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  1. British pipe thread. We have an old Toyota fork truck that has some BPT fittings. I don’t recall if they took sae or metric wrenched but thinking metric
  2. Legal year round here in Indiana. Local town has a huge Shelton fireworks store that is open year round. Store is located at an interstate exit not far from the IN/IL state line so you know where most of the customers come from.,Use to be if you were an IN resident you had to sign a form stating you would only shoot them off at a designated location under certified supervision but that was done away with several years ago. Shy's the limit as far as cost. I haven't been inside it for several years but even back then they had shells that cost several hundred dollars. A guy could easily drop a thousand dollars and barely fill a grocery sack. When I was a kid my parents moved to NC. When I would go visit them we'd cross over the state line, about 3 miles away. Soon as you crossed into SC there was a lshack that sold fireworks. We would buy cherry bombs & M80s in bo especially of 144, as well as Roman candles. You ain't lived until you had a M80 go off off in the car you were sitting in
  3. There are relays that shuts the slide gate under the wet holding bin, the auger empties out before the motor shuts off. On startup the auger will run for about 15 seconds before the slide gate opens allowing wet corn to drop into the auger. Slide gate is adjustable to control the flow of grain into the auger.,Other than having to manually adjust the distance the slide gate opens everything else is automatically controlled through the drier controls.
  4. Interesting reading. We need to put a larger motor, currently 15hp 1 ph, on the auger that goes from our wet holding bin to our Top Dry., We do have 3ph across the road from our house but the electrical company wants ~ $50,000 just to run it to the bins, -250'. Weve been considering a RPC to run the wet bin auger , 10" x 70' running @ 48° Thinking well need a 25hp 3ph motor so judging by the comments on here we'd need an approx 50hp RPC. Is that about right?
  5. We use to have lightning rods on our house & tool sheds. Almost every year at least one of the building got hit by lightning.,Our insurance agent, my cousin, recommended taking them off. Since we had them removed, almost 20 yrs ago, we haven't had lightning strike any of our buildings. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not but I know our insurance company hasn't offer a discount for having lightning rods for years.
  6. JMO, but I think you do see some reduction in reel shatter with a draper. Reason being you are able to run the reel slower, or at least we do, due to the more even feeding. Sickle cuts the plants off & all the reel has to do is tip them back onto the draper belts unlike on an auger head where they tend to bounce on the auger till there's enough the reel pushes them in enough for the flighting to catch and move them to the center Will agree, on 8-9% beans doesn't matter what type head you run you're going to have some shatter. I'd much rather cut 15-16% Beans than 11-12%.
  7. We've run draper heads since 2010. I would agree that Cliff estimate is a lot closer than 5 bpa. If 5bpa was accurate we'd have to put up another bean bin.......LOL Biggest advantage I see in a draper is they feed much smoother than an auger head which in turn allows you to start sooner & cut latter in the day. Guy really needs to watch his loss monitor because it's pretty easy to not realize beans are getting tough & you'll start pushing beans out the back. First draper in this area was a 36' Macdon on a 2388. Owner claimed he could cut 1 mph faster with the draper than the 30' 1020 it replaced.
  8. My son has a '81 JD 440 Trailfire, an'81 JD Liquid fire, & a '76 JD Trailfire. The Traifire & the '76 Liquid fire both run. He's still working on the '81 Liquidfire, he's got it so that it will fire but can't keep it running. Still waiting on some parts for it. First snowmobile I had was an ArticCat that had a Wankell rotary engine. Sounded like a farm truck when loaded. Hate to think how many times I had that engine apart. Was actually pretty simple to work on. I traded it for a new '79 340 JD Spitfire. Next year I bought a new 440 Trailfire, and the following year traded the Spitfire for a new 440 Sportfire. Every day in the winter wife & I would take the kids riding after school. On weekends there was a group of 16 of us would go trail riding or ride in an old gravel pit. Wasnt unusuall to put 2-300 miles on in a night. We don't get much snow here anymore so not many snowmobiles around. The few that do have them usually will go riding in MI hogan a couple times a year.
  9. Friend has a Farmall H he wants to put a 3pt hitch on. He's found a used Saginaw that came off an M, will that fit his H? I looked on Steiners website & it looks like they are the same but wanted to be sure before I gave him the thumbs up TIA boog
  10. We had 2 or 3 of those back in the early '80s to help keep our old farm house warm on cold wintery days. Like said, they put out good heat but they will stink you out plus good kero is expensive & hard to find.
  11. boog

    Fast hitch ?

