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  1. 8My son has a JX100U. It often times is a wonder tractor. You shift from forward to reverse and wonder if it is going to go. It seems much worse when it is in the high side on the 4 four speed. Sometimes it gets bad enough that we have to shut it off and start over. The rabbit on the dash will flicker and nothing happens at all then. Any ideas?
  2. Yesterday I was cultivating with my 856 and turned around on end when cultivator didn't go down. Messed around with draft and went down. A few rounds later and now it will not go down at all. Messed around with draft and nothing. Any suggestions?
  3. Where I work , we have a 1486. It has sat for a year and a half. I went and got the other day. Then the brakes were hanging up. So it went to the shop and they put new linings on it. These guys are good mechanics but don't work on farm tractors. The linkage is free. Where should they go from here?
  4. Will a 1486 bracket fit a 5088? I have mixed new and old weights and don't want to take a chance sliding off the end.
  5. It seems to me that sometime I read that someone makes custom wiring harness . Does anyone have info?
  6. That is really cool, The only thing that I can say my dad owned a Case 530 backhoe 3 times. New off the proving grounds, then off a guy that he didn't sell it to, then off a estate sale. I don't know where it is now.
  7. Yes, That will probably come off.
  8. No weights, but I got them. Some of them are the Keokuk weights, but they will still keep the front end on the ground.
  9. Bought a 5088 today. Didn't they get advertised as the "New number one"? I have always wanted a 88 series. It will probably replace my 1486 as I think the transmission has given it up.
  10. You better not leave that parked by the road!!!!
  11. I just like the 14 backing wagons, cultivating I like to turn sharp and get into the row quick on the ends, seems like sometimes baling its nice to turn fast. In good going we will bale in high 3rd torque back sometimes.
  12. Is a 5088 as nimble as a 1486 as far as turning sharp? Looking at one to replace my 14.
  13. Is there any secrets to replace the rear banjo seals on them besides having lines loose? It takes me alot of swearing to get them changed and then after it still leaked.
  14. I thought the 815 was pretty bad.
  15. My 14 has a bad transmission. Really loud and acts like it in park while driving. Is it practical to get a whole transmission from a scrap yard? Anything to look out for on that? The engine is weak as well. I was thinking of getting a combine engine to put in it. I don't think the tractor is worth it but it has no value the way it is. This is the first " big" tractor I owned and I really do like it.
  16. Been hauling out of the field with the 2+2 and the Case 120 . I find it kind of funny last night I got stuck with a Kilbros 555 wagon behind the 120. I went and unhooked the 2+2 from the other wagon and hooked it to the stuck one. Put it in gear and out it went fully loaded and it almost to its axle. Its not apples to apples but the old 2+2 does mean business when it comes to pulling!
  17. Does this M have a 2 speed rear end? My H has a different lever on it for the 2 speed.
  18. I have a place I am cleaning up. There is a old truck on it says International on the running board. I was wondering if anyone had any idea what it is? I would like to find a good home for it as I'd like not to scrap it.
  19. I know they are not the same, but which one could pull more if all things were equal? Weight, speed, and ground conditions.
  20. Ran across this on Craigslist, sounds like there could be some good restoring parts! https://ottumwa.craigslist.org/grd/d/centerville-estate-auction/6895208018.html https://www.wagner-dentauctions.com/2019/06/01/clintswantrustauction/
  21. Thank you for the information. That old girl is pristine inside. I certainly don't take care of things like I would like to. One thing I am super particular about is using ether to clean out the hydraulic couplers and ends. I think contamination is a bigger issue than oil change frequency. I use a ton of ether.
  22. How do I adjust the draft control on my 856? I never use it so it doesn't bother me if works or not. Cultivating time is coming if it ever quits raining.......
  23. One injector line is leaking on the backside of the pump (never a front one). I have several of the teflon seals. What is the size difference between the teflon that has the ring on it and the one that doesn't? There is both types lines because I got one from the salvage yard. I am having a hard time getting the ring over the teflon after it is on the bolt.
  24. Bad blow by and I think I can hear a chirp. I had a head rebuilt on it 20 plus years ago the machinist that did it didn't have a tool for the seat. I took it to the dealer and they did it. I installed it and it had a bad chirp in it. Turned out they didn't get the seat all the way in. It sounds like that but not as bad. The blow by left a puddle of oil after being on a grain vac for 5 hours.
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