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  1. I was talking to our tire dealer a couple months ago. He said to hope we didn't have any tire issues because they're not out there. Friend blew out a 14L on the front of his 5288. Dealer had one in stock. Friend thought he better replace the other one while he was at it. Tire dealer said he only had one & there was none available anywhere. Neighbors ha e 2 X9 combines on order. Combines are built but no tires available. Another farmer I know got his X9 but hasn't got his 50' draper yet. Deere made a change on the feeder house face plate and no other draper will fit.. We have a new 2150 planter ordered. Dea,er was out Friday, said he wasn't sure if they'd get it or not. Weve told them our 1250 doesnt leave the farm until the new planter is sitting in our barn lot & ready to go.
  2. Neighbor use to drill beans with a 20' no-till drill & a JD8850. Wasnt many wet holes that would stop him. He was one of those guys that could fall into an overflowing outhouse & come out smelling like a rose
  3. As long as you only use that adapter for light work,; mowing, blade work or light tillage work you'll get along ago. I bought one new in the early '70s, 2 days on the 806D & # 55 chisel plow the thing was junk. One drawback, level adjustment is limited.
  4. No problem, we run a 13"× 81' Westfield swing auger with a 1206. Not sure of angle but it's 47' to the center fill of our wet holding bin so it's pretty steep. We've ran as high as 28% corn thru it. That makes the 1206 snort, anything under 25% we can pretty much run full capacity. At times we e used a 806D on the auger a couple times but you have to take it easy. Ive been looking for a open station 1066 to put on the auger & eventually go to a 13"×91' auger and retire the 12 which was originally bought to show.
  5. You're not old enough because they did., I can remember the government forcing us to destroy crops back in the late '50s / '60s. Back then we had a set-a-side program & you had an alloted order base & an allotted wheat base. At one time for every acre of corn you planted you had to put 1 acre into "set-a-side", don't recall the percentage for wheat. On those setaside acres you could not grow any harvest able crops or harvest for have. If for some reason, either your mistake or theirs, if you planted above your allotted acres you had to either destroy that part of your crop or didn't receive payments.
  6. I had a Gilson rear tire rototiller I bought new off the local MF dealer. About 1/2 the price of a similar size Troy it. It was a well built machine.
  7. BIL asked me about this the other day. Said the farmer that farms the ground around him had mowed off about 60' around several of his fields & wanted to know if I knew what was going on. Only thing I could think of the it had been approved for the border crp program and the farmer was mowing 66' around the field to get it in the program.,
  8. We use to rent out 2 old farm houses. Last year we rented them webmade 10cts, before pages. Tore one down, sold the better one. If I were to do it again I'd tear them both down.
  9. Been 60 years since I've been around that type coupler but as I recall they were a pita to hook up / unhook. Remember having to use a screwdriver(s) in the slot
  10. Obviously the Speedway Museum is regulated to the 500 / racing history. The others are more of antique car museums though The Studebaker was involved in a lot more than just the production of automobiles and has a lot of that history as well
  11. If he's into autos make it a trifecta, after seing the Speedway Museum head up to Auburn IN and take in the Auburn, Cord, Dusenberg Museum & the jump over to South Bend & tour the Studebaker Museum.
  12. Several crop dusters fly out of a local airport, about 7 miles away plus know 2 crop dusters have their own airfields so see lots of planes crop dusting. Have been several rashes over the years. Depends on cause of crash as to rate of survival. Mechanical, such as engine failure there's a good chance of survival. Pilot error, usually not so well. Been a few you caught power lines, none survived that I know of. Line stretches tight then snaps back, sorta like a slingshot. Modern spray planes have wire cutters on their landing gear but they don't always work. Had a friend in high school that crop dusted with a helicopter, he traveled all over the US crop dusting, orchards, canning companies, as well as for farmers. He crashed a couple times but walked away. Not many crop dusters using helicopters in this area. Friend passed away from cancer a few years ago. Only know of one other & he's about an hour away, he has 4 copters.
  13. Newest thing here is solar farms, not small ones but ones covering 1,000+ acres. One proposed close to one of our rented farms supposedly has 1,300 acres & they're looking for more ground. Personall6, I don't want either one but would be hard to turn down $1,00/ac + rent or $15,000 - $20,000 per tower. If I had to chose I'd take the windmills, at least I'd still have most my land to farm.
  14. Seems its either too dry or too wet depending where you're at. We had 9+ inches of rain in 100 days a week ago. Probabl have had close to 2" since them. Got lucky, last Sunday they got 7" in 2 hours about 5 miles from us but we only got a 1/2". Beans look like crap, big areas of yellow beans & areas of dead beans where they've drowned out. Went from one of our best looking bean crop in years to now one of the worst. Corn looks better but still holes in fields where it has died & fallen flat. Even grid tiled ground has drowned out spots. Still, too much rain is better than none, at least the high ground will produce good crops.
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