    I'LL let him know
  12. boog

    Fast hitch ?

    Thanks, That was what I thought but wanted to be sure. Only difference that I know of is that the 560 fast hitch has a small step made from rebar on one side
  13. From what Ice read elsewhere, JD has the right to back out of the agreement at their choosing.
  14. boog

    Fast hitch ?

    A friend recently purchased a 450 that had a very nice 234 picker mounted on it. He isn't interested in the picker but needs the large U bracket for the fast hitch that mounts under the tractor. He has found a the U assembly on a salvaged 560 & was wondering if it would fit on his 450. I looked onnCIH online website, found the fast hitchnassemble but gives no parts # I'm pretty sure he would sell the picker if someone is interest. I've seen the picker & its one of the nicest ones I've seen. No rust & paint is still,on the snouts. Tractor also has a M&W Super Snout.
  15. boog


    This summer we replaced the Outback system in our Versatile 550 with an AgLeader "Incommandd 800", what a big step up. Never could get the Outback to hold a straight line thru the field, tractor wobbled like a drunken snake & when least expected would lose the A/B line while going thru the field. Still getting use to the 800 but seems fairly user friendly. Our planter tractors, Magnum 275 & 315, as well as our combine has Pro 700s with RTK . I don't run those as much but the 700 seems harder to use. Sprayer has a Vipor 4+, which I spend the most time in. Sprayer originally had a Vipor Pro which went bad a couple years ago. The VP was very difficult or me to figure out, took most of one spraying system to learn. I was worried about the Vipor 4+ but after about an hour I had it figured out., We have a CIH 9330 we bought last summer to put on the grain cart & some light tragedy hat currently doesn't have autosteer that I'd like to find a used EZ Steer & 750 to put in it. Had that system in a MX 255 several years ago & liked. Thought about putting a Wheelman unit in it but have read to many negative reports on them
  16. One nice thing about living on the Prarie where the wind blows on a calm day - you don't have to rake leaves:÷))
  17. boog

    corn spacing

    We were 20" corn for 3 years then went back to 30s. Been a few others around here that have done the same. Our yields dropped 15bpa in 20" corn, mainly due to increased disease pressure. We're in an area that insecticide on corn is a must, our insecticide cost went up 50%. Every acre had to be sprayed with fungicide, only way was by plane., Also had increased lodging pressure. Equipment cost more hew & was worth less on trade in. The year we went back to 30" corn our yields went back up
  18. Best of luck. Curious as to how much experience you have had raising turkeys? Frie d's family use to raise them, from listening to some of his experiences they have to be ne of, if not the dumbest, critter God ever created. Hope it works out for you.
  19. boog


    Don't know if it works but I recently read if you put your hands & feet in a tub of hot water & a bag of frozen peas on the back of your neck it will help relieve headaches.mSomething about pulling the blood away from your brain. Might be worth a try. Luckily I seldom get headaches.but have been told I'm a pain in a lower portion of the body.
  20. Looks dangerous, be careful. Most of the old timers I knew that had missing body parts were from encounters with ear corn pickers
  21. boog

    Fuel prices

    Fuel supplier delivered 3,500 gal of red diesel Sunday. Price was $4.36 Not unusual for us to go thru 500 gal / day when running in the field. Bought my first diesel tractor in '71 (806), diesel was 16ct / gal.
  22. I'll take a look tomorrow but iirc I have a couple of those 86 series mounts in the old shop.
  23. We've been pla ting beans before corn for several years. Bean yields have increased as have corn yields. Last year we had beans up, planted 4/5 that were covered with 1 1/2" of snow & hit by 3 frosts, lowest temp was 26° that made 70 bpa. Seems the modern soybean can tolerate cold weather / wet conditions better than corn. If that field would have been corn most likely it would have had to been replanted. JMO, but I think corn reeders has given up a lot of cold weather tolerance in an effort to increase yield potential. FWIW, currently have 200 ac of beans in the ground here in wc-in.
  24. Class of 69 - " We're 69 ers, try it, there's nothing any finer"
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