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  1. I borrowed a neighbors Wagner airless several years ago to paint a mall con rete block building, used oil base paint & it worked fine. Bought my own Wagner & have painted both 2 part epoxy paint & latex. Latex seems to drift more.
  2. I bought an aftermarket replacement radiator for a SM a few years ago. Thing wouldn't even come close to fitting without a lot of swimming then grill wouldnt fit properly. Took it back to the rad repair shop where I bought it & had them record my old radiator. Record was 50% more than the new aftermarket but it did fit correctly.
  3. know what you mean. Put a new auger liner in 9ur J&M cart. Got it in after some struggle and was getting it lined up per instructions, 1/2" below the end of the tube on top. Bottom end was suppose to be up 1/2". Checked the bottom end and it was too long, 14" too long. Checked the instructionn& nothing about having to cut the liner to length. Called dealer & after some research they admitted they sent the wrong liner. They brought down the correct liner but we had to pull the old liner & install the correct one, lost better part of a day & a half. Luckily harvest is abou
  4. I have curvature of the spine, arthritis, and deterioration of the disc's. Have been to two highly respected back surgeons, both have said surgery is not an option. I had cortisone injections in my back 2 years ago. First time it helped for 2 weeks, but my blood sugar shot up to 500, normally 120. 2nd time it didn't even help for one week, Also have tried the strongest cbd oil you can buy without a prescription & turmeric with black pepper with no success. Alve is the only thing that helps but cannot take it because of liver damage, was at the high end of ckd / level 3 , now have dropped t
  5. They've had that law for a few years now. I live 1.5miles from IN/IL state line. Closest mid size town is 6 miles away innIL so do quite a business there & wife was from IL and has lots of family there. I estimate at least 40% of IL pickupsbI see in parking lots have rear hitches, have never heard of anyone getting a ticket for it. I 7sually keep mine in cab of my pu, not worried about a ticket butbI have had 2-3 stolen out of the receiver. Tried a locking pin onceb& had to cut it off with a torch after a mo th or so.
  6. You need to add a priority flow control valve and a "Christmas tree valve". The pfcv will provide constant hyd flow to the power steering unit and thexmas valve will give you 2-way hyds
  7. I ran a 620 for several years. I loaded it on a Donahue trailer to move it if I had far to go. Anything under a couple miles I just pulled it slow down the road.
  8. I had a 13 shank #55 3 bar chisel plow., was considered a 13". It was too much for a 1066 on black soils. Most of the #55 chisel plows sold around here at that time were either 9 shank or 11 shank 2 bars. 9 shanks were pulled with either 966s / 1066s, 11 shanks wre pulled by 1066s / 1466s
  9. I'll be the odd man out, I like the pertronic electronic ignition.Have them in a SMTA, a SM, a M , and in a Toyota form truck. The AM stay on a 10" x 3 6' bin loadoutvirtuall year round, probably moves over 300,000 by it train every year. Put the pertronic in 5 years ago along with new plugs, have changed plugs once since then.Tractor doesn't need to be choked to start, even during the winter. The fork truck use to burn a set of points & foul plugs in in 3 days. That was the first pertronix I put in, probably 7 years ago. Just put the third set of plugs in this spring. If going with a per
  10. IH offered 3 different distributors on the Letter Series - IH, Delco, & Prestolite. All the Delcos I have been around were vertical mounted & the IH were horizontal. Have never seen a Letter Series tractor with a Prestolite distributor
  11. IHoffered three distributor options on the Letter series tractors - Delcos, IH, & Prestolite. All the Delcos I have been around were vertical mount, IHs were horizontal, have never seen a Prestolite on a Letter series.
  12. We have a Shore 930. You can test 9% - 32% corn, either cold or hot without making any setting or calibration changes as well as about any crop you can think of. Have had ours since 2013, calibrated if with the elevator when we first got it & it's still spot on. Also can calculate test weight if so desired. Operates on either 110 or batteries so can be taken to the field of so desired. Also have a mini gag we keep in the combine but the Shore is our " to to" moisture tester.
  13. We have two American Standards that are rated at 28 golf balls. Wife's nephew plugged one once. Always knew he was full of sh*t. Both are " tall boys" , 17" fall with elongated bowels. Very comfortable to sit on for an old timer like myself
  14. J-Mech, we've done this on both clamp style & wedge style, both red & green, works for us. Former IH service manager was the one that gave me the tip. As for the sledge hammer splinter, that was from a defective sledge hammer, would have happened in a different situation. Unfortunate that someone else was close by when it happened.
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