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    Restoring and repairing IH tractors. Currently have: '69 544 row crop gas gear drive, '73 544 row crop gas hydro, '66 656 row crop gas gear drive, '68 656 row crop gas hydro, '68 656 row crop LP Hydro (one of 32 built), '69 756 Diesel Hi-Clear, '69 856 Wheatland, '67 1256 Wheatland, '70 826 Hydro Gold Demonstrator, '71 826 Wheatland, '70 1026 Hydro, '70 1456, '65 1206 Wheatland, (21st one built), '65 806 Wheatland w/ RD pump, '79 686 Diesel Hi-Clear. Addicted to anything IH, but mostly 06, 26, 44, and 56 series tractors...

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  1. We have done quite a few of these at our dealership...expect to find a few other things that need attention while its apart, could very easily get into the $10,000 range to repair if done at a dealer....
  2. All I can say is WOW....that truck is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it in person someday at a RPRU (hopefully?)! I'm sure as with any of your toys, pictures do it no justice! GREAT JOB!!!
  3. I have 5 Woodfords and 2 Merrils at my place....the Woodfords are very old, and have never given a single problem, One of the Merrils had to be replaced immediately, as it leaked like a sieve, but the replacement one has given no issues so far. The Woodfords are from the 50's and 60's, and the Merrils were installed in '89 and '97....
  4. I have one of the standard style ones (Booster PAC ES5000), and also one of the lithium ion style (NOCO Genius 9000)....the lithium one has a lot of power and is very small in size, have started tractors as big as a 1456 with no batteries in tractor at all, and cranked very well. Only 3 downfalls- The cables are very short, so can be a pain to get connected by yourself sometimes, has to be charged with a USB charger (like cellphone charger), and also will not charge up from the tractor's charging system like the old standard ones, aside from that, I really like it, but there are times when I grab the old style one for the convenience factor...Just my 2 cents worth...
  5. MN Binder

    Rd engines

    I have a complete split manifold set-up off of a RD450 for dual exhaust if you are still looking for a manifold....nice condition...PM me if interested....Tony
  6. I really like how that air cleaner turned out.....it's really cool how you've managed to keep a lot of the original aspects of the machine, and mix in some modern upgrades that don't detract from the overall appearance of the truck....I really like this build! Can't wait to see it all finished!!
  7. Nice! With Esdon doing the engine, it should run! Nice to see a new machine in the state again....
  8. Who's doing the engine work for you? What class are you going to be in?
  9. It takes a long time for the second filter to bleed through the RD pump.....I just replaced filters on my 806 w/ RD pump, and it took about 5 minutes for the second filter to fill up with the plunger on the pump in the bleed position.....if your plunger will not stay up when turned, you may have to prop something under it, and just be patient for the fuel to come....it seems like forever, but must not go very fast when it has to cycle through the pump.....
  10. That engine pic looks downright sexy! Love the painted script on the valve covers, and the Edelbrock looks mean on there......
  11. Looking good!! FYI, your top cushion on your seat is on upside down....
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