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  1. Its just like any other engine do a quality job and it will be fine. I got a few friends that work over there on the old stuff. It all lasts. I had them pound some sleeves in my 806 7 years ago. Still running today
  2. Yes they do. I live about 10 minutes away from there. They still get parts for old international tractors and still service all of them. My dads 1468 was bought new there and it might still have the dealer tag on it.
  3. So that would mean using the same gear as the rotary pump?
  4. I have all the stuff to bolt it to the engine I guess what I'm trying to ask is if I use the same gear as the rotary pump or a larger one with a smaller cam gear?
  5. Im pretty sure it came off another 466. So i know it will work and i have the stuff to bolt it on just dont know about front cover gears
  6. We have an 806 with a 466 in it we use for pulling.a few years ago we got an mw bocsh a pump that was turned up and supposed to be a pulling pump. My question is what all does it take to put an A pump on a 466 that has a rotary now? Do i have to change a gear in the front cover?
  7. The unpainted one is my uncle's. I dont think he had to widen the frame rails at all. He had to move the oil filters to the outside of the frame rails otherwise I think he said fit nice.
  8. I had pictures on here a couple years ago, I'll see if I can find it and post it. But long story short my dad never could walk up to a 706 he actually liked so he made one that he did like
  9. Cool picture after dark of the glow from the fire on the tractors
  10. This week me and my wife had our wedding reception this weekend at my parents house. At around noon my dad woke up from his nap while we were setting up for the party and said I had a brain storm, let's park the tractors in between the trees! So a few tractors fired up later and tractors in between the trees they go. From front to back it's the 1468, 706 with the allis motor, the pulling 806, my farm stock 806, the super mta and the lone allis d17 on the end
  11. My 806 came from this estate. Really nice guy. I knew he had stuff but I didnt realize he had so much. Wish I could make it out there.
  12. First one is of my puppy chevy. She is half chow and half pitbull and definitely loves to be held still at 50 pounds.Shes almost a year old now and we got her last June when my fiance drove all the way to Tyler Texas to pick her up while I was truck driving. The second one is of my fiance dog luie. She has had him since he was a puppy and he is about 6 years old now. The next couple are of my Cleo. Started out as my fiance sisters dog who she then abandoned when she went back to Missouri after a two weeks of having her. After a little while she became my dog. In the first picture it's hard to
  13. love a good 806. glad you are restoring a family tractor things like budgets just go right out the window when that happens. when i restore my 806 i know mine wont be factory correct but the way i see it its my tractor now if they want to pay me for it they can paint it whatever they want. keep us posted on your project
  14. looks like you got a good start to a great pulling tractor. i gotta ask, that 1206 you posted a video of, what does that have for an engine? looks like it runs pretty hard. me and my brother run an 806 with a 466 that runs pretty good most nights
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