. Eric Farley

    How Tough Is a G-Shock?

    I had one with a band just like that once, I bumped the output stud on a alternator and it turned red and melted into my wrist before you could blink an eye, I only wear plastic or cloth bands now
  5. Eric Farley

    fill me in on 1466 & 1486 rear ends,

    Also when 14s and 15s tractors came out they were the biggest 2wd IH produced, so all the fair size farmers used them as the main work horse, they worked hard and covered large amount of acres day in and day out. We had 2- 1466 1 -1486 and 1- 1066 which we worked the dog snot out. we were cropping 1700 acres, only had 1 rear end issue .A bolt worked out and got between the bull gear and bull pinion. I don't know how big your hobby farm is, but if the tractor in in good shape. not overloaded with implements to large for it, and the fuel not turned up to much you should have no issues
  6. Eric Farley

    5488 Seat Choices

    Im leaning toward the 8390 Universal Uni Pro 441 Seat-Black, its vinyl and at least has some curves in the cushion's
  7. Eric Farley

    5488 Seat Choices

    I went and looked at the K&M seats they have a cloth one that looks nice and not to far off on price. I may go with that one
  8. Eric Farley

    5488 Seat Choices

    Ive been looking at seat cushions for my 86 too, nothing so far looks anything like OEM like I want. The vinyl aftermarket are flat, plain, and look thin and cheap with no razed molding. The cloth looks more like the factory. I didn't want cloth but the vinyl ones looks so crappy. The temporary one I made from a jeep cover from wally world looks better than ones Ive been seeing. I think all the venders are getting seats from the same manufacturer. The ones listed on Hy cap, A&I and others look like the same product.
  9. Eric Farley

    Why can't I find a job?

    easy fix, stick him in a MRI machine and give him a case or bandaids
  10. Eric Farley

    86 series work light shade thingie

    thanks Zach
  11. Eric Farley

    86 series work light shade thingie

    yeah I don't think they do much but my OCD wants them on it. Thanks for trying Mike Qc.Cans pic are the style I want
  12. Eric Farley

    86 series work light shade thingie

    Ive been playing around with my 1486 that I acquired back in the summer. The front side work lights and housing got trashed some time ago so I ordered both housings and light assemblies, when they came in I noticed that the little black 1/4 moon glare reducing thingies that go at the top of the light were not included, I have looked on CNHI site, ebay and everywhere I can think of but have yet to find any other than a salvage yard. So my question is, does anyone know what know what they are called so I can look for one, or know where to get a pair, or a measurement how wide and more so how tall one is so I can make a pair? thanks
  13. Eric Farley

    1066 brake (??) and trans question...

    sorry, didn't see that
  14. Eric Farley

    Red Dot Combo light

    I get the Wagner 4409x off ebay
  15. Eric Farley

    1066 brake (??) and trans question...

    sounds to me like you need to go through the clutch adjustment procedure,both the dump valve not being pulled enough. and the and transmission brake to tight will cause a lot the issues your having