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  1. ⁶I was visiting my parents in NC right after high school. A couple friends came by & said there had been a plane crash a couple miles away. A small private plane flew up & into an airljner that had just taken off. We hopped into a buddies car & drove out to the scene alongnI 26. Walked by what was left of a stewardesses body in the meridian. In the trees along the highway were bodies, looked like large chunks of beef, hanging in the trees smoking. Worst thingnIve ever seen or smelled. Dad had a coworker who's wives called and said there was seven bodies in their living room that had crashed thru the ceiling. Never want to see something like that again. Back in the '60s we use to find balls of silver foil looking strands Uncle who was a lot colonel in the air force said they were radar jamming material that were used in defensive practice maneuver between fighter jets. Our farm was located in the center of a triangle between Chanute AF Base, now home of HCOP, Grissom AFB in IN, & Terra Haute RAFB in IN.
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    Don't know if it works but I recently read if you put your hands & feet in a tub of hot water & a bag of frozen peas on the back of your neck it will help relieve headaches.mSomething about pulling the blood away from your brain. Might be worth a try. Luckily I seldom get headaches.but have been told I'm a pain in a lower portion of the body.
  3. Looks dangerous, be careful. Most of the old timers I knew that had missing body parts were from encounters with ear corn pickers
  4. boog

    Fuel prices

    Fuel supplier delivered 3,500 gal of red diesel Sunday. Price was $4.36 Not unusual for us to go thru 500 gal / day when running in the field. Bought my first diesel tractor in '71 (806), diesel was 16ct / gal.
  5. I'll take a look tomorrow but iirc I have a couple of those 86 series mounts in the old shop.
  6. We've been pla ting beans before corn for several years. Bean yields have increased as have corn yields. Last year we had beans up, planted 4/5 that were covered with 1 1/2" of snow & hit by 3 frosts, lowest temp was 26° that made 70 bpa. Seems the modern soybean can tolerate cold weather / wet conditions better than corn. If that field would have been corn most likely it would have had to been replanted. JMO, but I think corn reeders has given up a lot of cold weather tolerance in an effort to increase yield potential. FWIW, currently have 200 ac of beans in the ground here in wc-in.
  7. Class of 69 - " We're 69 ers, try it, there's nothing any finer"
  8. When I redid my SMTA I used copper coat & had issues. When I redid the head gasket an old time IH mechanic recommended using aluminum spray paint. So far no issues. That was 6-7 years ago.
  9. Had that happen to us a few years ago. We'd put a new deck on our gooseneck & treated the boards with linseed oil. Cleaned up the brushes with gas soaked racks & threw them into a Rubbermaid trash can with a lid. Next morning I walked into a smoke filled shop. Next to the roll a round tool box where the trash can usually sat was a blackened pile of melted rubber. Rubber tires on end of toolbox closest to what was left of the trash can were burnt off & black smoke residue up the side & back of the tool box. Other side of the tool box set the acetylene torch.
  10. Sour Lemmon, made with all lemon juice, no water.
  11. We had a hopperbottom custom made for a 9 ring (narrow corrugation), bin that is used as a wet holding bin for our Top Dry. Hopper has 60° slope and four 1.5 arreation fans. We used the bin as a flat bottom wet holding bin while the hopper was being made. We like the convince of the hopper over a flat bottom, no having to have dry corn for a cone, with 60° sides its pretty much first in first out, no having to clean it out every few days & replaced a unload auger & sweep with a 12v actuator & slide gate to unload.. Having the hopper custom made on-site was actually cheaper than buying a commercial hopper & having it shipped ~ 300 miles plus got 60° slope compared to 4t° on a commercial hopper & a lot heavier built.
  12. I'd recommend dual wheels on wings on 24' & wider to keep them from digging in. Based on my experience a 490 will do a better job of finishing & 496 will cut stalks better.
  13. We also have a AA tank converted to propane. Just make sure all the AA is out. You can use AA valves for propane but not vise versa
  14. We converted a 1,000 gall AA tank to diesel fuel several years ago. Tank was empty but we had to bleed some pressure off. After all pressure was off we put in about 300 gal of water, pulled it around behind pick then drained water off. Repeated the after draining stuck air hose in & let it blow for awhile, then let it set for several days to be sure tank was dry inside. We put a high volume 12v tank on top. Neighbor mounted a small gas air compressor to use instead of a pump. Worked good until someone stole the compressor. Don't use the fill bung to fill with fuel, there's a pipe that goes to the bottom & fuel will blow back out. We learned the hard way.
  15. I had one blow up starting a Steiger 435. Just turned the key to start, no charger or jumpers hooked to it, when it blew. Sounded like a cannon when it blew.
  16. I had one blow up starting a Steiger 435. Just turned the key to start, no charger or jumpers hooked to it, when it blew. Sounded like a cannon when it blew.
  17. King crab, boiled & fried shrimp, bacon wrapped chicken, & marinated steak with hash brown potatoes & homemade rolls. Ate at 5:30 & I'm still stuffed.
  18. Y thoughts are with you. Glad to hear your son has admitted he has an addiction. My younger sister died of cirrhosis of the liver at the age of 62, looked like she was 90.She went from a co owner of a cpa firm with17 employees to leaving an inverted estate at the time of her death. She denied she had a drinking problem.
  19. 25' 415 mulcher coming up for sale at this month's Mowery Auction sale this month in Milford IL, Dec15&16th IIRC. Google Mouwery Auction Service & click on "inventory"
  20. I pulled a 620 dress wheel drill behind a 15' Brillion cultimulcher from 1978 till the early '90s drilling soybeans & wheat. Custom drilled a lot of beans during that time period
  21. 806D should pull it fine. Always better to pull a smaller plow at a plow day. We pull a 4x16 # 60 plow behind a 706 German diesel or a 1206, 12 doesn't know its behind it. Back in the day guys around here usually pulled 5 14s with 706s, 5x16s with 806s & 6x16s with1206s. I bought the 560 because I already had the 540 & wanted to match bottom sizes.
  22. 540, appears to be a 16", or at least has 16" shares on it. At one time I had a 14" 540 & a 14" 560 ( 6 bottom). Pulled the 540 with a 656 gas & the 560 with a 806D. In heavy cornstalks they would plug unless you either chopped or disced, some did both, the stalks first
  23. My parents lived in NC When our kids were younger driving thru the mountains we would see signs that warned "Watch For Falling Rock". I told them "Fallen Rock" was a lost Indian & they needed to watch for him. For several they would seethe "Watch For Falling Rock" signs & one would invariably say, " they still haven't found Fallen Rock dad". I never was sure if they believed me or was just playing along till years later we were laughing about it & my adult daughter says " Dad, I always believed you for a long time". We still laugh about it whenever we see one of those signs along the highway.
  24. I bought a new 7120 when they first came out. Out of the factory it denied 187hp. Traded it for a 7120 when the 4spd reverse came out. Compared to the first 7120 it was a dogged, all same equipment but it struggle running a gear slower. Dealer put it on the dyno & it turned 157hp, factory ratings. Service manager said it was where it should be, nothing he could do without voiding warranty. Dealer was part of a multistage dealership that had a store closer to us that did a lot of our service work. Bought from 1st store because a good friend was a salesman there. I contacted the sm at the 2nd store, he called sm at 1st store & told him to send pump to the pump shop & have them set it to" high factory settings". He said that should give us more hpm& tractor would remain under warranty When pump came back tractor denied 185hp.
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