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  1. Are you using the CIH HD openers? They have a heavier bearing. Since we switch to the HD openers we have pretty much eliminated bearing issues on our 1200 & 1250 planters. Normally blades are shot before bearing goes out. This year we put gaterman openers on our 1250 & on the rows that run in the tire tracks on our 1200 (12/23). Blades & bearings are heavier yet.
  2. My guess is a cra led head, pretty common on those old girls. Take the head to an automotive machine e shop & have it magna-fluxed, that will show any cracks.. Guy I take mine to says he's never seen an M / SM head that didn't have at least two cracks. While you have it if have him true the head surface while he has the head. Other possibility is bad head gasket. That should be evident when you pull the head.
  3. boog

    715 Ih harvester

    Very popular combine back in their day. As mentioned, parts availability may be a problem. Basically a 3-4 row corn combine & 15' platform when new. Parts availability is greater for a 1440 / 1460, with greater capacity and operator comfort. I bought a new 1440 in '82 that I ran for 9 years. Originally ran a 944 corn head & 20' 1020 platform. After 4 years went to a 963 corn head. Back then was running a lot of 180 - 200 corn & 50+ beans. Didn't set any speed records but it wasn't a turtle either. Probably put less into repairs into that machine than anything I've owned since.
  4. I use to bet my older brother I could hold on an electric fence than he could. I wore rubber soled boots, his were leather soles. Dirty trick? probably but he was suppose to be the smart one in the family, or so he thought.
  5. We use hyd oil / diesel to protect equipment. Rejuvenator worked wonders on our Steiger 435. Also like Maquires Ultimate Compund forfinal finish.
  6. I use to own a Brady flail stalk chopper. 4x36" model gave an 806D a pretty good work out. A few pulled a disc behind their choppers. I just ran the chopper then moleboard plowed.
  7. We had a 24 picker back in my younger days. We grew quite a bit of sweet corn back then ut the canning company did all the picking. We picked quite of bit of popcorn with it a couple years. Popcorn company said it didn't stress crack the out hull like the 2MHs and such. It left a lot of husks on the corn, especially Italy if corn was wet. We put the ear corn in round d Bvb Helen wire cribs & it wasn't unusual to have to use dynamite when shelling corn out of the cribs.
  8. I generally agree with TP, have seen this every year since RPF came into existence. However, it does seem to be worse this year but will have to say not near as bad as what I am seeing on some other forums.
  9. I generally agree with TP, have seen this every year since RPF came into existence. However, it does seem to be worse this year but will have to say not near as bad as what I am seeing on some other forums.
  10. We have a 2013 Maxxumm 115 with L750 loader. Tractor is mfd, 16/16 spd, has suspended cabmwhich helps ride, and loader has electrictronic control. Mainly used as a mower tractor, 15' batwing mowing road ditches & lots, as we don't have livestock. Have as also used it doing some waterway work pulling a 13' 3pt field cultivator.Bought the tractor new, now has about 1,100 hrs on it. Only issue we have had is brakes, have had to have a mechanic down to bleed air out of them & once to put seals in. We set tires out for 38" rows, better stability in ditches & turns much tighter. 540 / 1000 pro but you manually have to reverse the pto shaft. With loader it's a pita to check, add, or change engine oil. Have to reach around fuel tank, then through hole in loader bracket & hole in frame to get to the dipstick. Helps to turn front wheels to hard right but who remembers to do that when you quit for the day? Tractor is English bit so some of the controls take a little getting use to. Only piece of equipment I had to read the OM to figure out how to turn the lights on. To open hood, there's a hole with a spring loaded button inside that you have to push in with a small punch or Phillip's head screwdriver, had to read the manual for that one as well. Manual for the loader control is thicker than the one for the tractor. Still haven't figure out everything it will do. Once I got use to the the tractor I like it for what we use it for. Tractor is quieter, well balanced, & with the wheels spread out it turns tight. Bucket it is hard to see when loader is all the way up, cab roof has a window which helps see the bucket but you have to lean forward & look up. It's taken a lot of hours off our larger mfd mowing and is easier on the mower than a 200+ hp tractor. Looked at similar size JD & Kubot tractor / loaders and before deciding to go with the 115.
  11. Back in the "old days" it was pretty common to see pickup & grain trucks that had livestock racks on them. I bought a new '76 IH 1700 that has the removable vent panels in the fro t that allows air in. When I first bought the truck I also bought a livestock end gate for it but later sold the end gate, never had used it.
  12. Does your trailer have a vent? If not, unloading with the tarp closed is a good way to suck the tarp down and bend the bows. Seen it happen a few times. We have one vented trailer & one invented. Unvented one we open the tarp so it's hanging st and eight down on the side of the trailer. That will allow enough wir in to pre vfc ent sucking in the tarp yet load still is covered.
  13. First pole barn I put up was in 1978. Building company set the posts in the hole & dumped a back of dry sacrete in & backfilled with dirt. 20 years later we dug out around the rotted off posts, jacked the building up, cut off rotted part of the post, put a perm-a-column on top of a concrete biscuit and set building down on the perm-a-column and fastened the post. Did this on every column. Lots of manual labor. 2012 I put up a new 80 x 120' & went with perm-a-columns, contractor back filled with dirt. Last summer had a 3rd building pit up. Contractor dug the holes big, put biscuit in bottom, set the perm-a-columns and filled the hole with concrete. He claims that when backfilling with dirt the perm-a-columns will eventually loosen up from vibration of the building in the wind, backfilling with concrete eliminates that. Makes since to me. I would recommend googling "perm-a-column" and see how they are made. JMO, but they are stronger than just pouring a concrete pillar & attaching a steel plate to bolt the wood column to. Con rete in them is 10,000 psi. Whatever you do, I would never build another pole building where the wood goes into the ground.
  14. I lost so many crescent wrenches as a kid that my uncle use to say " if crescent wrenches could grow this place would be a forrest". Best way that I have found to find a lost tool is to go buy a new o e. When you get back with the new tool the lost one will be laying there on the work bench.
  15. You guys need to drive the Arc de Triomphe (sp?) in Paris France, 10 lanes iirc, with 12 road coming into it. Daughter drove it 4-5 years ago when they were on vacation. Lots of them in Indianapolis / Carmel IN. Traffic moves much smoother than with lights.
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