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  1. M engine sludge

    What I do is drain out the engine oil & refill with diesel. Let engine run for 10 -15 minutes at about 1/4 throttle. Shut off engine & drsin oil over night. Some may think I'm crazy but I learned it from an old time mechanic. Diesel fuel does have some lubricosity & as long as you don't run the engine at high rpms or get it hot it will be fine. I've done this on 4 letter series tractors with no problems, plus a 3/4ton chevy pickup. Hard to believe the crap you'll get out of the engine. Do the same to the rear ends but did have one old SM I did it twice on because their was do much sludge in th e rear end
  2. Lost my sister this afternoon

    Condolences to you & your fsmily. Always hard losing a member of your immediate family.
  3. Tractor Supply Co.

    Same here. I can remember years ago Tractor Supply was all about farm merchandise. Now it's more for the horse people & hobby farmers. I very seldom go in the local TSC & the times I do I usually come out disappointed they didn't have what I wanted.
  4. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Jerry, i had a bad feeling from th day I ordered it and things went south from therr. Maybe things would have been better if they would have sent a mechanic that knew what he was doing nut I always got the lawn mower mechanic. He even said he worked on lawn mowers and didnz't know anything about combines. Didn't help that the dessler was a liar. I fimally got so po'd that I called corporate headwuaters. Just happened that the gal that answered was from a town just south of here. VP in charge of c9nsumer r lations called back the next day. Boy, did s::t hit the fan. Never had so many people with titles behind their name call. Naturally dealer wasn't too happy & we had a few choice eords. Ended up switching to a different desler but things never was right with it. Don't remember in the 4 yeardd I owned it that it ran two complete days eithout a breakdow. First time it caught fireafr er putting out the fire, I went tomtg e 2nd dealer, who happened to be Chief of the local vfd. When I told him what happened. He said "Why didn't you walk home and call the fire dept?" I told him that I was a mile from home. To which jhe replied "Like I said, you should have walked home & called the dept" Nefore harvest was over I understood what he meant.
  5. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    new MF 550 combine, only piece of equipment I ever owned that broke down in the shed before it had ever went to the field. Didn't take long to lean what the "MF" on the front actually stood for. Tied for second were all the 66 series / 86 series, total of 4, I ever owned
  6. 20’-24’ disk thoughts

    If your going to use the disc mainly for sizing stalks in the fall 9" spaving works best. However, IMO, if you're also going yo use it in the dpring the 7 1/2" spavings works best. I had a 24' 496, 7 1/2" spacing, mainly 7sed on stalks in the fall. 2 wd 7120 handled it fine, 1486 on the front you had to watch how deep you ran it or tractor would spin out. One thing, if you go with a 24' or wider you definetly want dual wheels on the wings. I would recommend them even on a 22'. Far as a harrow, when I bought mine it had a 3 bar coil tine harrow mounted on it. Never cared for a coil tine, doesn't level like a spike in our heavier soils. Harrow also made the fisc unbalanced & hard to level. I eventually took it off and bought a pt bed ddpring harrow. Disc leveled much getter plus was as hard to take off to work stalks in the fall. FWIW, never been around a Sunflower disc but always heard they were a good disc. Like you we basically run either our field cultivator or our soil finisher in the spring. We traded the 496 for a 330TT. We seldom runmit in the spring, mostly used for sizing stalks in the fall. We really prefer it over a regular disc for working stslks, doesn't turn up the root balls like a regular disc.
  7. Does anyone clean spark plugs anymore?

    I have an old spark plug cleaner that attaches to your air compressor hose & uses silica sand , yeah I know it's not good for you but back when it was built they didn't know that. Don't use it very often, especially since replacing the Champion plugs with Autilites & switching to electronic ignitions. Have had several neighbors stop by & when they see it they ask what is it.
  8. That's the way it should work, but not always. As the land gets handed down from generation to generation the later generations don't always have the same sense of tradition / responsibilty that their forefathers had.
  9. PTO Judas pin

    Yes, that's normal. We carry a small pipe wrench in the tool box so we can hook up auger ptos to oir 7/806.
  10. Forum issues

    Same here
  11. 2 way VHF Radio

    We run VHF 2-way radios in all our equipment. For best performance the antennas do need to be "trimmed" to match the radio. Length of co-ax is not as important as it is with a CB. FWIW, a CB SWR meter is not effective in trimming your antennae. If mounting to a non grounded surface no will need a different antennae, self-grounding, than if mounting to a grounded surface
  12. 2+2 from concept to the field

    Hyd issues on both. Neighbors bought the first JD 7700 combine sold in this area. First engine blew about 2 miles from the dealer. Put new engine in where it sit, that engine blew before it got back on highway. 3rd engine put in where it sat, that time it made to the farm and ran till they traded for a new machine the next year. So it does happen to other companies as well
  13. 2+2 from concept to the field

    For me, getting them home for a demo was the problem. First one, a 3588, didn't even make it out of town before going down. Second one, also a 3588 did make it to the farm, but a couple rounds on the plow & it was headed back to the dealer's shop. Needless to say it didn't leave a very good impression.
  14. Touchy subject

    Back when I was a kid back in the '50s my aunt's mother would use a peach switch . Had to be green & you had to cut it yourself. She was about 4'5" but she could make you "dance" using it. One thing for sure, you didn't want to make the mistake of bring her a dry peach switch. I learned respect from her at an early age. I will say, if she thought you were right she was the best friend you could have have.
  15. I might need a new battery

    Had that happen on our CIH Steiger 435 last spring. Sounded like a cannon going off under the cab