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  1. I saw one of them at Anderson's grain elevator a few years back in Champaign when I was working on a farm in Champaign County during college. It was very cool to see these old tractors still working.
  2. This is along the same line of thinking as people who say "speak your truth". Unfortunately there are some things that are undeniably right and other things that are undeniably wrong. For example, it is true that the earth is spherical (not perfectly, but definitely not flat). If a tribal member in the Amazon says that the world is flat, he is not right just because that is all he knows. The earth is still round even though he has never seen the proof for it. Circling back closer to the current conversation it is right to say that there only two biological genders at birth. While there might be some unbelievably extreme circumstance that I am unaware of where this is not true, the percentage doesn't even register. To say that there is more than 2 biological genders is wrong. The problem with everyone having their own truths is that if the world was to operate that way, it would be an absolute free for all. To the point where no one would agree with more than a few other people on anything which would effectively be the end of modern civilization. If the general population cannot agree on a form of currency, how does the current economy survive? Separate from the argument made above, I can say as a 23 year old male who I feel like I have been relatively mature compared to others my age, there is no way that 23 year old me is even trusting 17 year old me to make a decision as monumental as a gender surgery. The irreversible effects are too great of a risk on an immature mind and body. Just my opinion.
  3. Sorry for the offense! I'll try better next time. We pretty much restored it to stock minus the 20.8-34s on the back. Had to fab up a spacer to drop the front axle to make it sit level. The cylinder on the front is actually a chunk of concrete, I guess they put it there to push the railcars with. Still didnt save the tractor any as the cast tub was cracked down the middle of the front.
  4. So you guys are telling me that this white w9 we have isnt original? Huh lol My grandpa bought it new and then traded it for a 650 and a local elevator bought it, painted it white at some point, and used it to push rail cars around. We had bought it back probably 20-25 yrs ago and finally restored it in 2017.
  5. I had a similar situation happen this past weekend. I was pulling our new to us 30' Great Plains Turbo Till home with our 4900 from about 125 miles away. First leg of the trip from Kentucky to the US 51 bridge in Cario IL was uneventful and was able to block off the bridge and get the tool across without any issue. Thought the worst part of the trip was over. Less than 2 miles later just as we are coming out of Cario I blow a tire on the passenger side of the main frame on the turbo till. Problem was that even though I had the windows down with no radio on, I didn't hear it. My dad was following me in the pickup and saw it but before he could even dial the phone the other tire on the passenger side of the turbo till blew also, less than 100' from the first one. At this point we are in the middle of the highway with two flats out of 4 on a 20,000 lb tool without a 8 bolt spare tire. So I swap one tire that was still alive to the other side in order to get it off the road. We get it into a parking lot and dad takes off to look for tires, a rim, and an air hose which was not looking too promising as it was 1pm on a Saturday. While I am sitting there this guy pulls up in a pickup asking if we had anyone coming with tires for us. At that point we didn't and were still 100 miles from home. Anyway this guy says that he works at a tire shop about 15 miles away and offers to take our one good rim and see if he can come up with another rim and 2 new tires. I never even caught his name or thought about getting his phone number but he takes off with our rim and about an hour and a half later shows back up with 2 tires on 2 8 bolt rims. Didn't even ask for any extra payment besides for the tires and one rim. Total stranger took 2 hours out of his Saturday in order to get us going again. As mentioned above, it is nice to know there are still many good people out there.
  6. I didn't even think about the go pro till you mentioned it, will have to rig it back up for sure!
  7. As a few of you know, my family is pretty heavily involved in tractor pulling. We normally only pull in Illinois in the summer but sometimes venture into Missouri. After having a pretty successful season last summer we took a long shot and applied to pull at the NFMS. Last week we received a letter in the mail from the Farm Show saying that we had been accepted to pull on Saturday afternoon in Pro Stock. This is only the 2nd time we have had the privileged to pull in Freedom Hall, with the first time being 40 years ago at the Saturday afternoon session of the 1980 farm show pulling in the first ever session of Pro Stock at the NFMS. Our tractor should be in Broadbent Arena Friday and Saturday morning so if you are at the show, feel free to say hi. I'll be the younger guy of the group in glasses.
  8. If I remember correctly, that 8920 sold for somewhere around $84,000 and I think that open station 94 case was in the mid $20,000s. Wasn't there, just saw the post on facebook
  9. 14-15 hr days are not a problem for me yet but I have found that I can't swing more than two 18-19 hr days in a row. By the 3rd day my body is alright but I know I am not as mentally sharp as I should be. It also depends on how many breakdowns you have to deal with. When I was in college I worked for a farmer who had all new equipment so running 16 hr days was pretty easy because you only ever had to get out of the tractor for fuel and to use the restroom. There were a few days of that were I could go 8-10 hrs straight without the tractor having to stop moving (besides for backing to corners on headlands). If only all farming was that easy.
  10. Its crazy how the weather turned out this year. Seems like everybody was wet in the spring and some have stayed wet through now whereas here in Southern IL the water turned off in August and burned up all our beans. Worse yields for us than 2012 and haven't cut a rut anywhere this fall. That might change now that they are calling for 2+" rain tomorrow. However, with that being said I'll still take our scenario over what you guys in the upper midwest are dealing with.
  11. Our 1566 has the inside tires filled to the top of the rim and the duals filled about half way, I have never noticed any rocking or anything of that sort going down the road but I doubt I would ever experience those issues since the inside tires are filled.
  12. For the past few months I have been working on switching feederhouses on our 1460. The combine originally came with 28x26's so that meant that it had the little stubby 47" feederhouse. Well after we put 30.5 rice and canes on it several years ago, it made the short throat a pain to use as it is so short that you can't get a grain platform to lay flat on the ground and the sickle constantly wants to eat dirt. So last fall we were getting ready to part out a rusted out old 715 when I got to looking at it and noticed that the throat looked awfully similar to the one on the 1460. I get the measuring tape out and sure enough it is the same width and height as the 1460's throat just only a lot longer. So over the past few months I have been slowly working on swapping everything over from the short throat to this long one. Some differences are that the 715 drives the feederhouse off the left side of the combine where the 1460 drives it off the right side so I had to swap the back hex shaft from the short throat to the long one. Then you have to change the front plate since the 715 just has a little stub shaft at the front that drives the head whereas the 1460 has the jackshaft the runs the whole width of the throat to drive both sides. Along with that I still have to drill some new holes to mount the idler pulleys for the belt and come up with a second feeder chain to segment together with the short one out of the 1460. Poor picture of the short throat of off the 1460 First mockup of the long throat Finally put the head on it last night to see how it works Lays a lot better than before! Such a different feel than with the short throat, seemed like before you look down and you cold see the back side of the auger in the head and now I can see the ground behind the head!
  13. We still have a late model 915, I think 1977?. Still use it on 20 acres a year or so but it seems like every year we end up wondering why we didnt just drive the 1680 over from the other farm. Its not a bad old combine just wore out.
  14. Sure, first pic is our Pro Stock, Red Power Express and the second is 2 M's. We run all 3 in Illinois Tractor Pulling Association.
  15. Our 1993 Freightliner Classic with a 3406B, 13 speed, with 2.2 million miles on that we use to pull around the pulling tractors And the 1990 International 9670 with a 3406B 9 speed, setback axle with 1.27 million miles
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