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  1. TheIHMan

    The Time Has Come!!

    Congratulations Jerry! I wish I could find a reason to buy your 7130 but I probably wont be able to come up with one in time!
  2. TheIHMan

    IH DV444 (7.3) Diesel Engine

    This one was in a 69 or 70 IH pickup at half century of progress last year, fit in there pretty good
  3. TheIHMan

    Cast duals? Who runs them?

    We have them on our 15, with the inside tires full of fluid and the outsides half full it weighs in at 17,800. Used to do all the tillage work with it 10-15 years ago but now we have 4wds so it only gets used on 20-40 acres/year.
  4. TheIHMan

    New joke

    So many great memes from the nike commercial
  5. TheIHMan

    2018 Harvest in France

    Great pictures. One thing I have always wondered if you don't mind me asking is how thick you plant wheat over there. Very few people in the states can get 146 bpa on wheat. For us 80 bpa is a good year on wheat.
  6. TheIHMan

    966 Haying Tractor???

    Yes they are the same engine and the only difference in the short block between a 414, 436, and 466 is the pistons and crank. All three have the same bore of 4.3''. A 414 has a 4.75'' stroke, 436 has a 5'' stroke, and a 466 has a 5.35'' stroke. They all even use the same connecting rods with the pistons on each having a different wrist pin location.
  7. TheIHMan

    A few Red’z N’ Sled’z

    Full Boar is owned by Ratermann Brothers from Bartelso IL. They used to own the Temper Tantrum tractor pictured above which used to be the Black Savage owned by Dennis Schnitker. We were hoping to be there at Washington to run Pro Stock but had a connecting rod that decided it wanted to find a new home outside the block and that ended our season.