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    2nd 1256

    I’ve never seen a manifold like that either.
  2. shot_gun_red

    Where did those weeds come from?

    706 that seed had to be there in dirt I moved a bunch of dirt here for a shed .got down 15-18 feet to the real tough dirt red clover grew like it was seeded 50# to the acre on yellow clay within a month
  3. shot_gun_red

    Lyme's disease

    I for sure have it then because i get a tick once a month I just pluck em off and go on ,Get a new Dr
  4. shot_gun_red

    Any ornithologists here? Need some bird control help!

    Good bird control stopped the day they out lawed furadan
  5. shot_gun_red

    Got it home.

    Good deal they changed take a pic I may take mine off and bolt bars on I think they moved the tie mech for more throat clearance on yours to
  6. shot_gun_red

    Got it home.

    Word of advice I have a rs561 case ih which is the 5x6 version of your baler . Pick up a set of starter flaps and screws as there a tapered allen head . That ol slick fesue will test them and you on a hot day. There a great baler ive had a couple .
  7. shot_gun_red

    Local Deere Dealership burned

    I buy there ! that sucks Jere guess you heard McConnels sold to KanEquip story is closing Ottawa
  8. shot_gun_red

    Found the needle.

    Clean it up and run it!
  9. shot_gun_red

    Fabbing up a turbo manifold

  10. shot_gun_red

    Fabbing up a turbo manifold

    560 M&w
  11. shot_gun_red

    Fabbing up a turbo manifold

  12. shot_gun_red

    Fabbing up a turbo manifold

    Some decent pics to work off of
  13. shot_gun_red

    Fabbing up a turbo manifold

    The one I have is more like 2.5-3” 2” is too small
  14. shot_gun_red

    Fabbing up a turbo manifold

    id just buy some steel weld elbows and go to work
  15. shot_gun_red

    M&W turbos on germans.

    i have the angled exhaust piece that comes off the manifold for a d358 I'm looking for a m&w oil filter base
  16. shot_gun_red

    DVT-573 Hough 90 Payloader

    6418567561 this guy has a parts td20 with a 573 in a thousand parts hes in iowa gary
  17. shot_gun_red

    Anyone on here just buy my old 1456 on auctiontime?

    Tell your buddy to put the rattle can down and back away slowly. Wonder if Trump could sign a law against TSC paint sold in confederate states. thought it was 7600 just kiddin ya ACME You keep the emblems ?
  18. Howard Merideth with the ring around seeds 1066 junk yard dog? tarp to catch all the oil leaks
  19. Pretty sure Lee Alywards tractor was Lester Henson's from Blockton Iowa tractor he got killed on in Cedar rapids on July 4 1976
  20. shot_gun_red

    Sharp 1256 puller from back in the good ole days

    Yep 856 custom Elwin Peary from Cambridge Iowa built it before his 1066 nf red babe
  21. shot_gun_red

    Sharp 1256 puller from back in the good ole days

    Vern Odell said they ran the 856 manifold for more flow than a turbo manifold . I bet they had to adapt from a bigger foot on turbo , Dan that looks like a old Iowa tractor pullers sticker to me,
  22. shot_gun_red

    Dirt pan price per hour?

    In our gummy dirt you would be driving around all day trying to shake a big gum ball out of that style of scraper only forced ejection works around here,
  23. shot_gun_red

    Head gasket for D-282, best one.........

    thanks you saved me a headache
  24. shot_gun_red

    Hot pressure washer questions.

    I bought a new easy clean on rb auction for $1200 .They sell at about every sale Diesel fired honda motor use it a lot never a problem
  25. shot_gun_red

    706 hydraulic problem....(drip-drip-drip)

    Mike I bet one of the everyday ih mechanics would know for sure but I don't remember that type of fitting on a 706 hyds looks like a 66 series supply fuel line fitting. low pressure could that of had a flare that cracked and they made that work? nut looks to deep to ever compress rubber packing. more like a flare nut could that #27 be the oring on bottom of fitting i can look on one of ours this week if it has that fitting