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  1. Thanks everyone for you input. I have looking in to driving with Jim Palmer, the little bit of research i did they seem like a good and reputable company.
  2. Hello my name is Matthew Hill. I will be turning 21 at the end of the month, I have always wanted to run tractor-trailer, either OTR or on local runs. There is just one problem I don’t have any depth perception. My father and brother don’t think I can do it. It this a dream I just have to let go? Can anyone tell me there experiences driving truck? And if maybe I should do it or just give up the dream?
  3. I am looking at a 1994 Bombardier MPV20. I have not seen many of them. My question is are they a good tractor or not and how is it to get parts for them. Any information on these tractors would be greatly appreciated.
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