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  1. boog

    Charging battery on 656

    That's how I have done it for years
  2. boog

    Gas tank dip stick

    "Back in the day" all our tractors had a piece of yard stick in it's tool box to check the fas tank with. Use to, and still do, call them "M gas guages".
  3. boog

    Drying Soybeans in a bin

    Normally just put 15% beans in the bin & turn the air on. I don't mind a few butter beans but don't want I lot of them or pods. Ususally can't find the butter beans when we haul them out the next summer. If any wetter I think I would put them in a bin that had a burner on it & trn the heat down low. Knew a farmer who use to put a heat lamp in front of the bin fan & dry them that way. I have read pros & cons about using a stirrator on beans. Some say it creates too many splits, others say they get along fine. Some say only run the stirrator around the bin once, some run it around twice, & others turn it on & let it go.
  4. boog

    K&M steps

    Put a set on my 806. Like Smoker I didn't order the hand rail. Without the hand rsil I was able to angle them more to the front. As san older person with leg issues Iwouldn't be without them. Don't use the tractor often but was wellworth the money spent.
  5. boog

    606 and 656

    Only 606s I have ever seen were utility tractors, never seen, or heard, of a row crop version.
  6. boog

    Aftermarket Starter recommendations

    Must be lucky, we have two within 10 minutes driving distance & another with 20 minutes. The one & only aftermarket starter I ever bought went poof in less than a month. That was 30+ years ago, nothing but rebuilts since then.
  7. boog

    Here is a rare tractor, an International 606

    I was thinking the same thing - how the heck do you see over the propane tank.
  8. boog

    Farmall M Front Drawbar Question

    I've seen several show tractors that owners have made a plate that bolts in those holes and then have chain hooks or clevises that they use to boom the front of the tractor down. We made a hitch to pull our old SM & load out auger around with that mounts to a plate bolted to the front pedestal. Also use the plate to push wagons with into sheds.
  9. boog

    International 60 Moldboard Plow

    For their day they were a good plow but no comparison to a 720 Grandson plowed our test plot last year with ou 4x16" #60, had to disc it, wait on a rain & disc it again before he could get thru it without plugging. We can pull into unworked 200+ bu corn stalks with our 7x16" on-land 720 or 7x16" 700 pt and go all day without plugging.
  10. One of the questions we specifically asked before we bought it was if it would fit on our cart (Unverferth AWS)
  11. Thanks for the reply Jim. We didn't realise a Devastator weighed as much as it does. Yetter never said anything about the possibility of needing another or larger cylinder. Now we're a little gunshy. Would you possibly know what a ridged 12 x30" 4412 weighs?. I saw where a folding unit weighs approx 9700#. We ran a 12 row 4412 for a year & a half and was wondering how it compared to our MacDon.
  12. We ran stoppers on all 12 rows though originally they were meant for the rows but most in this area do as we do. I know CIH recommends the he final drives if running a folding 4412 but our it weighs approx 9,700#.
  13. We have a 2013 7230 combine that we run a 12x30" Gerringhof Northstar corn head on. Combine has std hyd cylinders & std final drives. Last winter we purchased a new Yetter Devastator to replace the stalk stompers, which we we have been running on the head. Got tired of having to taking the stompers off everytime we put the head on a cart, plus liked the way the Devastator leaves the stalks. Just got around to putting the Devastaor on the head last week. Found in the manual where it said that some combines may require an extra lift cylinder. At no time did the yetter dealer mention this. After getting the Devastator installed, sure enough, it won't pick the head sll the way up. Lifts just high enough to latch the safety stand. A couple people said they had to turn the hyd pressure up on their combine. CIH tech came out & ours was just below factory max setting. Turned it up above max & still wouldn't lift the head any higher do turned pressure back to max, 3120psi IIRCA. Called tg e Yetter dealer & they said the've never had this problem. CIH tech said our other option would be to put on the HD lift cylinders, increases lift capacity 44%. $2,800 plus shipping. Problem is they are on back order and won't be available till end of Sept. Dealer found a couple dealers that had them in stock but they won't let them go until after harvest. IHboog and I got to talking this evening and now we are concerned about having final drive problems because of the extra weight., His thought was to take two of the rollers off & adjust the other two so they run in front of the tires. My thoughts are if we can't run it across the whole head is to take it completey and either try to send it back or to sell it and buy new stompers, hopefully something that doesn't have to be taken off everytime we load it on the head cart. I was wondering if anyone else ran a 12 row head with a Devastator on a flagship machine with std final drives and if so have you had drive issues? Also, would like the opinion of any CIH techs on here. TIA, boog Est weight of the head is 8,000# Weight of the Devastator is 1,470#