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  1. I turn the damaged splines on the stock steering shaft into a tapered shaft.
  2. Well, it's been a few years, but I've finally decided to get back to work on this utility 350. Can't believe how time flies! Here's a link to where it all began:
  3. Hope some people are still following my project. Here is a link to another video. Rather than paste in the link to every video, I'll just include the latest to date, Part 39:
  4. Moving along with repairs on the steering box. Parts 29 thru 31 are now online: Part 31:
  5. Moving along with repairs on the steering box. Parts 29 thru 31 are now online: Part 29: Part 30:
  6. Thanks! that would have been a good work around, but since I had the variac there I figured I'd use it. Also, it was nice to just flip a toggle switch to shut the "poor man's lathe" on and off. Steve.
  7. Been a while, but I'm back to working on the broken steering on the 350 utility. Part 28:
  8. Part 21 thru 26 are now uploaded. I'm well into the power steering gear. Not going to list every link, but here is a link to Part 26:
  9. Got the hydraulics working. But the power steering has serious issues. Part 20:
  10. Still messing with the '58 350U Part 18: Part 19: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=051iex9zmyA
  11. Well i got the engine to sputter, then the camera battery died! So I missed the dramatic first full start in all it's smoke filled glory, with me giggling like a school girl. Here is Part 17:
  12. Here are Parts 15 and 16: Part 15: Part 16: I'll be uploading video of the first start attempt real soon!
  13. Almost ready to attempt to start the 350U. Video parts 9 thru 14 are now uploaded, here is a link to part 9:
  14. Well, had to settle for a good used rotocap, but at least the head is back together!
  15. Cleaned up the 3 good rotocaps, and found a source for new one. Part 7:
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