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  1. Bitty, you're correct. I was thinking of Behlen as that's what I have on my Louisville Stage 2 SM. Have a Charlyn on the SMTAC That's what happen when you get old:÷(
  2. Some parts are still available thru your CIH dealer. Have them look it up under a 400 tractor. My understanding was you had to be a dealer to buy from "Force America", at least that's what they told me a few years ago I
  3. I spent my hs years & 1 or 2 more helping on neighbors shelling crew, 560 & a #6 JD sheller. Lot of memories that at the time weren't so enjoyable : bees, wasps & rats in the crib. One rat do big it killed the farmers Tom cat. Learned to chew tobacco to keep dust out of throat Double corn crib with hogs down the middle, corn full of green dust & smelled like hogs. One job got a tock in the cage, 110°, boss and I spent all afternoon getting it out while rest of crew sat under shade trees. I did get moved to truck driver after that. Driving it down the I interstate when bridge was out on the 2 lane hwy, boss's son was scared to so I did, every time semi passed I thought I was going to get sucked off the tractor seat. Dynamiting corn to get it loose 3nough to get it out whith a power rake. Boss put to big of a charge in & blew wire crib apart. About like pic of crib with side out except ears & shelled corn all over the guys lot. Shelled one crib that held 100,000 bu, owned by an elevator, actually easiest shelling I did, tunnel floor with a small room on one end that held a Cub with front blade. Once you got room shelled out you used the Cub to push corn in drags, one other guy to clean up & pull boards off top of tunnel. Lots of memories but I wouldn't want to do it again. Probably biggest reason I have had breathing problems most of my life.
  4. 5 or so years ago I purchased an 806 that had a 2355 loader mounted on it. PO had a welding shop weld the brackets for the rear subframe to the tractor's frame rails. Not the way I would have chosen to do it but it was a nice job. We already had a backhoe & the next year bought a MAXXUMM 115 & loader. We have no livestock so had no need for 3 loaders so decided to sell the 2355. Local farmer with livestock was interested in the 2355 to put on a 856. I didn't want to cut the brackets off so found a set of frame rails and switched them out with the ones with the brackets and sold those to the guy who bought the loader. Like I said, not the way I would do it but one way it can be done.
  5. A farm that my son farms has a bog on it. Story goes that years ago a team of horses & a wagon went down in it. Later farmer got a JD B stuck in it, walk home & came back with his brother & another tractor to pull the B out. When they got there the tractor was no longer visible. This came from the brother who was known to be an honest man After my son rented the farm we were cleaning brush near the bog I was pushing brush into it with our 4wd CAT 416B backhoe. Push so far & the front wheels would drop straight down, like driving off concrete into a mud hole. Only way I could back out wat to raise he front end using the loader bucket. A couple years ago the owner had the farm land grid tiled. Guy running the track tile plow had heard about the missing B & decided he would back into the big to see if he could find it. As he backed in the rear end started to go down, shifted to go forward & just barely got out.
  6. When my daughter worked for CAT SHE GOT TO operate a 994 at their proving grounds. Though she grew up on a farm she had only run a tractor once, a 4020 helping me pick up.straw. Guy should her all the control is on the 994, told her to take it around to other side of the dirt pile and load the truck sitting there. Guy then got out & she was on her own. Said she managed to get the truck loaded without hitting anything.
  7. CIH Steiger 435 is our big tractor, also have a MAGNUM 315 & 275. Demoed a 600 quad track for a couple days. Had the privilege of going to the Denver Summit in '95 where CIH introduced the first quad tracks and got to operate one of the prototypes.
  8. That reminds me,is an old gravel pit not far from Lafayette IN that flooded overnight back in the '30s or '40s. Workers went home one night & when they came to work the next morning everything was under water. Not sure if they still do but use to give scuba diving lessons there. I've talked to people that have dived there & they say it's amazing to see the equipment still sitting there like it's waiting to be used. Surprised someone hasn't tried to salvage any of it.
  9. I read an article a few years ago that said 3 CATD9s went down when building Disney World. Operators were barely able to get off they went down so quicksilver. Dozens are still there.
  10. Only took one Massey combine (550) to learn what the MF on the front stood for, & believe me it wasn't "Mighty Fine"
  11. For me the worst was a '75 & a '76 BS 1066 , both bought new along with a '77 1086 & a '81 1486, both bought used. The '75 1066 had transmission problems out of the factory, probably put less than 25 hrs on it the year I had it, was always in the shop. Traded it for the BS 1066. By the time it left the farm everything under the cab back of the tranny had been replaced, including housings. The 1086 had 5 TAs put in it, one went out bringing the tractor home after having a new TA & clutch put in. 1486 was 2 yrs old when I bought it, traded the BS 10 on it, 10 was in pieces in dealers shop when I traded it for the 14 from another dealer. Talk about tense when the other dealer came to get it out of the other dealers shop.. The 14 had to have rear end bearings the 2nd year I owned it, less than 1,000 hrs on the tach. Also had 7 hyd pumps put in it before they finally found a pinhole in the pickup tube just below the "FULL" mark. Got a '14 Magnum 315 that's giving those tractors a run for their money. Bought it in 2016 & so far have put over $20,000 in the mfd. Also has had the hyd remotes rebuilt 3x. Once last June & again this fall :÷((. Beginning to wonder if it isn't about time to look at a different colored tractor.
  12. Uncle had 2 # 62 combines when I was a kid. Once started he never shut them off till the end of the day. When we stopped for lunch he left them running. Like you said, if engine died it wouldn't start till the next day. The canvases on those 6' heads sure didnt like horseweeds, would RIP right thru them. Always said those old canvases were the fore runners of today's Draper heads. He had an IH baler with the Continental engine as well. Dont remember the model #, but it was white with manual knitters. Had a seat back by the plunger for the man that worked the knitters. Had to be the dirtiest job on the farm. I remember he had a young man that had hurt a finger so he put the guy on the baler running the knotters. Guy had his hurt finger sticking out & got it in the plunger cutting the finger off. They wrapped the guys finger in a handkerchief & rushed him to the hospital where they ses it back on. Finger lived but it was stiff the rest of his life. This was back in the early to mid '50s.
  13. boog

    Plow share shape.

    Bottom share is not a "deep suck" share. Only shares we ever ran on our plows were deep sucks, had a lot longer nose. When the shares got to look like the bottom one in the pic it was time for new ones.
  14. Fairly common practice here. As for credit / debit cards, I know of some businesses that charge an additional fee if you use one.
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