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  1. Calif . Antique Equipment Show is here!

    Tony, is he allowed to run a truck that old in CA? I thought I read somewhere that you couldn't run older than like a 95 model over the road.
  2. 1206 w/ 30 inch rubber

    I agree that it probably came with the 30's. We ordered our 1206 new with 24.5s, narrow front, and standard drawbar, but it has had 30's since 1970. I can't really tell from your picture but the only thing that looks off to me is that the cast centers look different. Ours has the 2 piece 32 in cast centers on it.
  3. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    What type of guidance do you have set up in your 856?
  4. Deer season opens today...

    Knocked down a doe this morning, wasn't much movement this afternoon once it heated up, tomorrow will be interesting with the rain and wind in the forecast.
  5. What's your favorite crop to harvest?

    Definitely wheat, you can cut it however you want and you don't have to watch for rocks and logs like in soybeans.
  6. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    Yes! I saw you running that yellow test plot combine but I didn't put 2 and 2 together and figure out that it was you. Hauling corn that day which was Friday I think. I was probably moving at a pretty good clip as I was trying to make up for the morning that I lost due to the water pump grenading itself on the other 1680 that was on corn. Water pump had only 50 hrs on it and the Chinese bearings let go and broke the shaft in half, luckily it didn't sent the fan through the radiator.
  7. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    On beans now, lots of green stems but moisture is anywhere from 8%-11%, yields are poor (around 30) but we didn't get hardly any rain second half of growing season.
  8. tractor rental

    This one is seems pretty accurate. I have used it before.
  9. neat tractor, anybody no whos it is

    Looks like a IH 573 to me, looks like it has 2 separate heads
  10. The holy grail. Everyone chime in.

    Sure looks like a legit prototype, the front dash is different from both the 88 series and a magnum and the cab itself is more like a magnum cab than a 88 series. Would be interesting to see the inside of it and see if it really has the full powershift.
  11. RP board meeting at HCOP

    I had a great time talking with everyone this weekend. Was awesome getting a chance to meet some great people! Can't wait to do it again!
  12. 5288

    Mike Links knows better than I do but you pull up the floor in the cab and under it you will be able to screw in two pressure gauges on top of the trans. I think the pressure should be in the 300 range but hopefully Mike or Danny or someone with a fresher memory can chime in and help you
  13. Lawn Mower Recommendation

    I have a little 618 Grasshopper with a 52 inch deck and I am very happy with it. I have a good sized pond I mow all the way around and in places where the old cub cadet would make me nervous, I just throw the sticks forward on the Grasshopper and don't even think about it, they have a very low center of gravity. If you are going to get a rider, you can't go wrong with a Cub Cadet 1811 or 1812. They have an 18 hp kohler opposed cylinder engine and are basically a newer version of the 782. They are also the last steel hood and fender Cub Cadet made.
  14. L.D. Nation on his 1066 puller back in 1983

    A few years back he had a modified with 4 hemis on it.