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  1. boog

    Row cultivating

    Doc, yes there a granular Amiben. I can remember using it "in row". Later sprayed liquid Amiben, boy did it stink. Treflan was / is geass killer for beans. Sprayed a lot of it running 2. 200 gal saddle tsnks, first on a 806D, later a 1066. Couple of the early grsnulars for corn that I remember was "Ramrod" & "Randox T".
  2. boog

    Row cultivating

    We have rtx on our planter/ cultivator tractor. As long as you run the same direction cultivating as you did planting it's not bad, have to do a little "nudging" now & then. Run opposite you're going to fight it. If you planted or try cultivating using wass you might as well just "drive" though we have dlne it. Before autosteer we had a guidancesystem that mounted on the 3pt then the cultivator hook to dad. IIRC it was called a "Navigator". It used fi gers to "feel" the row and those activate the tractor's hyds to move the cultivator side to side as needed. Worked fsirly decent in taller crops but didn't work worth a crap in short crops & was a disastor if yiu went thriugh abare spot where the feelers were at. As far as cultivating to fight weeds you're only going to get what's in the middles. Still have to do something with the weeds in the row. Back when everybody was cultivating most banded a dry herbicide over the row when planti g, a few band sprayed. Use to cultivate corn 2-3× & beans 3--4×. Seemed like that was all we did was cultivate. Corn we sprayed post with 2-4D or banvel if broad,eafs were a problem, not much available for grass. Common bean broadleaf spray was Amiben, though I don't remember spraying many beans. With advent of newer/better chemical farmers started doing more broadcast spraying & cultivatkng started to die out. We still do slme cultivating in corn but it's more to open crusted soils to let oxygen in than to control weeds. Cultivating takes time & money as well and isn't 100%effective either.
  3. boog

    Poison Hemlock

    Poison hemlock will smell like mouse pee. I have always been told it is poisonous to cattle. We see lots of it around old barnlots and creek banks. Beginning to see it in fields as well. We try to keep it sprayed down even though we don't raise any livestock anymore.
  4. boog

    Kidney stones

    I know of a couple people who had kidney stones bad, one was a 12 yr old girl. Drs precribed drinking 2 beers a day.
  5. boog

    I have a question about a Farmall 1206

    As posted, '67 was the last year 1206s were built. 1256 came out in '68 and had red fenders & wheels. Possibly wrong badge, was changed at sometime, or tractor had been painted to match the 56 paint scheme
  6. boog

    67 Mustang/Pikes Peak/180ish mph

    I attended the Pikes Peak Hill Climb back in the '60s. I remember we took the inclined tram to the top and watched from the walk bridge over the road at the finish line. All you saw was tg e car as it come around the last curve & crossed the finish line under tge walk bridge. Pretty boring.
  7. boog

    To bad about Barton Distillery

    Bardstown Ky
  8. boog

    Zero Turn Mower - time saver?

    Like other said, try a zero turn, either borrow your sisters or have a desler bring one out to demo. Once you do I'd be surprised if you go bavk to a garden tractor mower. We went from a large cub cadet to a grasshopper, similiar hp engines & same width decks. Cut mowing time from 2 1/2 hors to about 1 hr 15 minutes with wife moeeing & about an hour when I mow. Prefer the front deck as they let you mow under low trees & shrubs. Last time we traded dealer brought out a Kubota midmount to try. Wife walked out the roor & first thing she said was "If you buy that you're doing the mowing" and walked back in the house. Dealer never even unloded it off the trailer.
  9. boog

    Sprayer question

    Our SP sprayer has autosteer but I find in small, irregular shaped fields thee autosteer is about useless. IE:, one field we have is 8.5 acres with 17 sides, all woods except a 100' opening. In places, on the first pass around the perimeter the booms will overlap. When trying to run autosteer the controller will switch A?B lines if they get close, can be a rude awakening if you don't expect it. I've tried visually following the A?B line on the controller screen with little luck, always seem to end up with a skip or overlap. Only have a couple fields like this but I find that foam is a lot easier to follow.
  10. boog

    Magnum 275 park out

    Is there no park or is it locked in park? If the later probably the park brake solenoid is bad.
  11. boog

    806 question about 3 point

    I think I would walk away & not look back. Seller stated "no leaks" What the heck is all over the back of the tractor if it has no leaks? If you do buy it you better buy a gas tank truck to haul fuel to it.
  12. boog

    6 bolt hubs for 450 ih wide front.

    IIRC, wfe is the same, other than hubs for SM thru 806
  13. Have a 2007 SPX 3310 sprayer with AIM Command. Pump leaks atdifferent tinnes around the flange where the hyd motor attaches to the impeller shaft. Only leaks on occassion then quits. Walked in the shed earlier this spring & it had a slow drip. Figured I'd run it till it got worse. Have since sprayed sprayed over 3,500 ac with no leaks till yesterday. While filling noticed it was leaking sgain, this time almost a steady stream. Checked tge flange bolts, slightly loose (less than an 1/8th turn each, which didn't seem to make much different. Started spraying & leak stopped. Spray 200 ac and still not leaking. Figured it was either the flange gasket or more likely the impellor seal. According to the CIH online parts catalogue the pump is a Hypro HV. Looked on Hypros website for a rebuild kit but they don't show that model pump. Any idea what it crosses to? TIA, boog
  14. boog

    7 passenger suv recommendation

    FirstSuburban we owned was a 78 3/4 ton,4wd, 454 & 4:11 rear ends. Next door neighbor bought it new, pulled a 36'Air Stream & fishing boat behind that to Canada in the summer & Florida in the winter. Even with the extra large fuel tank it fin't pass many gas stations but I think you could have plowed with it. When we traded it for a new '96 we had seversl people wanting to buy it for the engine to put in a race car. On a good day with a stiff tail wind it might have gotten 10 mpg. Our 2015 will get 22 mph on theni-state @ 75 mphmph.
  15. boog

    7 passenger suv recommendation

    We bought our first Suburban in '96. Pur hased new and used by my wife in her catering business until 2011 when she retired. It had close to 150,000 miles when I traded it for a pu. She used it daily, hauling supplies and delivering dinners. No one could pack a vehicle like she could. People, even carry boys would stand & watch. I remeber one time she came bavk from getting supplis and came in the house saying something was wrong with her Suburban, it was making anoise even after she shut it off. I went out & checked, sure enoughmit was making a noise. Took a couple minutes before I finally reasl8zed it was the automatic leveling system. Unloading it I took out 20 cases, 6 can per case, of #10 cans of vegetables & processed fruirrs, besides who knows how many sacks of groceries, bags os sugar & flour pluse a full size mattress. How she managed to get all that in there I never figured out but when it was unloadingnthe "noise" stopped. In addition we have had severssl other Suburbans for personal vehicles. We both like the ease of getting in / out, the ride can't be beat, and really like sitting up & having a good view of traffic around you. Personally can't stand to sit in a car where you feel like your arse is dragging the pavement and the person in the passenger is sitting on top of you.