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  1. Pull valve cover then there should be some casted holes near back and one in front on push rod side of block in head. If you have oil standing in there take a long screwdriver and poke a hole in gasket! You have coolant holes covered to, bet your head gasket is in wrong
  2. My 515 had a d360 changed it to a dt360 pretty easy
  3. I havent seen a sp swather that isnt wore smooth in years ! Are you against a 8310 case ih or hesston 1340 disc swather ? They are a good rig .
  4. Pete , I put air to gauge port back by filters with pan off. Thought I had found serious leak, but no dice oil jets all in place ! Going to put pan back on , I got a different regulator valve to try too.
  5. I bought my grandpas 1466 back a couple years ago , Brought it home never used it much past a hot bath. Carried 75 psi just running around no load. Last summer I used it on a hay baler and noticed 0-10 oil psi at 2000 rpm ,so I took it off and put my 1256 on baler. pulled it in my shop this fall and checked gauge with a snap on mechanical ,verified 0-10 at operating temp. We owned it til 94 guy had a out of frame done in 98 at a reputable mechanic shop. So i pulled filter housing checked by-pass all looks good. Pulled regulator valve all good no broken springs all free. Pulled pan all rods and main bearings labeled 10-98 no wear at all std. Pulled oil pick up tube no cracks ,gasket good. I put air on the oil psi gauge port and sounds like a leak above rear main bearing journal. Motor sounds good no knocks. Less than 1500 on rebuild Probably going to do a tear down but figured i'd ask
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    Ace only track loader IH made with a v8 was the 250c and it was the DVT 573 They did put some DVT800 in wheel loaders
  7. Local guy siphoning gas from a motorcycle in his garage , ran can over and hot water heater came on . Burnt garage and a 55 chevy 2 dr ht that he was working on for a friend!
  8. Looking at left frame rail its been repainted ! still looks damn good
  9. I knew it wasn't a rhino as they were made out by me! Im yet to hook on one that don't need parts after that hedge stump!
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    Totally agree I've got a 220 swift that ammo is getting hard to find locally and too damn expensive, haven't shot it in years.
  11. At 12 and never hunted i'd leave the 243 in the house and start shooting with a bb gun teaching to aim and not shoot neighbors cat or cow! I started hunting starlings at night in barns with a daisy at 9-10 ! Maybe your 22 but like others have said send him to hunters safety.
  12. GF puts vinegar in ours to clean diesel soaked clothes must work because she hates diesel and can smell a 3 day old track
  13. Don't go!!! yes we agree again! 77 44 was the small chrome hub like we both said 76 was the last big hub with 6 3/8 allen bolts like the fire truck posted
  14. YES your right ! But that one is a K20 with the dana 44 front with spicer hubs and a 14 bolt rear . Last year for the big external bolted on hubs was 76 ,77 was a internal mounted hub !
  15. Its a 3/4 with a drw set up, 3500 had a straight rear frame no drop in front of rear wheels
  16. F@ck em I blow up at stupid crap too! What are they gonna do not do biz with you? Big deal I hit up the next in line!
  17. Local welding shop used 2 7/8 unlined oil field pipe for years to build hundreds of trusses and buildings None fell down yet and that was in the late 70s 80s Dad built a 140 x66 out of 4'" steam pipe in 82 still used it daily
  18. I remember in the puller they ran a winter circuit down in Florida
  19. Reason they have it! Abilene sold a whole pile of collector tractors a year ago on auction time, Id just call and talk to them there pretty straight up guys peddling junk!
  20. Neighbor used to see panthers on his way home from bar! Quit going to bar and never seen another,
  21. Find one same color in junk yard and replace. Cheapest and easiest.
  22. I figured this was coming! I told a guy this morning my collection was worth about half of what it was a year ago. Letter series I hate to invest a battery.
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