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  1. boog

    When you don't have a horse trailer

    Back in the "old days" it was pretty common to see pickup & grain trucks that had livestock racks on them. I bought a new '76 IH 1700 that has the removable vent panels in the fro t that allows air in. When I first bought the truck I also bought a livestock end gate for it but later sold the end gate, never had used it.
  2. Does your trailer have a vent? If not, unloading with the tarp closed is a good way to suck the tarp down and bend the bows. Seen it happen a few times. We have one vented trailer & one invented. Unvented one we open the tarp so it's hanging st and eight down on the side of the trailer. That will allow enough wir in to pre vfc ent sucking in the tarp yet load still is covered.
  3. boog

    Another pole building question.......

    First pole barn I put up was in 1978. Building company set the posts in the hole & dumped a back of dry sacrete in & backfilled with dirt. 20 years later we dug out around the rotted off posts, jacked the building up, cut off rotted part of the post, put a perm-a-column on top of a concrete biscuit and set building down on the perm-a-column and fastened the post. Did this on every column. Lots of manual labor. 2012 I put up a new 80 x 120' & went with perm-a-columns, contractor back filled with dirt. Last summer had a 3rd building pit up. Contractor dug the holes big, put biscuit in bottom, set the perm-a-columns and filled the hole with concrete. He claims that when backfilling with dirt the perm-a-columns will eventually loosen up from vibration of the building in the wind, backfilling with concrete eliminates that. Makes since to me. I would recommend googling "perm-a-column" and see how they are made. JMO, but they are stronger than just pouring a concrete pillar & attaching a steel plate to bolt the wood column to. Con rete in them is 10,000 psi. Whatever you do, I would never build another pole building where the wood goes into the ground.
  4. boog

    RANT! Lost, missing, mis-placed tools

    I lost so many crescent wrenches as a kid that my uncle use to say " if crescent wrenches could grow this place would be a forrest". Best way that I have found to find a lost tool is to go buy a new o e. When you get back with the new tool the lost one will be laying there on the work bench.
  5. boog

    A guide to roundabouts.

    You guys need to drive the Arc de Triomphe (sp?) in Paris France, 10 lanes iirc, with 12 road coming into it. Daughter drove it 4-5 years ago when they were on vacation. Lots of them in Indianapolis / Carmel IN. Traffic moves much smoother than with lights.
  6. boog

    Morton Buildings - Anyone Use Them?

    I priced Moton, or at least tried to price Morton on 2 of our 3 buildings. On the 2nd one, after three unreturned calls I scratched them off my list. Last building we had put up was a Graeber put up by a local contractor. I would suggest checking them out.
  7. boog

    Bookkeeping software for farm use

    I've used QuickbookPro for close to 20 years. At one time I was using it for 4"businesses"; far, personal, wife's catering, & our Twp books. My CPA also uses QB as does our church. Maybe not the best on the market today for farm but over the years I have adapted it to do what I want. Son use to use, maybe still does, "Farm Works". I had a copy on my old computer but ti was too complicated for me. I know he did attend a 3 day training seminar on how to use it.
  8. boog

    cage nuts for 1066 hoods

    I prefer using flange bolts with rubber washers. The rubber washer protects the paint. I get them at Fastenal. I buy the stainless steel flange bolts.
  9. boog

    Not a good day to be an Oscar Meyer wiener

    I meet a OM Weinermobile last week on I-74 in WCIN that was west bound. Probably the 3rd or 4th time I have seen one in person.
  10. boog

    Millermatic 250

    We've had a Miller 250 for close to 20 years that I bought used at a farm sale. I will second what "vtfireman85" said. We have had to replace the liner a couple times, 2nd time we actually replaced the whole feed cable, due to getting rust inside & wire not feeding appropriately, this was before we had a heated shop. Make sure the feed rolls have proper tension, they also make an oiler that oils the wire before it goes thru the feed rolls & into the liner. We installed one on ours but after replacing the whole cable have not had need for it, this coincides with getting a heated shop. We normally run .035 wire, Also keep some new tips on hand plus a spray can of anti-splatter.
  11. boog

    Cultivator Shovels

    That would be my choice. We have used Nichols Ultra Wing sweeps for years. Have tried other brands but always go back to Nichols. Depends on how often you change sweeps you might want to consider their Kock-ons.
  12. boog


    Next door neighbor has a 3488 mfd hydro. IIRC, there were 267 of that configuration made. He mainly mows roadsides with it.
  13. boog

    Property with High Phase Powerlines

    We rent a couple farms that have high voltage transmission lines, 4 legged steel structures, that cross them. A few years ago my son & I had been repairing some tile suck holes on one of the farms. That evening he parked the service truck between two of the towers, about 25 ' from under the wires. He had muddy knee high rubber boots on. When he got out I noticed him grimace in pain & drop to his knees. I started to go over to where he was but he motioned me to stay away. Finaly he was able to get up & walk over & get in the pickup with me. Obviously still in pain I asked what happened, he said when he got out of the truck he got a bad shock. Only time it has ever happened to us but was talking to s friend who use to farm the ground & he said there had been a couple times he had gotten a tingle on a damp day in the same area. Needless to say we park farther away from the lines.
  14. boog

    Pertronix Upgrade

    I've put them in my SMTA, 2 SMs, an M, & a Toyota fork truck. Have had one module , SMTA, go bad driving it across the barn lot. Dealer replaced it free of charge. Fork truck would go thru a set of points & foul out the plugs in 3 days. Put the electronic ignition in it 5 years ago and still running the same set of plugs. I've heard of issues with them but other than the one module that's been it for us. One SM sits out almost all winter on a truck unload augers. If battery will turn the engine over it will start, even in sub zero weather. I do put new plug wires, dist cap, and the new higher voltage coil in when I switch one over. They do offer two types coils, one for vertical mounting & one for horizontal. I buy the horizontal mount no matter orientation of the coil. My dealer says only difference is in what they are sealed withn& a vertical mount coil mounted horizontally will leakm& short out.
  15. We replaced 3 of the 8 laminated tires in five years on our previous batwing mower. Tires got egg shaped, causing the mower to bounce bad on the road & cut wavy. Our farms are spread out over 18 miles so do a lot of reading so that may be part of the problem. Current mower has air craft tires, 22 ply IIRC. I would recommend have the center section tires filled with foam. Being tires will run flat & you won't know it. Aircraft tires, at least ours has two piece trims, bolt together in the middle. Would take a pretty heavy duty tire changer to mount them on regular rims. If using tubes you need the special aircraft tubes. Regular tubes will wear thru in a short time, at least that has been our experience.