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  1. Got a decent little 8 pointer this morning. Doesn't look like a very good shot but it only made it about 20 yds from where I shot him. Used my new to me 870 super mag with a rifled barrel. Back out for another doe this afternoon.
  2. SDman pretty much nailed it. Very few belts on a flagship, feederhouse and rotor both shaft driven. No auger bed under the rotor on a flagship either. Whenever we sell a customer a flagship coming from a legacy combine we tell them to pretty much forget everything they though they knew about setting a legacy combine. The principles are still the same but the flagships just take a different combination of settings for optimum performance. Legacy combines after a 2388 goes something like this 2344/2366/2388 to 2577/2588 to 5088/6088/7088 that have the newer style side pannels. My understan
  3. I replaced those lower shaft O-rings on our 1566 last winter and I'm about 80% sure you are going to have to pull the left side axle housing and brake housing off to get the torsion shaft out of the housing. IIRC, the brake housing kinda expands out around the left side cast piece and there isn't the clearance to pull the torsion shaft straight out. Once you get the tires and cast center off the left axle, pulling the axle housing and brake housing isn't that hard if you have a cherry picker.
  4. Ah yes, the crazy/hot matrix, what a classic video.
  5. Finished up side dressing corn last night. I built my own y drop side dress bar for this year and Im pretty happy with how it turned out. We were really dry this last month but have now 3.5" of rain in the past 4 days.
  6. We finished up with the poverty grass (wheat) last night and will hopefully finish planting double crop beans today. Wheat has mixed opinions in our area, some guys are really good at growing it and can raise 80-100 bu wheat, and others have sworn it off. We are somewhere in between, can raise 55-60 bu wheat pretty consistently but can't seem to take it to the next level. However, the guys that are raising the high yielding wheat are having to make 5-6 passes across the field with the sprayer during the growing season. Personally I'm about ready to quit growing wheat but dad likes the income i
  7. The simple explanation from what my understanding is that by breaking up the corn into strips you get more sunlight on more corn plants, creating more photosynthesis and hopefully adding yield. The way I accomplished it was by splitting my 12 row planter planting 6 rows of corn on one side and then 11 rows of beans on the other (in 15" spacing), then when you turn around you end up with the 12 rows of corn and 30' of beans. There are definitely some challenges in adjusting management practices in order to make everything work but I have enjoyed the challenge so far. The guys who I have read ab
  8. We had about a week of good planting here in April but haven't turned a wheel now since the 21st of April. Thought we might get back in the field this week but the rain continues and it is starting to look more and more like a repeat of last year. The stuff we did get planted in April looks pretty good overall although I will probably have to replant the creek bottoms that we tried. Anyway the only picture I have so far is of one of my split planted fields that I am experimenting with this year. It's 30ft of corn (12 row 30") next to 30ft of beans (23 row 15") alternating all the way across th
  9. Thanks everyone for the responses. So do you have to cycle through the first stage when folding the bar for transport or can you just use the second stage to fold it.
  10. I recently picked up a 12 row 30" 133 folding cultivator already stripped down that I am going to use to build a side dress bar out of. It looks like a pretty nice bar but I am kinda confused on the hydraulics of it. It has 3 hoses coming out of the main frame and in the parts diagram it shows all 3 going to the folding cylinders. I have never been around one of these folding cultivators before so it has definitely thrown me for a loop!
  11. This is my first year dealing with JD financial and I'm not sure what their strategy is other than getting their foot in the door but they were offering 0% interest until Dec 2020 through where we buy seed. It worked our really good for me as now I will be able to allocate some more of my operating loan towards buying fertilizer and getting my equipment set up to side dress 32 on corn this year.
  12. I have to admit that I had to scroll back and forth a few times to figure out which one was new. Looks like the 2011 is in really good condition.
  13. I saw one of them at Anderson's grain elevator a few years back in Champaign when I was working on a farm in Champaign County during college. It was very cool to see these old tractors still working.
  14. This is along the same line of thinking as people who say "speak your truth". Unfortunately there are some things that are undeniably right and other things that are undeniably wrong. For example, it is true that the earth is spherical (not perfectly, but definitely not flat). If a tribal member in the Amazon says that the world is flat, he is not right just because that is all he knows. The earth is still round even though he has never seen the proof for it. Circling back closer to the current conversation it is right to say that there only two biological genders at birth. While t
  15. Sorry for the offense! I'll try better next time. We pretty much restored it to stock minus the 20.8-34s on the back. Had to fab up a spacer to drop the front axle to make it sit level. The cylinder on the front is actually a chunk of concrete, I guess they put it there to push the railcars with. Still didnt save the tractor any as the cast tub was cracked down the middle of the front.
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