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  1. I wanted 5/8" cdx last week. Local hardware didn't take have any. 1/2" cdx was $51.95, asked for a price on 3/4" cdx, cashier said it was a lot higher, $53.95 a sheet . I told her it was a better buy than the 1/2" but she couldn't figure that out. Menards was $57.95 for 3/4" cdx that day. Also bought 8 2x4s x10', construction grade @ $11.95 ea. At least they let me pick out the ones I wanted & they loaded it for me. At Menards I would have had to handle it 2x, once load it on the cart, then from cart to truck.
  2. I posted that years ago after someone on here called me a "crotchety old fart". Problem is, the older I get the more like the poster I get
  3. You can leave the main beam "as is" & slide the furrow wheel forward. Thay way you could put the removed back on later if you needed to. Ive seen it done both ways
  4. We have a CIH 330 TT. Best use we have found for it is taking up valuable shed space. I think we worked 34 acres of corn stalks last fall with it. Should move it to a fence row. Rented a Salford, it wouldn't even remove the tractor tire tracks, let alone weeds. There's a few Landolls around but after a couple years they seem to stay parked in the barn lot as well.
  5. I've used that TSC parts cleaner going on 10 yrs. Don't care for the smell but works good. I don't mix it with anything
  6. Let me take a look. I switched a 710 plow from CAT II TO CAT III and should still have the II bar if it will fit a 700
  7. Sounds like your plow may have originally been fast hitch. Cross beam on fast hitch was 26", Cat II is 28" & Cat III was 32". Back in the early '70s I had a fast hitch 560 plow. When I got a 3 pt tractor I took the fast hitch prongs off to use the plow on the 3pt tractor. Had to take the CatbII quick hitch off the tractor because it was too wide tillmI found a 28" cross hitch for the plow.
  8. I had a #150 that look similar to yours. IIRC, model # was based on capacity
  9. Roger was a special person indeed. Wife & I drove to Clinton once & spent a couple days visiting. We had plans to meet up again but he passed away before we could make it happen. I know going to that RPUP was special to him. I had tried to talk him out of going due to his poor health but I think he'll could have froze over & he still would have went.
  10. That has a part in it as well. Speaking of hard-arses, there was poster that went by "WEK" iirc, when I first joined that I swear hated is own mother. I know several that left because of him, came close a couple times myself
  11. I still check in once in awhile. I'm a lot like Smokers, a lot of the posters that were here when I first joined, think there were only about 15 of us back then, have either moved on or passed away. I lost a lot of my interest here when HD & chub passed away, we were very close. When I do get on here I feel like an old man sitting in the corner watching the youngest having a good time. Nothing against anyone here, just feel like things have passed me by. Same for my old red tractors, lost interest in them. Some haven't been started for 3-3 years & have sold a couple off. I
  12. Angle head wrench is what I use in that situation. Also have a drawer full of "specialty" wrenches I've adapted over the years
  13. Back in the day we pulled a 9' wheel disc with an M & a SM. Bought a 450 & moved up to a 13' IH # 37 disc.,Thought we were cutting a fat hog in the arse when we got the 37. The SM struggled to pull it, M wouldn't.
  14. May be British pipe thread. Ive ran into that on a couple pressure Guage on a Japanese engine.
  15. I have an old IH 3 1/2" × 8" IH hyd cylinder, the one that has the push button stop built in that I need a seal kit for. They are NLA at CIH. Cylinder is leaking at the base end, not ram end. Anybody have a source for a kit. Also, what would the part no. be for this cylinder? TIA, boog
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