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  1. Thanks for all the tips and ideas. Scraglycat, I have a question, on my monitor the only individual sensor I have for the load (plunger) arms would be the driving arrows. Do the newer monitors have load numbers for each plunger arm? Gearclash, Yea sometimes a person forgets to drive from the ddriving arrows and drives by the tractor and row. Old habits I guess. David
  2. exSW, Not the biggest windrows, but not smallest, maybe medium (I know, depends on what is big or small). I was able to increase speed and watched the direction arrows closer and it worked better. Still the left cylinder was pulled down about 1/2" to 1" further. But made good looking bales. The other think that I think is that we raked the single row and that made it not as wide so it is "harder" to fill that chamber evenly. I probably need to increase the amount of material in the stuffer chamber before it trips also. David
  3. Bitty, Thanks for the information. Everything looks fine. I agree that bale that is in there looks funny, the stuffer on that left side is not full. Looks like a driver problem. But upon saying that have had this baler for a number years, put up about 1500 tons of grass straw and it is always tighter on that left side. When chamber was empty, boards swung back and forth. Maybe it is just me? Have a 3x3 no problem there. David
  4. Hello, Been awhile since I posted, but always have success. Have a Hesston 4790 (3x4) baler same as a 8585 (case IH). The problem I am having is that the left density cylinder pulls down more than the right cylinder. This causes the left board to be pushed in further than the right board. Repacked both cylinders, still happening. Load is running at 225, staying constant. Hydraulics working okay. Any idea what causes this problem? Not sure if more information is needed. Thanks David
  5. SDman and CRutt, and everybody else that commented. It was the orings,when I took it apart, the orings came out in a couple of pieces. Got the orings, put it back together and now have 2200 psi. Thank you all David
  6. Dale560, Thanks for the information, I wonder if the signal shuttle spools that CRutt mentions is the same as compensator vavle? David
  7. CRutt, The psi did increase when I pulled on the two remotes. Now the question is what/where is the signal shuttle spools? Thanks David
  8. Have a case 4494, use it to run a hesston 3x4 4790 baler. The issue I have is that I "loose" pressure on the remote to keep baler pressure. The reason I know the baler console tells gives me an error of "c inc", which means the baler can not increase pressure. So I put a pressure gage on the remote and only have about 1100psi on the remotes. I am not sure how, but at times the baler will keep pressure fine, than it will just drop off, and I get spongy bales. Steering works fine, transmission shifts fine. Was not sure if it was a tractor issue or baler issue, changed tractors and put the 449
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