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  1. Looks like that 5288 has 30.5-38s on it? I'll have to investigate more Saturday....
  2. Since we have the pulling tractor that we run around with on the state level I have probably been to 25 different fairs in Illinois/Missouri this summer. Most fairs have had average attendance for the tractor pulls with a few pulls with attendance much larger than normal. Pulling tractor wise numbers have been down all summer. A lot of tractors sitting in the shop due to parts availability but I think also some sitting due to guys finding other hobbies last summer. For Red Power Roundup this year it was kind of a similar story, I thought it was well attended people wise but I was very disappointed with the number of local tractors that were there.
  3. I might be there Friday, for sure will be there Saturday and will be pulling Pro Stock in the Saturday night show. To anyone who hasn't been to hcop before. Unless you don't mind walking 3-5 miles, a golf cart or side by side is a must.
  4. 1. 10/1486 Narrow Front (with the cab). No practical reason but I've always thought the few I've seen in pictures looks so goofy that they are cool. I'd like to have a line up of big narrow fronts eventually. Already have the 1206 and 1256 narrow fronts, just need a 66 and 86. 2. 10/1466 Narrow Front. Same reason as #1. Dad and the uncles used to have a 1066 NF, but it got away before I could remember it. 3. 72/7488. Probably an unpopular opinion but if I ever have the funds to buy one, I'd farm with it some. Obviously wouldn't pull it hard but it would be an awesome experience to run one in the field.
  5. You got it right Todd. My uncles put this tractor together sometime in the 70's. Its the combination of a junkyard 650 repowered with an IH DV550 V8. The purpose of the tractor was to pull a 7yd scraper that we used at the time to reshape our pasture fields so we could row crop farm them after we sold the dairy cows. This combination sometimes required another 650 outfitted with custom built front blade to push behind the scraper depending on the hills. We did farm with it some in the 70s and 80s but it was never one of the main farming tractors. A few years back I had put it in a local parade and before the parade I drove it across an elevator scale. With the 30.5's full of fluid it weighted somewhere around 14,750 lbs, just a little heaver than a factory one! The main downside to the conversion was that the tractor is geared very fast with the V8 engine in it. When I was moving it back to its storage shed after red power round up last week I pulled my phone out as I was going down the road in 5th gear and it said I was going 28mph at around 3/4 throttle. I've never been dumb enough to open it all the way up in 5th gear lol.
  6. My sister's boyfriend has this 47, we repainted it and put a new turbo on it this past winter
  7. Spencer IA, June 20-23 2024
  8. I have been using that rig for the past couple of years to side dress corn with 32%. The front end is a little tight going down 30" rows but it works pretty good. Hope to see many of you down here today and tomorrow.
  9. I have been using that rig for the past couple of years to side dress corn with 32%. The front end is a little tight going down 30" rows but it works pretty good. Hope to see many of you down here today and tomorrow.
  10. Man, that's tough to hear, RIP Rush
  11. Also, only the 40 and 50 had intercoolers
  12. CNH for whatever reason decided to move away from viscosity and partner up with shell for oil and lubricants moving forward. I just checked here at the dealer I work at and a 55 of new regular hytran was $45 cheaper than the viscosity. Make sure they are not quoting you for synthetic hy-tran. New regular hy-tran should be cheaper across the board. I dont know if that relates to a change in quality but the new style buckets definitely seem to be more cheaply made.
  13. I bought a couple of low dollar put options just because, don't quite have the capital or guts to actually short it.
  14. Don't know how many people have been following along with this reddit/gamestop story but it is pretty incredible. Basically a group of average people in this reddit forum? called WallStreetBets started pumping money into Gamestop stocks pushing the price from $20.00 a share 2 weeks ago to over $350 this morning. Wall street hedge fund managers are crying now because I guess they are the only ones that should be able to manipulate the market. Here's a link kinda describing what's going on. https://apnews.com/article/gamestop-stocks-reddit-updates-0bfe08b10002e7bb334983948f53b6e4 Here's a better article if you don't mind a little language https://www.vice.com/en/article/pkdvgy/send-this-to-anyone-who-wants-to-know-W**-is-up-with-gamestop-stock
  15. Probably not the furthest trip I've made, but probably the craziest was right at a year ago. One of my buddies was looking at an 80's 359 pete down in far southwest Arkansas which is about 500 miles away but over half of it was on 2 lane roads. 4 of us left at Midnight Saturday/Sunday and drove straight down there, bought the truck, and drove straight back getting home around 10 pm Sunday night for a 22 hr round trip. Other than blowing the intake boot off the turbo on the pete and having a coil go bad on our transport car it was a fairly smooth trip. Well at least for the guys in the car, the pete rode like a log wagon.
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