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  1. TD18 injection pump issues

    http://www.liberatedmanuals.com/search.mpl?q=injector+pump&Search=Search You might be able to find a free manual here. The search does not work real well.
  2. 50 years ago last month I was running a D7 with a Rome plow blade and cab on it. We knocked down 100,000 acres of Jungle North west of Siagon. We took down trees up to 11 feet in diameter until one came back on the operator and crushed his cab. He only had a dislocated shoulder. Our record was 555 acres cleared in one day in which 14 D7s knocked down 375 acres. We did not have problems with limbs falling down on us but I probably would not take down a Cottonwood or Ponderous without a cab with screens. Our main problem was those sneaky guys in the black pajamas leaving explosives all over the place. One thing that has not been mentioned is to watch your radiator. A root can easily take it out. You will probably find that no one method will work best for all of the trees. Most of all be careful.
  3. Backhoe will not start.

    There was some water in the glass under the fuel filter and it was not running too good so he changed the filter. They it would start and run for a few seconds and die. Finally I took the return line and check valve off and it ran OK. I could blow a little through the check valve but it was restricted. There was a bunch of gummy gunk in the device. It ran for a day and quit again. I think the injector cleaner he was using broke some gunk loose. The window did not have anything come out of it when it was removed. I am thinking some of the soybean oil or what ever the "greenies" are forcing into diesel came out of solution with the water in the fuel and gummed things up.
  4. Backhoe will not start.

    It turned out to be a simple fix. The check ball valve was loaded with crud. You could blow through it but fuel was restricted. some simple things are so hard to find.
  5. Most of the time I have to pull the TA lever back to shift gears. The shifter will get between the rails if I force it too hard.
  6. Backhoe will not start.

    http://www.stanadyne.com/dealerportal/ssi/english/Product Manual/99523.pdf Here is a injector pup manual
  7. Backhoe will not start.

    A couple local guys wanted $1300 and $1700 to rebuild mine. I did not see anywhere to get parts. The distributor rotor sized up form french fry oil and looks like it sheared the Woodriff key in the drive gear. I found a rebuilt one on ebay for $900 so I bought it. Now I get to get the radiator out and remove the timing gear cover. I wonder what is going to break next..
  8. Backhoe will not start.

    They are pretty simple
  9. Backhoe will not start.

    Mid 70s John Deere three cylinder with Roosa Master injector pump.
  10. Backhoe will not start.

    Brother's backhoe was not running good so he changed the fuel fuel filter. Now it starts and runs a couple seconds and quits. The lines are well bled so air in lines is not likely. Is there an enrichment mode in the startup on Roosa Master injector pumps? It starts and runs black smoke for about 2 seconds and quits.
  11. Where to get points for Case DI with 4-JMA mag

    Ebay has them for $42.oo plus shipping. No wonder I am having problems. A part is missing.
  12. Where to get points for Case DI with 4-JMA mag

    I could not find him on search engine. The Mag is fine. The points arm bends setting so after a while I have to adjust the points. I think the points got hot and the arm is soft. All I need is the points. That Case mag must be scarce.
  13. Where can I get some points for a Case DI with a case Magneto 4-JMA?
  14. Tractor Pull Roller

    Get some heavy duty tires and get them filled with foam.
  15. Injector pump tester

    http://www.liberatedmanuals.com/ Almost 5000 manuals free.