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  1. Looks like guy used a claw hammer to knock them out ! Hard as they are to find run em!
  2. It works here too till it gets cold , I've used it in a old leaky 656 but finally fixed leaks and went back to hy-trans. Winter kills it here with all the wax in it, plugs filter
  3. IH Hytran ? doesn't mean much if you used cheap oil because filter waxed up or water soaked. 656 666 686 i have all of them and they seem to collect water in case even when in shed . Mine does same when filter is plugged. Quit using cheap hyd oil and fixed leaks filled with hytrans and still needs filter every 6 months.
  4. My brother used to have a 70s puller when they were a paper that had a picture of a nf early 1466 with emblem's. I think the tractor was Kays delight.
  5. Doubt your gonna plow 160 acres a year with it ! I'd do O-rings like diesel dr said and use rest and not hone it , just put pistons back in same hole. If the bearings don't show wear they are way better than new stuff! I do this with the gas start diesel motors that are hard to find parts for . Never reused a head gasket YET!
  6. I have a 515 and my clan always wanted a set of forks and a detach bucket, I just made a set that hooked on bucket because I didn't have 3rd valve .
  7. Call Dons diesel lawrence ks son and mom shop
  8. Somebody don't know what he's buying other than what the emblems say!
  9. Call Hypermax they will make the power , and test that endless bank account!
  10. I took the front half off my 3588 and bolted the front half of a 1566 to the rear of the 3588. all bolts right up. Neighbor did a 6388 with a 966 front half. i used the big 3588 oil cooler up front behind the grill. Hope you have better luck with that piston pump than i did.
  11. You ever had one over a idle act like air in fuel cuts in and out but will idle all day? Got one at ih truck dealer doing that and act like its the first one they ever seen , 2002 4900 dt466e. Front plate broke and ps pump fell off , oil leaks other that that its been good.
  12. Same story here , buy whole box truck with the new gen 466 running driving $2500
  13. Ive seen a lot of 806 with a bad timing gear , you got lucky ! Seems there was a place that put new rubber in the harmonic balancers some talked about on here! https://www.damperdoctor.com/
  14. Latest going to be off a 715 combine , up til 76 on those 301 thou.
  15. My 15c had a atco ripper and changed to a factory ih ripper . Sold it to a d6c cat guy and holes were off . He just used a mag drill.
  16. Seen some break from bumping duals together turning !
  17. We had 403 hydro combines for years . I bet its the hose from the bottom of tank to the hydro . Its just oil resistant suction hose . they get soft over time and leak.
  18. Ive got a 285 john deere that can be had. 2010 1000 acres . Moved up to a disc swather.
  19. My dad went down to Miami Fl to a sugar cane farm sale in 1999 . There was over 100 hydro 186 ,100 fwd tractors there .
  20. Should have bought the nova by the 504 too!
  21. Water pump on front , Tills flyash into subgrade when building new streets . Now most use a bomag tiller . Till about 12-18 deep mixing in flyash ,lime to harden subgrade before asphalt .
  22. id be interested if you have a phone number . im in north kansas pm me
  23. 282 starting problems is usually 1, bad glow plugs or nor getting power. 2, valves sunk up into head lowing compression just enough to make hard to start . 282 heads have a hardened in place valve seat as most other diesel heads have a hardened steel incerted seat
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