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  1. Both M's and the Red Power Express will be there, the plan now is that I might make my first pass in pro stock there. The 856 will also be there but its owner Tony will pull it.
  2. If I can get off work Friday I plan on being there Friday and Saturday and pulling in the ITPA show Saturday night.
  3. This was the first time I've been there but from what I have heard in years past on the years of half century of progress attendance and number of tractors is normally lacking due to everyone preparing for half century of progress. I guess it should be noted that the penfield show is only about 15 minutes away from half century of progress.
  4. We used to pull against that 1256 back in the late 70's with our 1206, I forget who used to own it. Here is a pic of it that I had from a few years back
  5. Made it up to Penfield IL for the I and I show yesterday. For being the same year as half century of progress I was suprised by the number of tractors there. They were trying to have as many IH v8's there as possible and I bet there was over 30 there.
  6. I will be there Friday and pull in the ITPA show in the evening.
  7. I've seen that tractor around at a few pull, didn't know it was yours. Ill have to come talk to you at the next pull we are both at.
  8. TheIHMan

    2013 case 600q

    We have never owned a quad but I work at a Case IH dealership and the main thing with them is to keep excellent maintenance on the track system. The small rollers (some people call the bogey wheels) in the tracks are oil bath and if they run dry and destroy the bearings it will cost you $1,000 per wheel for the new roller and bearing kit, and there are 24 rollers on the whole machine so it can add up in a hurry. Along the same lines, if the one you are looking at is going to need tracks in the near future, plan on spending around $35,000 for all 4 tracks if you get them through Case IH.
  9. TheIHMan

    New Magnum ?

    New 300+HP tractors are useless, if your going to spend the money buy a 4wd. It will do everything the MFWD will do but better.
  10. Finally finished up with most of harvest yesterday, still a few little bottom fields here and there. Overall a good fall, good yields and decent weather.
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