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  1. 986 coolant leak

    Could be..but not entirely sure..I do know that there is probably only about 1/8" gap between the radiator and the superstructure...not a whole lot wiggle room...flip your radiator mounts upside down also..if you look at them you might notice that they "dropped" within the rubber from years of down pressure from the weight
  2. Another simple 986 question get a replacement starter make darn sure it spins the correct way...some places think an international tractor is a truck tractor and not a farm tractor....
  3. 986 coolant leak

    Make sure your radiator mounts are good..if they are garbage they will allow the radiator to come in contact with the cast iron at the bottom of the radiator. We had the same problem with our 1086..took it out and brazed a good heave piece of brass shim stock on it as well as replacement of the mounts
  4. 1086 hydraulics

    First off...I gotta say I'm really hesitant on posting this...but here goes... I was cleaning up the garage and I noticed an odd clip...laying on my bench under a pair of gloves...needless to say appitite did a nose dive....I forgot to put the retaining clip on the IPTO shaft that keeps the bearing in place...sooo...guess what I did this afternoon.....yup. Split the tractor least it went easy...2 1/2 hrs..from fully dressed to fully dressed and running...feel like a real tool.... Point being... make a clean and organized work area... Mike
  5. 1086 hydraulics

    Did not realize that there would have been a difference :-(
  6. 1086 hydraulics

    Can anyone help me out...the top bearing cage is new and the bottom one came out the tractor..?????
  7. 1086 hydraulics

    Had a couple spare Jack's laying around....only additional thing needed is a spreader to make sure the casters stay running true to one another
  8. 1086 hydraulics

  9. 1086 hydraulics

    Yup...I'd say that the splines are stripped out....
  10. 1086 hydraulics

    Got it in and undressed her..making a new/better set of stands...hope to crack in in half tomorrow evening
  11. 1086 hydraulics

    would there be any visible signs of the splines being stripped? I took the inspection cover off and did not notice anything out of the ordinary. Just because I like to pessimistic in these kinds of situations...anybody ever see a situation where the large gear on the end of the shaft was shot? thus taking out what drives it?
  12. 1086 hydraulics

    Just got it steering, clutch Was iffy, no pto, and no hitch. Anything to look at just to make sure...I couldn't see anything from the bottom inspection plate.
  13. 1086 hydraulics

    Sigh.... to-do list is greater than time allows...and since starting a new time off is very moving my little girl off to college with fair my days off are already spoken for...
  14. 1086 hydraulics

    Since I got to split this dang thing...may as well put new clutch in it ...huh?...the hollow shaft..what else does it power?
  15. 1086 hydraulics

    lol.. Just not on my to do list.. splitting this thing....did our 1066 years ago... Should have made my pole barn bigger..darn extended axles won't let me put it through my 10 ft door....