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  1. Several crop dusters fly out of a local airport, about 7 miles away plus know 2 crop dusters have their own airfields so see lots of planes crop dusting. Have been several rashes over the years. Depends on cause of crash as to rate of survival. Mechanical, such as engine failure there's a good chance of survival. Pilot error, usually not so well. Been a few you caught power lines, none survived that I know of. Line stretches tight then snaps back, sorta like a slingshot. Modern spray planes have wire cutters on their landing gear but they don't always work. Had a friend in high school that crop dusted with a helicopter, he traveled all over the US crop dusting, orchards, canning companies, as well as for farmers. He crashed a couple times but walked away. Not many crop dusters using helicopters in this area. Friend passed away from cancer a few years ago. Only know of one other & he's about an hour away, he has 4 copters.
  2. Newest thing here is solar farms, not small ones but ones covering 1,000+ acres. One proposed close to one of our rented farms supposedly has 1,300 acres & they're looking for more ground. Personall6, I don't want either one but would be hard to turn down $1,00/ac + rent or $15,000 - $20,000 per tower. If I had to chose I'd take the windmills, at least I'd still have most my land to farm.
  3. Seems its either too dry or too wet depending where you're at. We had 9+ inches of rain in 100 days a week ago. Probabl have had close to 2" since them. Got lucky, last Sunday they got 7" in 2 hours about 5 miles from us but we only got a 1/2". Beans look like crap, big areas of yellow beans & areas of dead beans where they've drowned out. Went from one of our best looking bean crop in years to now one of the worst. Corn looks better but still holes in fields where it has died & fallen flat. Even grid tiled ground has drowned out spots. Still, too much rain is better than none, at least the high ground will produce good crops.
  4. Mine was bone on bone. Ill be 70 next month, my older brother says "getting old ain't for sissys".,
  5. I had my left knee replaced in Jan 2000. Dr did what is called "noninvasive replacement" Not sure why they call it that as I had 32 staples to close the incision. With noninvasive they don't cut the muscles & knee cap is pushed to the side instead of removed as in normal need replacement. Recovery is suppose to be quicker. I didn't start physical therapy forb2 weeks but had lots of exercises to do. I was able to walk with a cane the day after surgery & was climbing stairs the next day. Three days after surgery could walk without the cane though I used it whennI was in public, people gave me more room when they saw the cane. The physical therapist can be your best friend or your worst enemy. My knee replacement therapy wasn't nearly as had as the therapy after rotator cuff surgery. Do what they tell you to do but don't do too much.,Before replacement I couldn't walk over 100' without stopping to let the pain subside. Now I can walk as far as I want. I still have an unusual feeling on the lower, outer part of the knee, can't really explain the feeling, almost like it is too tight. Could be from have the lower part driven into to the bone like the poster who machined them said. Daughter had all surgery 14 years ago & says she has the same feeling. Maybe me but the artifical knee seems a lot harder than my real knee. I sleep with a pillow between my knees, never did that before surgery.Im still reluctant to get down on the floor with that knee. Tried it once on a pillow & had a lot of discomfort. Dr says its a mental thing & I just need to get use to it. Had a friend that is 82 that same Dr did same type replacement on last summer & he says he's never had those issues. Different people react different. I have a video of my surgery but haven't watched it, maybe some day. Dr says its pretty bloody.
  6. We use to take cattle to the stock yards back in the '50s / mid '60s so went many times. Nkrmally took the train up but a couple times got to ride in one of the semis hauling the cattle, cabover IHs but don't remember the models. Usually stayed at the StockmYard Inn, got to walk out over the cattle pens. It always amassed me when we walked in everyone knew my uncle by name. Went 5o the Museum of Science & Industry several times, rode the "L" many times, & would walk down Maxwell St , wouldnt think of going there today. Early '60s we went to the "Stadium" & watched the Black Hawks play in the Stanely Cup finals, stayed in the Palmer House that time. Bought a new IH 615 combine in '71. I remember it breaking down during wheat harvest in '73. Wife & I drove up to the IH parts warehouse to get the parts. OurbIH dealer's bookkeeper belonged to the Playboy Club, offered me his keys to go there, real close to the IH warehouse but had to decline because of my wife going along. As we were getting close we were listening to the car radio & they came on about a double murder that just happened. Cops were searching for the,killers & were asking people to stay away. Street name was the same as the warehouse but didn't think anything about it being Chicago was a big city. We found the street where we needed to turn & saw all these cop cars. Scene of the murder was on the same block as the warehouse. Boy was I ever glad to get the parts & get out of Dodge. Swore then & there I'd never go back as I didn't leave anything there. In '93 & '94 took my son to a football camp in Chicago. In 2015 / 26, my grandson played travel hockey, had 26 games in Chicago & went to few of the games including a couple at "Johnny's Ice House" where the Blackhawks practice. Not the best part of town. Also, dealer took IHboog & I through the Hinsdale facility a few years ago. Got to go through their museum area just a couple weeks before it officially opened.
  7. Growing up we had a '41 H that had those cutoff rear rims. Uncle bought the tractor new on steel. Was able to get a ration card to buy rubber tires for it. He had to take the tires he could get, q5:5×38s. Tractor had a live hyd pump & Behlen power steering plus a Scwhartz cable lift loader and was used to feed cattle from 1941 tillm~ 1963 when we got out of cattle. It made a 2 mile round trip twice a day feeding cattle. A couple years ago there was a jig for sale on Facebook that was used to weld the rims to the spokes. Jig was about 5 miles from me in Danville Il which was the home of an IH company store. Unfortunately I missed out on buying the jig, had already sold when I called.
  8. boog

