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  1. Td9 starting valves

    The valve spring on those valves only lift at about 25 lbs, so any movement may not be returned; it is possible to get it stuck even lower... and as it is stuck, it is probably at its lowest normal position. Careful there. But it should indeed start on gas. Make sure both starting valve shafts turn completely, the one at the rear will sometimes not turn as it is driven by a spring from the front shaft and not a mechanical connection. That shaft turns the switch plate for ignition power to the coil, if it does not turn then no spark. A little (!) starting fluid can help determine if you have a spark or fuel issue.
  2. Engine rebuild

    It isn't difficult to get a nice crosshatch pattern, it just takes some patience. You must use oil as you hone, but make sure you do NOT let that oil drip on to the crankshaft as you do. Move the hone up and down the cylinder smoothly, with a short stop at the top and bottom as to not get twice as much honing at the middle as at the ends. Use nice, new stones; if possible, break the glaze with a rougher stone then smoothe with finer stones. Patience, take your time and do each cylinder evenly and cleanly. Lastly, clean the cylinder when you are done making sure you get all of the grit out.
  3. International UD-525, (Year 1964)

    That's a nice unit, much prettier than the one I have to run an old sawmill. Hope you find a good home for it. Best of luck finding parts, in my searches I could barely find anyone who even knew what I was talking about.
  4. IHC V8 runs poorly

    Since diesels get all the air they want it seems the fuel supply would be the culprit. Adding ether is adding fuel, tho definitely not a recommended one. Air in the system is a very popular problem, most often caused by a bad lift pump or the rubber hose that attaches from the tank line to it. If it were simply missing on a cylinder or two then a person could figure on a problem with an injector, but it sounds as if it is more of a total engine problem. I'd think to replace the lift pump, and if that didn't work I'd go after the injector pump. Crossing my fingers for your neighbor that it's the lift pump.
  5. IHC V8 runs poorly

    I guess I'm assuming this is about a gas engine... I'd think the carb has water in it.
  6. 7.3 running weird

    I would think it would have to be in the pump, it's the only thing that changes when the throttle is moved. If it were fuel getting by some how the engine would surge, not backfire; the blue smoke indicates engine oil getting by, and oil doesn't burn like diesel tho it does burn so it could backfire. The injectors are simply nozzles, I don't see how they could do it. Voting pump.
  7. UD 525 revisited

    Can only speculate someone "tightened" them instead of torqueing them. I had to replace 17 of them. Nobody (it seems) knows what a UD 525 is outside of this forum; the only way I could come up with certain parts was to cross reference the part numbers found on the old parts to new ones. I was unemployed for 7 weeks last spring, had plenty of time to snoop around, and needed it to get results. I had all the injectors serviced by a diesel shop in Portland, they were amazed that they were in such good shape. I found many places in my work on this project that someone that had little idea of what they were doing was in there doing something anyway, mostly screwing it up. Took each and every part and went over it. Needless to say, I'm mighty happy it works now. Next project is a roof, then hooking up all of the sawmill pieces. I've got the rails, cables, and carriage in place; just need to install and adjust the belts and their mechanisms. Someday...
  8. UD 525 revisited

    Greetings again all, been a couple of years since I've been here. I wrote about my UD525 and it's troubles with running on diesel, I finally fixed it. In the end the head gaskets were leaking. The head studs were stretched, and it appeared as if the gaskets had been replaced somewhat recently (it had been setting for 10 years). After some internet magic I found the parts I needed and got it put back together. It runs like a Swiss watch now. Man, those heads are heavy! I was able to get acceptable manuals online, they are reprints and not very clear but they worked anyway. The head studs are 9/16", odd and difficult to locate; had a place offer to make me some for 24$ each... ouch. Bought what seemed to be some of the last factory ones available instead, used shorter ones where the long ones were (for the lift handle) as the long ones just aren't out there. Never-seized the heck out of 'em. One head nut was bad, couldn't find an acceptable one so I used a lugnut for a mid-80's 1 ton Ford truck; works perfectly. Went thru the heads, resealed and cleaned and all is good.