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  1. Other than the weight aspect of it, I wouldn't get too gun shy. I have run my setup for 2 years now and will probably have to get a 3rd year before I can afford to buy another tractor. If the planter you are looking at is a box fill and you only have to use 1 set of hyd outlets then it shouldn't be working the tractor too hard.
  2. I run a little different setup not too different. I have a 5288 that I run on my 1200 12/23 pivot planter. It has the big PTO pump on it so I use 2 sets of remotes on the tractor, one to raise and lower and the other on constant flow for one of the vacuum fans. My overall opinion is that if I farmed all flat ground I'd run my 52 on this planter for a long time, but when I get in hills the coolant temp gauge climbs pretty fast and I know the trans oil has to be getting up there as well. But I do have liquid on the planter and have the engine turned up pretty good too so I'm sure that contributes to the high temps. I just have a bad feeling that if I run this setup for too long, I'd be rebuilding the transmission. So now I'm on the hunt for a good 9130 with a PTO to plant with. As far as the 3pt planter, we had a new 1235 16 row 30 in here at my dealership and with it on a new 310 magnum it definitely knew it was back there weight wise, way more than I though it would. I would be wanting to hook that 54 to the one your looking at before you buy it if it doesn't have the lift assist wheels.
  3. I guess in a literal terms bitcoin is based on nothing but there is reason why it has value. The main idea behind bitcoin is that it is a decentralized currency that can't be inflated by a government. There is a fixed amount of bitcoin in existence with a small percentage that is added each year. What makes bitcoin legitimate is blockchain technology which verifies bitcoin transitions so that one bitcoin can't be "spent" in 2 places at the same time. In order to complete the blockchain, the bitcoin mining computers are used like what is described in TomH's linked article. What I find appealing about bitcoin and other cryptos is that it is not going to be devalued like the dollar is since there is a fixed amount of bitcoin. Also appealing is that government has no control over how bitcoin is used, ie- the freedom convoy situation. Which brings me to my current economic theory. Putting my tin foil hat on, I believe that the politicians and bureaucrats that run the US government are purposely spending as much money as possible. They actually want inflation so they can crash the dollar. Once they do that they will say ooops, our bad, we need to implement a new currency in order to get hyperinflation under control. So they will mandate that within a timeframe (like 1 year), you will have to convert all your USD to a new Digital US Dollar (which has already been talked about). Once they have the digital US dollar, that gets them to their coveted cashless society where they have complete control over the monetary system. Then they can use ESG (environmental, social, and governance) scores to decide your credit worthiness, and makes it much easier to stop dissidence like what we are seeing with the Canadian truckers because they can simply lock you out of your bank account. If this theory plays out (which I pray it won't), I would be surprised if they do not try to regulate bitcoin and crypto out of existence. I dont know if they will be able to, but for now it is another safe haven like gold and land to diversify your assets.
  4. Start by recharging the accumulators that are behind the batteries on the left side of the tractor. They are 2 round canister's that face forward off the transmission control valve. Take them off and have your local dealer recharge them with nitrogen. Most of the time they will take a charge but sometimes the bladders inside them will burst in which you will have to get a new accumulator.
  5. My sister's boyfriend has this 47, we repainted it and put a new turbo on it this past winter
  6. Spencer IA, June 20-23 2024
  7. For the past few months I have been working on switching feederhouses on our 1460. The combine originally came with 28x26's so that meant that it had the little stubby 47" feederhouse. Well after we put 30.5 rice and canes on it several years ago, it made the short throat a pain to use as it is so short that you can't get a grain platform to lay flat on the ground and the sickle constantly wants to eat dirt. So last fall we were getting ready to part out a rusted out old 715 when I got to looking at it and noticed that the throat looked awfully similar to the one on the 1460. I get the measuring tape out and sure enough it is the same width and height as the 1460's throat just only a lot longer. So over the past few months I have been slowly working on swapping everything over from the short throat to this long one. Some differences are that the 715 drives the feederhouse off the left side of the combine where the 1460 drives it off the right side so I had to swap the back hex shaft from the short throat to the long one. Then you have to change the front plate since the 715 just has a little stub shaft at the front that drives the head whereas the 1460 has the jackshaft the runs the whole width of the throat to drive both sides. Along with that I still have to drill some new holes to mount the idler pulleys for the belt and come up with a second feeder chain to segment together with the short one out of the 1460. Poor picture of the short throat of off the 1460 First mockup of the long throat Finally put the head on it last night to see how it works Lays a lot better than before! Such a different feel than with the short throat, seemed like before you look down and you cold see the back side of the auger in the head and now I can see the ground behind the head!
  8. 3 1680s make harvesting go fast!

  9. Can't wait to get started on my 1456 V8

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