    M&W 9 SPD?

    Thanks "DWV", I'll pass the info on.
  9. boog

    M&W 9 SPD?

    Have an M parts tractor with a M&W 9 spd, will the 9spd work on a SM? TIA, boog
  10. Ive had a couple sets like the top ones, worked well. Yes, they were made by a shoreline company. Dont remember who made them but remember where I bought them & it was not from an IH dealer First ones I had on a '67 806D back in the early '70s. I added a CAT II, quick hitch to them & it was as close as you could get to 3pt. 1st 2-3pt adaptor was shaped like an "n" with small flat plate hooks to hook over the 3pt pins. IIRC, it broke the 1st year I had it.
  11. Easier to make a water level & screw it in the bottom of the carb bowel where the drain plug is. Then you can watch the gas level as the tractor is running
  12. Sounds like a float , needle valve, or gas supply issue. Carb bowel fills slowly with gas enough for engine to run for 30 seconds but then dies because its out of gas. Simple way to check is to make a water level. Remove drain g plug from bottom of the carb bowel, the find a threaded hose barb that will thread into drain plug hole, then added a 12" piece of clear vinyl hose to bard. With engine off hold hose upright along side card. Next start engine & watch level of gas in the hose. Gas should remain at same level as it was before starting engine. If it drops then you're problem is either in the float / needle valve, or gas supply.
  13. I wanted 5/8" cdx last week. Local hardware didn't take have any. 1/2" cdx was $51.95, asked for a price on 3/4" cdx, cashier said it was a lot higher, $53.95 a sheet . I told her it was a better buy than the 1/2" but she couldn't figure that out. Menards was $57.95 for 3/4" cdx that day. Also bought 8 2x4s x10', construction grade @ $11.95 ea. At least they let me pick out the ones I wanted & they loaded it for me. At Menards I would have had to handle it 2x, once load it on the cart, then from cart to truck.
  14. I posted that years ago after someone on here called me a "crotchety old fart". Problem is, the older I get the more like the poster I get
  15. You can leave the main beam "as is" & slide the furrow wheel forward. Thay way you could put the removed back on later if you needed to. Ive seen it done both ways
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